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  1. Am i ready for gear?

    i am glad OP you made your own mind up. I am surprised that non asked what the goal was and this what surprises me. 90% of guys in the gym now take gear to look good on the beach not to grow muscle, to lift heavy or compete. Op you have a decent natural physique you can lose a bit of fluff and put a bit more on, but ultimately if you want to look good in a t shirt and in the summer then stick as you are as you look good. if you want to get big and c omplete whether lift heavy or body build stage then unless competing naturally then gear will be needed. its a personal choice but i know i would never go back and dont regret it one bit.
  2. OP you dont need to increase protein on cyclem, in fact you will now see many of the pro coaches now seeming to move towards moderate protein and making up the calories by carb sources. The whole protein is very much an american thing, always worked to 2g per KG i sit around 120KG so sit around 240g a day. the surplus is made up from increasing carbs and some fats . if your resistent to carbs you can go higher fats but this would appear an easier way to pile on unwanted fat quicker. all these people weighing 60-80kg thinking they need to eat 300-400g of protein a day yes you will still grow because of the excess calories but there are easier ways and you wont get anything more from the protein other than smelly rear end.
  3. Tren for cutting <10% BF

    never heard of sleep walking and eating... its a real issue
  4. Tren for cutting <10% BF

    why do you thin tren will get you to 5-6% --- no AAS will get you there, your diet and or cardio will do the fact you talking about including Benzos rings alarms so good luck
  5. Dangers of cruising

    what is your size height and weight, as 200-300 is not a cruise if thats a true image of you in the avi its just a lower cycle. I am not havigna pop justbeing honest, 250lb pros cruise at that sort of dose, so the risks increase as a result. the point of a cruise is to drop to as low as possible and only remain "on" as such to retain muscle. most could easily do so at 125mg a week. Other than that remaining on injecting yourself with compounds will adversely effect your health long term to what level who can tell.
  6. my personal thoguhts is that this is now in your head,. 1`9 nors as much as they do physical damage, they f**k with the brain more depression etc is a large issue especially with deca little alone mixing the two. how much were you taking. also the deca is still likely to be only finally clearing your system. me personally as I am older would drop to TRT dose of say 125 mg a week test.. bang in HCG 500 iu twice a week
  7. assuemthis post is a lame excuse to show that you have abs !! well done but my 6 year old does to as she is skinny and has no muscle either... lay off the tren, put on some real muscle and come back and dicuss.
  8. Op u need to decide on ur goals. if you want to put on decent size u need to be ready to out on fat and that’s most peoples problem on ukm these days to many insta, Board shorted, 70kg guys advising on how to build muscle if you want thst athletic look then cut and then lean bulk As they say but you won’t ever put on decent size doing it this way. if you want decent size u need to eat big, and train consistently for a significant period
  9. firstly he is not fat, secondly abs are not a sign of being ready for anything. it depends on what his goal is. my view is like others that he could have done much more training without gear and built a stronger foundation but that's 80% of the people who now train. op stop worrying about body fat percentage as unless your going to get a dexa scan it wont be accurate and unless your competing why are you bothered. OP recomps only work if your at an elite level whereby bodies are holding maximum muscle. what does concern me is that you say you have done previous cycles your body doesn't reflect that. you are holding minimal muscle for your age and size. my view is and I haven't met you or have any knowledge of your history that like the majority of current users ofr AAS they blame bunk gear for other failings. my advice is to prepare another post with your training schedule and your diet. my suspicion is that one or probably both are off meaning your results are poor, and then you blame the drugs and not the main components. the reason for this is take drugs out and if you trained and ate right and consistently your body would be better than it is now. Drugs make up 20% of the process, Training diet, sleep, water intake all make up the larger percentages.
  10. looking great.. But I would add from your physique alone, i would guess you have your training and diet consistent, and pretty much pushed your potential already
  11. OP i believe this is a mixed question, for professionals or those looking to compete who have their training and nutrition down. as most others have said here that most people would be better making sure their training was 100% consistent as would be there calorie intake and their sleep and water intake ( many under value the latter). Most people in my opinion do not realise the amount of food you have to eat to gain once you are at a decent size, when you start going over 4000 cals a day of relative clean food ( is there such a thing) its a fight. Also Many of the new breed of gym goer thinks they can make LEAN GAINS.. LEAN GAINS is crap if you want to be really big, its fine if you want decent physique but your never getting big without getting a bit fluffy when pushing up the scale. I know many who just up their drugs each time and are taking over a gram of gear when their training is inconsistent as are their nutrition and wonder why they are not as big as the bigger guiys its when the old "genetics" card gets thrown around a lot. I agree most pros etc need to keep increasing total mg if they want to put on size but they are all at a size whereby new muscle is so difficult to add. Most gym rats, my first advice is to record everything and i mean everything, you food you water, you supplements you gear, your training. start and end weights what your left with after you lose the fat you gained. its only then can you start to compare your cycles or your blasts, to see if you gained more or less. based on all factors. sorry realised this is all so boring !! lol
  12. Price gouging by rebel strength

    I have built as much as I physically can at home but I don't train the same weirdly nor as heavy. I guess what I mean is that every tom dick and harry who thinks they lift are buying stuff they otherwise wouldn't. once it goes back to be a niche market the prices should return. as to adjustable dumbells @drwae they only adjust to 32.5 KG so once you warm up what you using ????
  13. Price gouging by rebel strength

    prices will reduce once the gyms reopen. The majority of people buying decent level kit are only serious gym users, and once the gyms are open unless your used to training at home, you will return to training in a gym again. the demand will drop and regardless of the stock issue they will need to reduce price to meet make sales.
  14. Eddie halls new house

    true, I am in a village in Kent ... I say fair play to him No the other one !!! lol no its not huge its relatively modest and what you would expect from someone at that end of their game..
  15. Eddie halls new house

    to be honest house needs a ton of work to update it to modern standards.