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  1. Anxiety & Anavar?

    Hey guys.. I am in a bit of a dilemma.. So a year ago I was on a Var. cycle, 80mg EA. Did it for 4 weeks, massive gains. Anyways, near the end of my first month, I got very bad food poisoning, and had other life issues going on. So within another month, I lost 30 pounds.. Mind you, I kept off of the cycle. It was near summer, so I went on vacation for a month, came back and wanted to try the cycle again because its been about 4 months since the incident at the time. I did 80mg EA for 5 days... By the fifth day I was having massive stomach aches, unable to eat, shakey, sweaty etc... I noticed back then in time, every time I would pop a pill, RIGHT away I would feel anxious and my anxiety would pick up and make my heart race. So I stopped. Now.. Just over a YEAR later, I want to pick it back up again.. Actually, this morning I started. So I'm deciding I start slow, and do 60mg E.A, and space it out 3 times a day. 20-20-20. Right after taking my first pill, I already felt my heart racing just a bit, and my stomach eventually kicked in as well, but just a tad. When I do things to get my mind off it im fine, but as im even typing this, I feel my stomach a bit... These pains are the same pains I got when I was sick, but on a lower level... So honestly, I'm stumbled. I made a post about a year ago as well on this site with my symptoms and my background and everything, I wish I could find it... Its been tough this last year, I managed to catch up with myself at 30 pounds lighter, naturally but I don't have that extra drive I had. Before: Age:19 Weight: 205 Height: 5'10 Bench: 335 Shoulder Press: 250 Squat: 455 (Yes, full squats.) Now: Age:20 Weight: 180 Height:5'10 Bench: 315 Shoulder: 215 Squat: 375 Anyways, I'd like some tips... (P.S. Its the same VAR. bottle, I have 2... I was thinking of opening the other jar up to see if the other isn't any good, but my source is Excellent.) I may have missed some crucial points, so please ask and I shall answer any missing answers. Thank you.