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  1. ive never had mine done 1year on so far, cruised just about 9 weeks in total oops... never looked better or being stronger. had a few blood pressure issues but what i can see and feel thats all, hopefully im all good inside. im coming off in january anyway for a while, other things focus on for 6 months. plus its fun regaining again did it last time. dropped from 196-165 sliced natural.. then bulked up to 185 looked massive affer like 14 weeks. now im about 188. all fun
  2. Gear makes me want to cheat on my girl

    tren does and did it for me, almost ended my marriage. not worrh it, was about 2yr ago almost now, thankfully mrs gave me a second chance and things have never been better.
  3. Uneven vascularity on forearms?

    im with you mate. left is vascular, right isnt. but also my left side has poor circulation so golding hands i start to lose sensation snd get tingly. and i have varicose veins left side. very problematic side... tore a ligament...left knee..... patella damage....left knee.....f**k my left side.
  4. Simplest meal recipes

    500g 5% fat mince tomato and herb passata lazy garlic lazy chillies bulgar wheat with kettle boiled water cover for 25 mins. cook your mince add the rest boom. easy.
  5. TV channel packages? Recommendations please

    TV is trash anyway. got rid of it all, just use netflix for my daughter keeps her entertained.
  6. plus if they test your piss it doesnt matter if u take 10mg or 2g, if its there its there. i think anyway? its not a natural form of testosterone at end of the day theyd find it.
  7. prefer lower test tbh. 300mg absolute maximum, high dose the other compounds. Next cycle will be 250mg test 400mg NPP 400mg Mast.
  8. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    its psychological for me lol, my abs become fuzzy and i panic im just a fat mess hahah, im body dysmorphiad to the max. its a head f**k. youll pack skme good size on i remember when u first joined forum i was under a different user and you grew like mad since. so i alway look our for your threads etc. see whats going on your logs and stuff.
  9. I told my wife on 2nd date, she said it back. engaged after 6 months. married now 7 years in November, all good! if you aint feeling it back though probably a sign it is too early, me and my wife messaged and spoke all night all day before and after first date, i worked away so was a week later i went on 2nd date with her so we had a lot of phone xalls during the week, gettjn to know each other more etc. perfect first date and second.... each to their own though.
  10. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    thats a very good weight for your height. good size man. im 5'9 192lbs atm, always struggle to get heavier than this, peaked at 196 2yrs ago but wss less muscular more fat lol. got abs this time round, not quite as shredded as you though. keep up the work. still working with Liam?
  11. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    looking sick there mate. how tall are you?
  12. Hot male physiques

    pretty homo ask me if i care though lol.
  13. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    80kg x 10 push press good session nice little pump on too.