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  1. WIN the new STAXX protein bar...

    @The L Man
  2. Nutribullet, nutrininja or similar?

    it deals with that stuff easy mate. its got 4 strong metal blades
  3. Nutribullet, nutrininja or similar?

    i have the breville blender, like £20/25 from sainsburys/argos with 2 700ml shakers .,or about £18 i think with just the 1 bottle. i make huge smoothies with bananas ice cubes frozen fruit whey, i even just chuck my multivit tabs in and blend them into it as well. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/5548536?store=479&cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59157|cid:337401273|agid:26938239513|tid:pla-216529841313|crid:84385449393|nw:g|rnd:3508710742020262395|dvc:c|adp:1o2&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjY7Wk9nW1QIVJLHtCh231Q39EAQYAiABEgIjT_D_BwE
  4. wow i only take 1-2 omega 3 1000mg tabs and 1-2mutlivits a day.. sounds like i should be taking alot more per day??? 95kg bodyweight
  5. card for using abroad in cyprus?

  6. card for using abroad in cyprus?

    im worried ill loose my main bank card lol
  7. card for using abroad in cyprus?

    yeah that sounds like what i have been told by my mate. Im sure he said i would need to pay it off the day after though? which being on holiday i can't see myself doing as ill be drunk most of the time and most likely forget to haha. if its 30 days thats ideal though as can sort it all out when i get home. im going abroad on the 16th so if i set the date for then, id have until mid september to pay it off? i cant see myself needing anymore than 200/300euro though tbf and will pay it off within a couple days of arriving home if it saves me interest
  8. card for using abroad in cyprus?

    so i could put 200euro on that and then use if needed. when i get back to uk though with leftover money on then, can i cash it back out or does it have to stay on the card?
  9. going to cyprus in a couple weeks, taking £500 cash/530euro, but i was thinking of taking a card with me incase i need more money when im there? ive heard theres a credit card type thing that halifax do that you can use for as much extra cash as you need abroad, the only thing is you have to pay off the balance the next day to avoid being charged interest. is there any other way/other cards to use? or just have to take more cash? cheers!
  10. small safe for bedroom?

    appreciate all the replies. to answer some of the posts, its not going to be stupid amounts of cash and valuables that needs to be super hidden, just stuff like passports some cash a expensive phone case, spare phones, and some personal documents. and will need to be accessed fairly easily/often. i think whoever posted the hidden safes behind a clock etc seems like the best bet so far
  11. small safe for bedroom?

    i live in a shared house and although i trust them, it would be nice to have all my valuables secured in my bedroom anyway, incase of burglary etc as well. theres plenty of small safes on ebay etc but the problem is someone could just pick the whole safe up with all valuables inside and just walk out the house with it. has anyone got any solutions or other options? i could fix it to the wall or floor, but that depends if the safe comes with any fixing points with it, and even so in a robbery it could probably just be smashed off the wall quite easily?
  12. Post your best lifts

    Yeah I've been recovering from a torn shoulder so trying to keep the pressure off it by stopping just before touching the chest. Obviously in powerlifting it wouldn't count, but as I train for bodybuilding and trying not to relapse my injury that's why I'm doing it . And also because it was heavy enough without having to actually do a full rep.
  13. Post your best lifts

    Not a Pb but it's only vid Iv got. PB is currently 185x1, and 180x2 for 2 clean and deep reps. this vid is the first time I hit 180 though and is a bit unstable compared to now.