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  1. Bulk or cut? Pics

    I’ve seen two groups of people saying you should eat in deficit while recomp while others say eat in surplus.. Which is the correct way?
  2. Bulk or cut? Pics

    It’s a slow process, and I have tried recomping and i feel my body doesn’t react to it
  3. Bulk or cut? Pics

    And this would have been?
  4. Bulk or cut? Pics

    What bf % am I at? Any guess?
  5. Currently the lockdown and quarantine is not allowing me to workout but have been eating at maintenance, gyms are going to reopen in 2 weeks time don’t know how to go ahead.. Pics attached
  6. Hi, Its been 3 months already and i haven't been to the gym, mostly 3 weeks more to go. Ive been doing functional type of training for these 3 months, eating close to maintenance all this while, a little here and there. Honestly, i've been counting calories but not 100%, protein is close to 0.8g/kg because whey is not available, trying to reach my protein goals but its been difficult. Just wondering as gym will be starting in a 2-3 weeks, should i start with a cut for a month or bulk? I am attaching my weight log i've maintained throughout and ive gained like 1.5kgs which is not much i guess, will be posting my pictures too, can someone guide me should i cut or bulk post quarantine. Im getting married in February and need to get in shape again. My workout is functional, ive added images pre quarantine and post along with my weight log Week Session-1 Dynamic warmup Push up-10 rep 2 sets Sit ups- 10 rep 2 sets BW Squats-12 rep 2 sets Toe flutter kick- 60 sec Lower back extention-10rep-2 sets Plank-60 sec SESSION-2 Pushups- 10rep 3sets Altarnative lunges- 10step 5 rech leg Jump squats- 10rep 3 sets Wide hand push ups- 10 rep 3 sets Alternative toe touch-20 rep 2 sets Flutter kick-60 sec 2 time Plank shoulder tap- 20 rep 2 set Crunches-15 rep 2 set Russian twist -20 rep SESSION-3 Skipping-60 sec 3 set Jumping jack- 20 rep 3 sets High knee jump- 20 rep 3 sets Shuttle run-60 sec Mountain climber- 20rep 2 set Lower back extention- 10 rep 2 sets SESSION-4 Burpee jump-10 rep 2 sets Walking lunges-2 round Glute bridge- 15 rep 3 set Calf raise -20rep 3 sets Leg raises- 15 rep 3 set Sit up- 15 rep 2 sets
  7. Quick Question

    Seriously 12? Damn!! I have to lose at least 5-6% bf naturally before I even think of getting sub 10% I was thinking it would be lower than 10% for sure my lower belly fat is killing me. In good lighting I can 4 packs but then the last 2 are still invisible
  8. Quick Question

    Bodyfat % ???
  9. Quick Question

    I guess i'll keep cutting till the 12-14 range, do a quick cycle, lose some more to get to 10 and then maintain that or recomp. aiming for the look that gregor has at that 155lbs range
  10. Quick Question

    As scott herman would say it "BLENDAAH"
  11. Quick Question

    reason for going so low on fat??? what about bloat from the carbs???
  12. Quick Question

    how does you macros look while on a cut? Still go with low fats?
  13. Quick Question

    Interesting to where this is leading... I’m really leaking forward to that kind of a physique. after 5 years of training I know how I want to look going into my 30’s.. but seeing there is no gear involved atleast not that we know if and it’s maintainable to some extent it’s even more attractive the question really is the diet.. still confused about how my diet should look like and if I want to run a cycle what should it be.. I kind of have the body structure like his, it would be interesting to know that