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  1. 2% whatever it takes, right babe
  2. Dunno about creepy or not but if you're wanting to bang you should think more out the box cos that isn't gonna work with a lot of women, how many lads do you think open up with that or say it early on?
  3. pretend they're all there, placebo and that
  4. Can any help

    Didnt realize it was you who made the comment otherwise I wouldn't have replied, can't be sure who's being serious or not on here mannn
  5. Can any help

    OP's name is probably Emma and husbands name is Josh
  6. How many calories

    3-3.5k, cutting (v slowly)
  7. Who's had acid reflux?

    by any chance did you live on the canary islands for 19 years
  8. What a fu**ing day

    Was just a generalization, it's the reasoning behind a lot of non-monogamous relationships, you sound like a sweetheart really tho
  9. What a fu**ing day

    I think its a dominance thing, so he sees her as a sexual object and not an emotional need
  10. A serbian film

    I'm exactly the same now, I went through a phase of being interested in it all though, used to start off on youtube casually and then end up browsing gore sites looking at f**ked up s**t at like 3am.
  11. 200 mg anavar

    Yeah standard PCT like what's been said before mate. I don't know what the bashings about, people experiment, someone has too, get over it
  12. Using DNP

    I've done three heavy nights drinking on DNP, not in a row though Still ended up taking more DNP when I got back home after too, just listen to your body though.
  13. Favourite tune these days ?

    In a Korean music phase right now
  14. Aww I'm glad! Don't usually do private shows, sounds cheesy but I thought I'd try angles I haven't used before
  15. Haha unfortunately no-where will book me! Can do private performances though