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  1. haha im 25, but id rather just have them now and then stay on and not have to regret staying on later on in life if its harder to have them! my motivation is there now, its just more looking at myself, knowing that "pump" look has gone and the veins fading. If i was you, i wouldnt test out maxes, recovery period is going to be longer so you dont wanna be maxing i dont think? The only other issue is, when i was on "cruise" i was at 250/300 per week of Test E so 1/150 will probably still feel less? Haha same, im doing chest, shoulders & Tris (push) tonight
  2. haha i had to google what they were. sometimes get lost with all the terminologies. Think i am feeling better overall. I think i want to have kids and then just stay on B & C for a longer time.
  3. guys that B & C - how heavy are the Blasts and Cruise im guessing is around 1-150mg per week? Whats fertility like with this approach?
  4. yeah i will wait a further week before going for the blood test. Finding naps before gym are helping with performance. Ordered Vit D3, B Complex & TauroTest (I know people are 50/50 on this) in the meanwhile, see what happens. Hopefully dont drop any more weight!
  5. ah okay - which option did you go for? yeah ive read another PCT is better than jabbing test again. my PCT was HCG - 3 weeks at 5000iu. Tamoxifen 30 days & Proviron for 2 weeks. Since Tamoxifen has finished, feel s**t. dropped 4lbs and strength/recovery has been lacking.
  6. Im struggling with this too. Been told it could be the Test levels, which affects the recovery. Where do you get your bloods done from? what do you say ? and what are you looking for? If test is low, how is it rectified - run PCT again?
  7. Okay so i ran a 14 week cycle (my first), then cruised (6 months) and blasted another 12 week cycle. Now i am officially off. I ran a PCT - HCG (3 weeks) & Tamoxifen (30 days). Also used proviron for 2 weeks. This has now finished. I feel Test levels are still low. Strength and Body Weight have seen some drops. Any advice please?? Been advised to get Vitamin D3, B Complex and Natural Test Boosters ( any decent ones out there)? Much appreciated
  8. Early morning workout benefits

    yeah i reckon that makes sense. if youre in a deficit and muscles arent full of glycogen either
  9. Early morning workout benefits

    thinking about doing this, sometimes its so rough after work, brain is dead lol is it better to go fasted or eat something quick?
  10. staying on vs coming off

    as a guideline or just advise, after a 14 week cycle (first), how long would you cruise for if at all until next blast? im mid 20s and do wish to have children maybe in a year or so...was hoping to do another competition late next year. is that too much?
  11. staying on vs coming off

    what does "shutdown" feel like?
  12. Best Pump Product?

    Whats the best pump product or pre workout youve had to get crazy pumps?
  13. UP TO 35% OFF!

    this would have been a good idea! already ordered now