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  1. Anna 's log

    Actually in for the log ..... (but also happy to perv over any picture too !! Lol) nice to have another female log
  2. Burger king v mc donalds v kentucky

    cant go to anyh of these types these days, my son worked in Burger king and has told me all sorts of stories of what they did with the food etc. the other two, are just deep fried grease. Now if your going deep fried, then good old fashioned fish and chips is the way forward. maybe a pot of curry sauce on the side. Cheat meal tonight decided on then .... lol
  3. Mission: Build new tissue

    are you working with James Hollingshead, or just have one of his log books ?
  4. surely the gaining or cutting is not by the day and is based on the mean average over the week, even at 17st if he is 17 stone of muscle, then he would still appear to be in a deficit over the course of the week, ( I obviously dont know any more of the guys stats to confirm this) I am around a similar weight and stand 6ft, I need to be eating well in excess of 3000 cals a day to gain regardless of how that mean average is made for the week. I am cutting at present, I am running at 2025 cals relative low carb most days but with two high carb days at 2465.00.
  5. I'm back, I also had a relapse

    welcome back, lifes for living mate, dont regret anything is my opinion on things. I am 43 mate on my second marriage and look back at all these things that I should have done etc. just go for it life is too short it can all be taken away from you in an instant. couple of months training and eating and u will be back where you were.
  6. Mr Olympia 2017

    to be honest if the Camel Crew continue to improve as they all have, whilst getting a handle on the mid section problem then I can see a lot of them hitting contention. all of their team looks in top shape. Curry is a perfect example he has never looked that good in IMO
  7. A broader bodybuilding section?

    like Ultrasonic, I cross over to various sections dipping in and out, which I find can be a bit of pain, I am happy to try a generic bodybuilding section where things bodybuilding can be discussed not just AAS or Training or whatever as to be honest AAS is a very small part of the sport, training, nutrition etc are much larger subjects.
  8. Tren and t3

    been running between 50mg - 75mg of T3 during this last 10 weeks of Tren, I had no issues, until I threw some winny in and ended up going off the scale last week on the mental sides. However despite saying I was going to drop it, I reduced tren dose a little and feel much better this week. however I have found the higher t3 helps with appetite and digestion for me.
  9. My name is UK-M; why are you here?

    I joined after lurking on american forums for years, where I found the information helpful but was all about you cant do and you cant do that. I find UKM a more open forum whereby if someone asks advice the majority dont jump on them because they have not reached genetic potential or the right body fat number even if that is recommended. I have also found that many like @anna1, and @Fadi65 to name but a few etc are open to have sensible and more deep conversations, whilst also keeping a level of banter. I also wanted to come and talk about steroid use without being prejudged about my age, profession etc etc as I would be face to face or talking about it in public.
  10. Ramy vs Phil vs Bonac Mr. Olympia 2017

    As much as I can't stand Heath, his muscle bellies etc are just a class above and I can't see anyone touching him. Ramy has come in tighter than I have seen before as have curry and all the camel crew, so I think it's a tough call for 2 down
  11. Mental dream, panic attack & hypo

    yes its definitely scary stuff, think I am just going to ride this one out. luckily nothing has happened to cost me anything at this stage and the other person is cool and whilst she put it on me,. she has said doesn't want to get involved with a married guy especially to have be a side chick, which is good as I think if she had pushed it I could have made some seriously stupid life choices. to be honest I have really wanted to train either which is the first time in 5 years or so I have felt like that. had to pretty much force myself to get in there. seriously need to get my head out of my arse, and get back on track with life and wife !! lol glad you didnt screw everything up mate.
  12. Mental dream, panic attack & hypo

    Hormones are funny things, I have recently switch test brand whilst running my tren before this weekend so that could also have an impact, I have decided to eliminate one of the drugs that is known for its mental sides, and just rung the test stand alone to see if that helps. Like you I was fine one day literally woke up the next as if my whole life was lie, and someone had flipped a switch and I didnt want my old life anymore.
  13. x

    not sure they mean anything other than being a little friendly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lols x
  14. Cruising on mast e

    mast always seems to play with my hair line more than anything else, although I love the feel good feeling off of it. does anyone notice less shredding on a cruise of 150 a week ?