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  1. What's my bf? Would you bulk or cut?

    Personally think you need to cut further, but everyone has their own vision of what they'd like to look like
  2. How do you map phases?

    Not quite sure how to answer this. I want to be leaner, but put back some muscle. I've dropped to 62kg (from 86kg) I think it's a bit too light, but still not as lean as I wanted to be. So unsure if I should still be dropping weight at the current pace, or if I need to go slightly lower than maintenance to slow things down.
  3. It's called a kirpan, it's used for ceremonies, plus to protect themselves and others. Due to law they are restricted in size, usually they'd be fully sized swords
  4. How do you map phases?

    Looking for some guidance. I trained for many many years and never achieved close to anywhere I wanted to be, this was mainly due to poor nutrition choices. I've recently kept consistent with a calorie deficit and lost a good amount of weight, but struggling to map the journey with when I need to stop losing weight, and ready for trying to gain some size back. Any advice is appreciated
  5. It's highly unlikely you will find a baptised Sikh (those that carry a dagger) working in a restaurant that serves meat/alcohol.
  6. I need a strategy, plan and accountability in order to help me along, otherwise I think I'd just fail or waste a lot of time. I needed to lose weight, which I did over a 22wk period of deficit, but found myself now too skinny and need help on my journey. Any recommendations?