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  1. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Good luck with the next blood test bud! Are you totally off everything now? I think they do 3 tests over 3 months to see if your levels stabilize. https://www.kidney.org/atoz/content/gfr If you are going to cycle again I would just stick with test only, forget the orals.
  2. Chemtech

    Used loads of Chemtech in 2015/16 with good results.
  3. Depends what you mean by 'don't get on' , it gave me gyno in 2 weeks after years of no problems with injectables.
  4. MERSK-DEPO 250

    Merck/MSD are Organon and there are masses of org fakes around.
  5. Plan for last two weeks contest prep

    Post a pic of your current physique and we can help from there.
  6. Do some people just not react to Yohimbine HCL?

    Same here, didn't really notice anything from either RX Yom or Dhacks Yom. To be fair I prob wont use it again.
  7. Tren .... jelousy

    I dont get on with Tren, took me 10 days to start to feel 'normal' last time I came off.
  8. Melanotan 2 for Skin Tanning

    I used some that was stored in the fridge for 10 months and whilst it did work I had to use more than when it was new. Best way is to freeze it.
  9. Currently using Test E at 200mg E8D with letro at 0.62 E3D, been on that dose for months. If I add anymore test than the above dose, I get the fluttery/pricking feeling in the nipple ends. On the plus side my gyno is 99% gone with just the smallest anount of nipple fat that just won't shift no matter how lean I get. Going to be booking for gyno surgey early in 2018. I used ralox for about 2 months and it helped shift the gyno but I ran it along side Letro.
  10. The T3 should help with the lethargy, I run it at 50mcg a day on DNP. I also find high dose Vit C a big help (10-15g a day). Water wise I usually do around 7-10L day. I found when using TM 250mg DNP, that it was enough per day whilst being in a low carb deficit and doing am fasted cardio. When I bumped it upto 500 the sides far outweighed the fat loss. This last 7 day high dose run I did was for a specific reason, usually I would do low dose a lot longer.
  11. Car people

    Thought you meant the broken bolt ...honest
  12. Car people

    Don't bother pal, I'm in Jamaica for 2 weeks in the morning, advice is always free bud.
  13. Beards ..

    That was 2 years ago lol.