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  1. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    It's EOD, so only 75mg/day really, but he's getting the most out of it by taking the whole lot on higher calorie days. Who knows if it's more effective, but it's certainly got a logical consistency, and he's in better shape than most!!!
  2. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

  3. Did not know this! Thanks man! I also didn't know that people report different effects.. Thanks!
  4. LOL.. But this is just fasting acting deca!! IS this normal?
  5. As the title suggests; I've got both of these symptoms within 2 weeks of starting 600mg NPP. I've used deca before at 400mg and never had any problems. Anyone else had this? Feels like I am on tren! Thanks, fellas.
  6. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Man crush. <3
  7. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Awesome. Great quads man.
  8. Mma and gear.

    All my federations are "tested". But you only have to look at most of the jacked as f**k guys in the heavy, super heavy and ultra heavy divisions to know what's going on.
  9. Mma and gear.

    TRT for cruising (as in actual TRT!!), and I ma on 750 right now on a blast. Yes, for now.
  10. Mma and gear.

    @0161M Test, of course, and GH. I am currently and have for the last 12 months experimented with others stuff (NPP, tren, orals, masteron). The benefits are: strength, muscle hypertrophy, and recovery. In terms of GH, it makes staying lean easier and helps heal injuries. There are no drawbacks at all. This is why people use drugs!! Anything anyone tells you about drawbacks are utter bullshit, or they have abused rather than intelligently-used. Actually, tren at 400mgs/week (enanthate) last year did impair my cardio, but at 200mgs/week (ace) recently, I genuinely felt no difference. Otherwise, drugs = performance.
  11. Mma and gear.

    I compete in BJJ. I use steroids. Why do you ask?
  12. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions.. how come pal?
  13. Tren Base questions

    I recently used 50mg EOD tren ace... that was more than enough if you're just after a little kick up the arse in the gym, and some nice cosmetic effects with zero (literally zero) sides. So, personally, I wouldn't bother with base. You might be a lot more advanced than me, though.
  14. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Awesome, thanks. So it would seem from your answer that a combination of the two would be best (cosmetic, and mental/libido). Any recs on the minimum effective dose (I realise everyone is different... but if you had to stab in the dark)..? Like 100 mast pw and 25 pro ED? Or 300/50, 600/100 (lol), etc.. Thank you, man!