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  1. Going for a baby

    Bro I got my wife pregnant twice after 3 back to back ifbb comps so weird man
  2. Going for a baby

    I use 500mg injectable vit c with glutathione injectable 3 times a week should I reduce it. i do IV shots
  3. Going for a baby

    5000iu everyday? Wow I was going to alternate one day hcg one day hmg
  4. Going for a baby

    No probs brother
  5. Going for a baby

    Bro last question dod you use an AI as hcg aromatisies quit a bit and I’m sensitive to it i was going to run Pharma grade aromasin would you suggest I use Adex?
  6. Going for a baby

    Big Love Brother totally appreciate your advice
  7. Hey Guys hope your all well. ok me and my missus are going for a new baby, last time I got her pregnant with a beautiful baby girl after 3 back to back competition with no pct. this time I’m going the boom baby protocol mixed with Dave palambos protocol. I will list the meds I will take and then as a few questions for those who have done this and succeeded. Hcg 2000iu m/w/f 1st week Hcg 1500iu m/w/f 3 weeks Hmg 75iu m/w/f 4 weeks 50mg clomid ED 4 weeks Proviron 100mg. ED 4 weeks Glutathione 600mg injectable with vit c 3 times a week Vit E and D3 B12 once a week 5g omega 3 ED Omacor the highest quality 4iu Gh ED Pharma grade 200mg test c a week (Should I) Vit c and e ED Circumin 600mg ED any feed back will be greatly appreciated we are waiting for her ovulation period which she will find out from doc tomorrow. Questions 1-should I add an AI exemesten or Adex as the estrogen from the hcg is pretty high 2- can hcg and hmg be taken together of sperately during the day 3. Would I need to ad nolv or is this enough. 4. The 200mg test c is to keep the libido up or do I need to go clean. any and all info is well come. #Pscarb
  8. Hahaha when I use the word sparingly I mean in the sense of time frame but bro your very well anytime you want a cake up let my missus bake a high Protien low carb mountain of a cake with a cherry you can use ass a dumbbell lol
  9. Lol it’s use sparely and for a short duration to achieve the look as soon as I feel my liver is beginning to struggle I stop it’s the highest as it gives the perfect finishing touch. As I mentioned before I do not advise anyone to try this nor am I saying this is the correct way. It’s just my way. The good news is I’m off till April just running trt and trying to maintain a 80% clean diet. I’ve been running gear for around 20 odd years and very so will be the time I pack it in and Focus on fitness p.s I do cardio 6 days a week fasted cardio to me know is more important the the weights for now my aim is to cleanse and maintain
  10. My apologies let me clarify 600mg injectable Glutathione with 1000mg vit c this assist with removing heavy metals and oxidation in the body more importantly it assist the liver deal with the winni
  11. Love winni as the cherry on top but I use it sparingly. From now to April il be trt to rest up it continue to train my go to summer or holiday course is 50mg test prop ED 70mg mast prop ED TRI TREN 200mg 3x week 100mg oil based winni ED 50mcg t3 25mg exemastane ED eph cardio am 40mcg clen for health safety turmeric NAC UDCA INJECTABLE\1000mg vitamin c IV 3xweek 4 -4.5 lt water ED clean diet as soon as holiday is over I revert to test p as trt continue cleansing and take adequate time of this is just me I do not suggest in any way it is the right way or health way. winni gives that dry hard grainy popping look love the stuff but I won’t go more the 8 weeks
  12. Contest prep

    Was open class I came in at 105kg to tell truth I had little to no experience in competing and had a coach. I literally came of the street and went in to Comp mode with no understanding of dieting discipline ect wouldn’t do it again it was just for experience in hindsight it was a was of money the truth was I done it to impress my now wife lol were married and have a kid God Bless
  13. Contest prep

    I’ve tried 1 iu every 3hrs Pharma grade. To tell truth just am/pm is convenient
  14. Contest prep

    I used to get the Carple back in the day when it was hypertropin but never got it since
  15. Contest prep

    Lol no probs bro I didn’t know how to pose to be honest and yeah they weren’t thick but they were shredded lol