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  1. Guess who’s back motherf**kers

    Here we go again. I’ll make myself comfortable.
  2. Bulk cooking and storing chicken

    Get the butler to do it ?
  3. Boxing: AJ vs Ruiz - Pick a winner

    Finally some sence spoken. As a boxer my self in my youth I just sit back and laugh at the comments. I wonder how many of the riddiculas comments people made have actually been in the boxing ring. They usually in a pub saying I'd do this and that. It's laughable. Like the idiots who watch football screaming at the tv I'd do this and that. when in reality most couldn't box eggs let alone get in the ring.
  4. Meat macros cooked or uncooked

    Just get the butler to wipe it ?
  5. Will time travel ever be possible?

    Interesting ken. I am like you as an anti establishment conspiracy theorist. I've read some your past posts. Where u get this information from ? I'm a believer they were the " first experiment" we been the 2nd
  6. I have a spare ticket for the show today. If any one is interested PM me.
  7. Total mess construction

    Hahahah awesome name. In of course
  8. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    I meant not fail hahahah. Typo.
  9. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    I'm on it don't worry. Tried to DM you but said you don't accept them .
  10. Fat alcoholic to ... getting on stage

    Not posted in a long while but all going well. The only way is t total for me. I've tried everything. My aim is a show one year from now. All good in all aspects of life so can give this 100%. Couple pics to show work so far. Before and after. Weight today is 17 st. Gunna cut to abs now then lean bulk.
  11. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Are you not going to watch ? I will re start my log soon.just been busy with work etc. I was an alcoholic but a very successful business man. I'm just putting things in place so I can take a year out to give 100% to my training. I'm jut the sort to fail mate .
  12. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    I really dunno yet. I have 53 weeks to see how I look etc. I will be doing the first timer show so all first timers. I will be 39.5 year old so Won't be able to do over 40. I get married the same year and had a childhood dream of doing it before my 40th. It's about me vs me mate rather than trying to win. Im an ex alcoholic so just getting there is a win for me. I'm going on Sunday to see how it all works. Only been to nabba shows which was terrible.
  13. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Ok mate great. I'm looking at PCA myself. A year away for me yet. I'm going to the first timer show this Sunday in Coventry to get an idea. Good luck with it mate. I'm watching your progress.
  14. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    What show you doing mate ?