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  1. Post your go to bulking routine on AAS

    Main lifts/volume These days I do so many things that compete for my recovery resources, I just squat, bench and Olympic lift (as well as do BJJ, run, climb, met-con stuff and swimming) as frequently as I can while not allowing my RHR or HRV to get too out of whack. Today for example, my RHR was 43 and my HRV is 167. So I'm going HAM later. Accessory stuff I do accessories too, but they are mostly still compound lifts (trap bar and regular DLs, GHRs, strict press, floor press, dips, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, Pendlay rows, a bit of triceps faff, blah). Most of my accessories for any given day rarely exceeds 6-8 sets total. I just try to stick with something until I exhaust it and then either change the rep range or rotate for something else. Progression I rarely if ever go to failure on anything. I strongly believe that unless you are a giant already, then if you are getting significantly stronger at a compound lift then over time you are adding muscle. My physique tends to bear this out as I never go anywhere near the volume some people do and rarely if ever use machines (which I acknowledge make high volume sets to failure much safer. I have nothing against people using them. I've tried before, I just end up fu**ing hating them and find anything like that so dull I'd rather break my own fingers than do another set of cable flyes or leg press as long as I live). So an OL day might look like: Oly lifts or a progression/variation - up to a heavy double or single GHRs - x4 xAMRAP Pull-up - 3-6 sets of 6-12 reps Triceps - some form of pushdown x2-3 x10-20 A non-OL day might look like: Bench - up to heavy triple then do 3-4 sets of doubles with it High bar back squat - up to a heavy single, paused if I'm feeling good Pendlay row - 3-6 sets of 6-12 reps Biceps faff - see triceps Frequency And I'll repeat this sort of thing as often as I can. On top of this, I do a lot of sports and cardio. Low volume, full-body-ish training and plenty of cardio doesn't seem t stop me getting stronger or adding muscle. Drugs Absolutely none of this s**t changes at all from cruise to blast.
  2. If you had a scrap in the street because of road rage and you’re blaming that on lockdown, (as well as for having no routine or eating s**t)... that’s fu**ing pathetic. Act like a fu**ing man.
  3. DHB dosage

    OP - If it's strength you're after why not look at other drugs that known to bring that quality in spades instead of a novel drug that isn't well-known for strength gains and could potentially put you out of training altogether if you react badly to it i.e., have the swollen lumps that take 2 weeks to go down that some people (myself included) have experienced? If I wanted to be strong as a house and wasn't looking at orals, my choice would be deca + DHT every time.
  4. Personality is fairly fixed once formed, in males say aged 16-25, and only an extremely traumatic experience can alter it. (I’ve a masters in psychology so this isn’t my opinion, it’s well researched and fact.) Tren for exmaple changes your mood, but not your personality. The best analogy I use is, “if you’re a dickhead on steriods then you’re a dickhead in the first place”.
  5. Dianabol and running

  6. Next cycle ideas

    Any. The benefits are anabolism and vascularity. You’ll get both at any bf. Obviously the fatter you are the less you’ll notice but that’s true of any drug.
  7. Next cycle ideas

  8. Next cycle ideas

    That's a beaut of a stack.
  9. Next cycle ideas

    Because they bring different qualities to a cycle.
  10. Next cycle ideas

    It takes 10 mins to back load a month of primo and test prop for me. And my half mill test prop injection today took a whopping 8-10 seconds, including the pre jan swab. I do tend to leave the needle in for 20-30 seconds after before pulling it out so the oil has chance to disperse and the pressure reduce. This massively reduces it coming back up the puncture canal. Otherwise that’s it.
  11. Next cycle ideas

    If you're lean, put it in slin pins and do quads, delts and tris. Done! Otherwise, up the test to 250-300 and reduce the primo accordingly?
  12. Next cycle ideas

    450 primo is plenty; though by no means excessive. This is exactly the kind of cycle I run.. low test, very high mast + an anabolic (primo, mostly). I'd go higher on mast and or primo and chin off the var... but that's just me.
  13. Blood Results

    No dramas. Possibly, 170 ish a week would still (in me) produce a higher result than 15nmol/l tho. See how you get on next time mate. That's curious then! Good on you. My serum creatinine is fu**ing sky high (like 100-120) unless I drop training and creatine for a week out lol.