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  1. Aaron lambo

    Aww when I saw thread name was hoping he was in some new controversy haven't heard his name being mentioned in a while. Absolute clown from what I remember, always felt hard done by the coppers when he's been a cock to them.
  2. Buying for women is frigging hard

    Who the f**k wants the latest NOW CD. Spotify subscription. Sorted.
  3. Anyone like the air and or the sea?

    Spent too much time at sea in the navy 1850lsa in 10 years (basically at sea 6 months of every year) these days I just enjoy going down the beach for a walk along the coast lol.
  4. Anyone else not trained during closures?

    I converted my garage into a gym literally end of lockdown 1 pretty much, so first lockdown I was just doing banded/bodyweight stuff as I had nothing whatsoever. Was horrible, doing bits of cardio too but that's not the same. Good luck with finding a new job etc, that's rough, chin up (chins at end of lockdown 2,sorry..)
  5. What are your plans for Christmas?

    When I was a kid we used to have a curry Christmas day, Bradford lad aren't I
  6. What are your plans for Christmas?

    That sounds ideal to me, except dog>cat
  7. Breakfast in bed!

    Eating and drinking in bed is a no no from me not that you should care lol. Signing out.
  8. Would you admit using steroids in a date?

    The fact I initially hid it from my wife would say no, however if I was to date now and I was still taking them maybe not first date unless asked outright but I guess it'd probably come up at some point and I'd admit it yeah, try explain it's not how the media hype it out to be she won't be getting a black eye well unless she gobs off.
  9. Did steroids give the desired results

    18 months off now. No, didn't get the results I wanted looking back. Size, others commented all the time but I never felt big or anything other than normal. Strength went up for sure but not as much as id of thought, maybe 10-20kg across the board, big movements that is. Felt my Delts were the most effected. Others saw me bigger stronger etc, like I said everyone who saw me day to day always commented and also got comments off random people (queuing up to go watch football etc security would comment) Mentally, tren f**ked with me tried it twice only managed 7 weeks then 4 weeks vowed to never touch the stuff again sent me mental and couldn't sleep for 2 weeks whilst it was wearing off the 2nd time round. Erm maybe got more respect off people, liek I said I was never massive strong or anything but I could tell others were staring at me when it was summer and I'm sweating like a pig with a vest on and my Delts popping etc, probably the sweat patches looking back... Changes in my life.... Definitely unfit, I didn't do cardio back then so I can't 100% say its down to the steroids however when I was just less heavy on steroids like when I cut I felt healthier and could hold a conversation walking whereas when I was bulked up to my heaviest (196lbs at 5ft9 but average I'd say was about 186 eating maintenance/getting protein in and just eating whatever else but 80% healthy veg fruit no processed) I was out of breath walking and talking. Tough one... Would I take them again or do things differently... I reckon I'd of not bothered however being smaller now due to off gear (pfp is recent condition size 170lbs) I do often think right do things differently now don't pile so many calories in, modest 300mg cycle just for the enhanced test but nothing like before (900-1200mg total weekly dosages then 100\125mg cruises for like 18-24months at a time) maybe it'd work. Felt my best around 13 stone (182lbs) that was a mix between having decent abs nothing amazing. But also having strength size vascularity definition etc, so if I do jump back on again I'll shoot for around this weight and eat maintenance (+-200cals) with progressive overload and try slowly slowly gain oppose to smashing 4-5k cals a day and bulking then down to 2k and cutting 20lbs....learnt a lot since then definitely wasted a lot.
  10. Blood tests

    I was gonna look for doing finger pr**k, are they that bad? Skewed results?
  11. Blood tests

    I know they're recovered, but recovered to what level is what I wanna know. Am i low average, high average, average average or below average, like I said just for curiosity however if its low average I'll be able to do something about it one way or another.
  12. Blood tests

    What test did you purchase?
  13. Blood tests

    Curious who gets them and what test exactly do you get? I foolishly never got any when I was on, haven't been on now for 18 months but curious if it's caused any effects on my testosterone levels not that I can compare them to prior just would like to know where I am on the scale. Get other blood tests done twice a year through work for health markers they're always fine never had any negative feedback about those but that doesn't test for testosterone or if it does they've never mentioned it but pretty certain it doesn't it's just a full blood count. Would a medichecks test & estrogen test suffice does that give enough data it just says testosterone and oestrogen, would I want a bit more comprehensive test like free test etc. Also... Anyone tested and found its low but would of never known felt fine? Cheers.
  14. Yeah reckon I'll just do that and have a gym bubble of friends who come round and use my gym, Boris who
  15. Carb powders

    Used to drink 75g vitargo with 15g bcaa intra workout mixed with 1.5l water, f**k knows how I used to do that I struggle to drink 600ml now.