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  1. HCG estrogen spike

    I use 2x1500iu HCG a week. On the basis that most HCG is so poorly handled once it leaves the factory that it’s deteriorated a lot. This along with 300mg test puts my E2 in mid 300s, which seems to be my sweet spot for performance and health.
  2. HCG estrogen spike

    Very, in my experience mate.
  3. Strength, speed and endurance are completely different athletic qualities and the physiological adaptation required (particularly for endurance) is diametrically opposed to the same for eg limit strength. Get clearer on your goals.
  4. Southern ghost

  5. Southern ghost

    This is going to sound like the trolliest post ever, but I’m on their 500mg a week of their test prop right now and PRing everywhere. That says to me it’s working it’s magic.
  6. Utter crap. The modern era bodybuilders are freak fu**ing strong. Kai Green is insanely powerful-fu**ing guy benched 500lbs for 8 reps. Ronnie squatted more than any powerlifter I’ve met in real life. Im not interested in weighing in on the drug debate but don’t give me this golden era s**t.
  7. You train your biceps more than the rest of your body. This is why you’re tiny. And probably weak. You don’t need to touch tren. Steriod in general at 80kg and 6ft is outrageous. Put as much effort into your squat as you do your arms and eat more. A lot moré.
  8. Ultimately Shredded

    Definitions first: I'm basing this on my personal definition (pun!) of "ultra-shredded", which is to say, <10% and probably closer to 8%. Anyway... Being ultra shredded comes from, generally speaking, mastering energy balance (harder than it looks) while supplying enough hypertrophic stimuli to retain lean mass (less than you think, especially given that your stats suggest you don't have much in the first place). None of those drugs (bar 80mcgs of clen, which is a lot btw) will help with that. What is more, the generally held view is that the effects of clen rapidly diminish with time, and so playing that card while almost 1/3rd of your entire fu**ing body is comprised of sheer fat is pretty ill-conceived. In other words, save clen for when you're lean. Like, abs without flexing (12-15%). To dos: Don't take roids. You're 25. You don't need it. Lift weights in a non retarded manner and focus on getting stronger in some tangible way than you were the last session. Rinse and repeat. Eat like an adult. Weigh yourself daily and average it for the week. If the average drops, rinse and repeat. If the average stops dropping, eat less. Rinse and repeat.
  9. 44yr old best steroid cycle

    I have recently converted to TP over enan after years of questioning why greater injection frequency would appeal to anyone. Having bitten the bullet and am presently "blasting" on 100mg prop, 2 days on 1 day off (for an easy way of totaling about 500mg a week) alongside my standard run of GH, I am asking myself if I will ever use another compound again. All the benefits of test, just somehow more polished. I don't even feel like I'm on anything. Kinda like moderate dose primo but with more pronounced strength gains. I'm a few years behind you, but I imagine something like MWF 100mg TP would be a wicked come back to AAS. Great feel and gains, next to no sides unless you're especially E2 sensitive. EDIT: I use slin pins and am lean enough to IM pretty much anywhere, so the injection frequency doesn't bother me.
  10. Resistance training and recovery (sleep, food, etc) builds muscle, regardless of the timeframe. Anyone, researcher or otherwise, that thinks the introduction of supraphysiological androgens isn't additive to this process in a dose-and-time-dependent fashion is a complete fu**ing idiot.
  11. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Give blood right away mate. Several times if you can. That’s really, really high. In the meantime I would supplement with a baby asprin every day until it’s back under 170.