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  1. Ill give it a go mate im doing a tren blast next, i know nothing about mast though, honestly only ever done tge big ones, test, tren, deca, few orals lol
  2. Cutting isnt easy

    I really want to do intermittent fasting but by 12 i am shaking so bad
  3. Steroids and diet question

    I mean people claim to grow mass on tren while in a deficit, i suppise it depends on body fat and what your body will use for fuel
  4. Southern ghost

    Maybe i wasnt clear enough so apologies, i meant a moderate blast and just staying on rather than keep upping and lowering dose, as in blast and cruise or pct, absolutely 300mg is high for a cruise
  5. Southern ghost

    Really? Youd call 300mg high? Not arguing just curious i wouldn't call it low or high thats why i said moderate lol but its interesting to know what other people think
  6. Southern ghost

    Ti be honest im thinking of doing something like this 300mg a week and just staying on for the forseeable future, im getting old enough that to keep doing pct is a pain in the ass and blast and cruise while fine just not needed so a moderate 300mg weekly constant and getting bloods done every few months might be the better option for me
  7. Ppl routine

    Worth noting im 34 years old and i will be traing for a competition which i would like to say a years time but 2 would probably be a better shout, im no stranger to lifting
  8. Ppl routine

    Ok well about 8 months ago i was in fantastic shape 16 stone about a realistic 14-16 bf im now about 15 stone 22 percent bf lol work/injury/gyms closing was not at all kind to me, goals cut down bf while mainting as much muscle as i can then bulk back up, paying a bit more attention to chest as its a lacking body part (always has been)
  9. Ppl routine

    Is anyone able to advise me on a really good ppl routine, gyms have finally opened back up for me and ive got some serious work to do to get back into pre lockdown shape, never done ppl so wouldnt know where to start but heard its great
  10. Southern ghost

    Blast and cruise right?
  11. Southern ghost

    Perfect test e is what i was after lol
  12. First time Dnp log

    No i wasnt claiming it wasnt legit alrhough i see how i worded it saying it was underdosed, i was more meaning if i was taking 400mg it was more like 300mg or something just cause of how easy i dealt with the sides but maybe im just lucky. Results show its legit and would recommend to anyone seriosly wanting to try it.
  13. Any used the new southern ghost? Is it gtg
  14. First time Dnp log

    So I was aiming for 2200 cals with only 1 carb meal in the evening but you are absolutely right I'd be lying if I said the odd day I didn't binge eat on crap, the hunger I felt was insane like when I started eating I couldn't stop lol generally I was pretty strict but yeah the hunger is tough, I put that down to a few things boredom and dnp. I feel like if you were able to keep pretty busy in the day you'd forget about it though. What I do find strange is how many people saying it was so bad they couldn't move up stairs or train on it, I figure either 1) mine was underdosed or 2) I'm just lucky with sides (like how tren effects different people) Overall I feel like I would do it again but it would be interesting to know the damage it does although the human body is very good at repairing itself so if done in moderation I really don't see it being an issue although that could strongly be me being incredibly naive
  15. First time Dnp log

    Finished with it now, I upped to 400 for last week and ended about 4 days ago, dropped from 16 stone to 14 stone 7 so definitely good results, few things to note, sides were easily manageable nothing like how I thought they would be and secondly I'd really like to try them while still working and training properly because I reckon the results could be even better to be honest, hard to keep a strict diet with all this going on