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    Devil reacted to UlsterRugby in Secret Steroid Use   
    If any whore tries to use Sex as a weapon then bin her off. I assume it's your house together why should you have to retire to the sofa if she is the one with the problem. Maybe test isn't for you as your balls sound like they have shrunk enough 
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    Devil reacted to VeneCZ in Guide how to count macros   
    Download Myfitnesspal app and it will sort it out...
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    Devil got a reaction from karbonk in Standing OHP, What can you Press? No leg Bounce!   
    Only 65kg here.
    But it has become my only form of compound pressing (do not bench at all), so am really focusing on its progression now (I'm OHP at least 2x a week).
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    Devil reacted to GMO in Year around supps for you "heavy" users? What are you guys using?   
    zipvit.co.uk  mate
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    Devil reacted to DLTBB in Fake Infiniti   
    That's what people on this forum are like, they judge the effectiveness of a compound based on the side effects they're getting.
    "I had a heart attack and can't stop shaking, this Clen is great!"
    "Haven't slept for 4 days and just beat the f**k out of my girlfriend, best Tren I've ever had!"
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    Devil reacted to Major Eyeswater in Preventing Deca bloat   
    My understanding is that 19-Nor compounds (Deca & Tren) convert to progestins more readily if E is high, so controlling E will indirectly control progesterone sides.
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    Devil reacted to BoomTime in Preventing Deca bloat   
    Progesterone sides will only come in to play if he does not control E with an AI surely.
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    Devil reacted to UK2USA in Hey   
    Welcome mate. I keep telling my missus that's it's you that made me do it.....
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    Devil got a reaction from lewishart in Tren Side Effects   
    Hi mate
    Sweats, small acne on back and shoulders and loss of cardio (I hope Mrs didn't notice ). 
    This was 200mg test 400mg tren.
    Tren sides are overhyped IMO.
    Keep your estrogen in check (which avoids both E2 and prog issues - no need for caber etc) and see how you get on.
    All you can do is try and see how it effects you, slowly ramp up if you want!