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    54 YO here, so maybe my age can make a difference. Last year I've run: MK677: gave me the bloating plus the worst sleep of my life, so i dismissed the cycle after 2 weeks of very poor sleep. S4: I run it 4 weeks: it gave me a pleasant sensation of well being, it was like having a sweet taste inside the brain. It improved my sleep and helped to keep away hunger, so i lost a bit of fat. Gave me nothing in terms of strenght or size RAD140: it gave me an insane strenght and conditioning: i was able to lift more weigts and to run for miles. Gave me nothing in term of size. It gave me hot flushes in the night so my sleep was poor, so i dismissed it after some week. OSTARINE: It gave me no sides and no "advantages", it was basically useless. At the end i got nothing from sarms, and i will never do them again. After hours of internet searches and readings my next cycle will be the old and well-known test, trying to stay at upper range of TRT levels.