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  1. Wise beyond my years, or so I’m told.
  2. Defiantly. I attribute most of my current life which is blessed in so many ways to that decision. No sides whatsoever being honest. Ive done loads of “blasts” 8-16 weeks of low dose tren, or an oral like anavar superdrol etc. Usually run something added throughout summer April-Sep, then test other 7 months. I still think you should run a cycle first, but was just explaining it’s not all doom and gloom like people’s auto response to this question every time
  3. These iron results anything alarmingly high? Everything else was golden. Great cholesterol, test level 30ish so top of range on cruise. Haven’t got any RBC though and haven’t donated in a good 6-8 months+. Normally donate every 3-4 months last few years. thanks bud @ElChapo
  4. I’ve blasted and cruised from 22, (now 26), majority of that has been 150mg test tbh. I was borderline low test before anything, like 9 (on a range of 8-34) So that of a 60 year old. I mean I could get by fine, but looking back, defo not optimal. It was the best decision I ever made, changed my life completely. Success came in many ways, built a great physique, confidence, social and work life - and If my 6-month blood tests and yearly ECG’s anything to go by, still very healthy as well. Taken hcg basically the whole time (except when having issues sourcing). I want a few kids. If you’re not infertile prior to AAS it’s very, very low that you’ll become it. It may just take longer and some help (hcg etc) when the time comes. All in all for you I’d still cycle. But that’s just a level-headed genuine other side to the coin when people say no outright.
  5. Nexus problems?

    Yeah...what I meant is eugh it was vegetable oil and now I have Coronavirus in my left nut sack from the raws
  6. Nexus problems?

    As I said, reporting on my bloods. 4 day after 150mg jab Nexus test e: 34.4 nmol/L .....good to go, if not slightly overdosed. Must be lethargic from other stuff, Wont bore you with free test shb etc. @Oldnewb @CarrotTop @darren.1987
  7. Like 2-5% tops. Just focus on nailing your diet.
  8. Nexus problems?

    Been pinning for 5 months 125mg-150mg no issues whatsoever, so have good faith with Nexus. Switched 3 weeks ago to a new one as I ran out (batch etc) and as I say, feeling lethargic etc, but I’m sure the gear is gtg. I’ll post em whatever materialises - people know I don’t BS about.
  9. Nexus problems?

    Blood test Tuesday on 125mg nexus. Did switch to a new batch 3 weeks ago and feeling super tired recently not going to lie. I’ll be posting them up as they are when the info is in.
  10. Hack for cheap bloodwork

    JAN2020FB is 50% off, instead of £25, if you wanna order a bit more, got basically everything and worked out about £15 cheaper for me
  11. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    Aren’t they banned in 5-10 years anyhow.
  12. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    There’s always exceptions obviously, but as a general safe rule of thumb, it’s how i play it
  13. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    Jeez, I wouldn’t touch anything above 75k mileage if you plan on actually getting use out of it. 1k or 10k in price, doesn’t matter.
  14. Hack for cheap bloodwork

    So you can get more included and use the discount still? So perhaps a full panel for like £30? Will try later anyway mate. Thanns
  15. First time tren user

    125-150mg test and 200-250mg tren PW would be ample for you. No point catapulting towards shedding years off your life (if you b and c after first cycle, and this is your second “blast”/cycle)...when you have a young daughter is there. You’ve just turned 30 and just started using AAS. Have some patience.