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  1. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    Xercise4less in Bradford was pretty good, was huge and had most machines you can think of, only went to visit some family so popped there a few times. Had a little mess about in boxing ring and octagon there too as I knew lad who worked there once upon a time. From what I remember the membership was like £15 a month too which is just mad, so cheap which gave you free access to something mad like 200 classes a month. Pretty good and wasn't ever busy when I went.
  2. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    None of the argos links there's none anywhere it says I can't ge them at any store. Is it saying differently for you?
  3. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    what you got for 400
  4. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    Probably not that bad no, just look pretty s**t but yeah 20kg is 20kg,fits on a bar nicely I guess you can't go wrong I just wonder about the longevity of them I suppose if you're just benching etc it'd be fine not dropping the weight constantly, I might even invest in just 2 x 20kg myself until I can buy some better ones that are in stock.
  5. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    Pricey for some shite plates that. Seen loads of companies doing them does seem a viable option but more of a tie over til u can get better,but then they'll have zero sell on post lock down imo anyway I'd rather just stay out of shape than waste on those type of plates
  6. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    I appreciate the sentiment, I just gotta play the waiting game.
  7. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    Garage cage 1.85m from strengthshop actually emailed them today and apparently last person I had contact with lied, not back in stock til mid August, I got low ceilings in my garage so can't get the big 210cm+ cages.
  8. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    I've saved for it, soon as I bought my own house the garage when even looking was a must it was always going to be a gym, granted not as soon as this but forced my hand figured get it done now ASAP in case of any future hindrance like this, both me and my wife train otherwise I doubt id of got the OK to spend all this on it haha.
  9. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    100 for 5 incline a while back though, never been great at bench I think my technique isn't great as my shoulders tend to take over,so prefer dumbbells 90% of the time feel it way more.
  10. How far would you drive to the gym?

    15 20 min drive most I'd do. Can't wait for the 7 second walk to my home gym bottom of garden when it's done
  11. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Yeah she's proper loving and clingy lol, jumps all over me it's fine she's about 25kg wouldn't want her any other way it's her personality, proper little beg too.
  12. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    I've been setting up alerts on websites for weights, I'm building a whole home gym in my garage laying flooring tomorrow (11 x 6ft by 4ft stall mats) power on friday, so far I have lat pull down machine, leg press/hack squat machine on order, oly bar due in a week, 2 x dumbbell racks but no dumbbells , dual cable machine due on Friday, power rack should be back in stock for pre order for 3 weeks delivery today apparently according to website I'm using, and their bumper plates mod July, then buying 2.5-50kg dumbbells not cheap but very cheap comparing to other websites which are also out of stock anyway. Didn't really want no 2nd hand plus all inflated prices rather but brand new
  13. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    She's grown a lot more now, but my lab she's just over 2 now. Got her at about 12 weeks old. Also I'm down your way, near Portsmouth 10 mins away, doggy meet up??
  14. Where can I buy weights?

    Have yours arrived yet? How long since you ordered? I'm tempted to buy the ones you're on about. Edit Only thing putting me off is supersetting look a bit longwinded to change the weights.
  15. How very random something I'd do just to see if it turns up, regret hiring the hitman for wife though... Was a scam, she's still here.