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  1. looking great.. But I would add from your physique alone, i would guess you have your training and diet consistent, and pretty much pushed your potential already
  2. OP i believe this is a mixed question, for professionals or those looking to compete who have their training and nutrition down. as most others have said here that most people would be better making sure their training was 100% consistent as would be there calorie intake and their sleep and water intake ( many under value the latter). Most people in my opinion do not realise the amount of food you have to eat to gain once you are at a decent size, when you start going over 4000 cals a day of relative clean food ( is there such a thing) its a fight. Also Many of the new breed of gym goer thinks they can make LEAN GAINS.. LEAN GAINS is crap if you want to be really big, its fine if you want decent physique but your never getting big without getting a bit fluffy when pushing up the scale. I know many who just up their drugs each time and are taking over a gram of gear when their training is inconsistent as are their nutrition and wonder why they are not as big as the bigger guiys its when the old "genetics" card gets thrown around a lot. I agree most pros etc need to keep increasing total mg if they want to put on size but they are all at a size whereby new muscle is so difficult to add. Most gym rats, my first advice is to record everything and i mean everything, you food you water, you supplements you gear, your training. start and end weights what your left with after you lose the fat you gained. its only then can you start to compare your cycles or your blasts, to see if you gained more or less. based on all factors. sorry realised this is all so boring !! lol
  3. Price gouging by rebel strength

    I have built as much as I physically can at home but I don't train the same weirdly nor as heavy. I guess what I mean is that every tom dick and harry who thinks they lift are buying stuff they otherwise wouldn't. once it goes back to be a niche market the prices should return. as to adjustable dumbells @drwae they only adjust to 32.5 KG so once you warm up what you using ????
  4. Price gouging by rebel strength

    prices will reduce once the gyms reopen. The majority of people buying decent level kit are only serious gym users, and once the gyms are open unless your used to training at home, you will return to training in a gym again. the demand will drop and regardless of the stock issue they will need to reduce price to meet make sales.
  5. Eddie halls new house

    true, I am in a village in Kent ... I say fair play to him No the other one !!! lol no its not huge its relatively modest and what you would expect from someone at that end of their game..
  6. Eddie halls new house

    to be honest house needs a ton of work to update it to modern standards.
  7. Eddie halls new house

    i am one of those and my house doesn't look like that
  8. glad your ok and back to training I hope .. don't be a stranger !!! lol
  9. if you have managed to maintain some form of exercise whether body weight or home set up ansd kept calories high you shouldn't have lost much muscle. yes maybe soft a bit but not lost louds.
  10. Adding tren to deca and test

    this, the anxiety and depression that often runs with Deca, to the aggression and plain weirdness from Tren mentally sounds like a barrel of fun. OP hope your single...
  11. Adding tren to deca and test

    my question is simple... why ? what do you hope it will do for you ?? do you think this will unlock something ?? why do people want to reinvent everything.
  12. nice to see you hun, hope you are keeping well.
  13. exactly I felt s**t on the DECa over the winter to the point of no return depression for a while, then promised myself I would but after only 8 weeks hit the tren/test/mast and whilst I didn't suffer in the same way mentally I was still an arsehole but this time with the short fuse. This enforced cruise on a nice 125Mg/100mg Mast a week has me feeling ok. but come the time I can start lifting heavy.. planning a nice test/mast/tren/ injectable Sdrol blast and see what I can gain back.. may even drop the tren out but I have some so will probably use it.. despite my own advice not to.. then I think I am don't on blasts on silly stuff.. nice cut to a decent bodyfat then cruise maintain.. maybe throw the odd oral in their with increased test once a year just to keep things ticking over.. but who I am kidding I am a decent size but at 45 I aint gonna grow much bigger.. ot without eating serious amounts and I just don't have that in me any more either..
  14. im in the mid 40's bracket have lost around 4kg on this cruise but that's as much to do with I started running and did 26 miles split over 3 days for charity and carried on.. but I was pushing close to 19 stone at the start so thinking decent blast when gyms open and then like stuey test and mast for life
  15. Luke sandoe dead at 30

    massive loss to uk bodybuilding, fantastic guy, met him twice, and watched him and ben train and it was a privilege to see. mental illness is horrendous kille that effects so many young men. having been to the darkest ebb myself despite having everything most could wish for, I understand how it can grasp you anytime. I use lifting and heavy lifting, as a personal challenge and routine that allows me to focus my mind, and a form of self harm when I feel low or depressed the iron net lets me down. I am not a professional lifter and the ability to lift proper weight has caused me some issues to be point I have been running !!!! I am not built to run... any my thoughts and heart go out to his kids and family and wish that he has found some peace from the demons