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  1. Foreign Dentists

    I usually go to the dentist in Poland. the root canal costed me (2 visits, x-ray photos etc) about 470 zlotys (if I remember correctly) so less than 90 quid. as long as you can communicate in the local lingo you will have no problems finding good doctors abroad.
  2. it's bloody hard to get the robusta beans, at least in the places i've been to :/
  3. hahaha, I like the instant one from the Lidl. that one in the tin. 2.99 i think it costs
  4. Can't install Windows 10. Errors

    install ubunto on it and do the diagnostics. or perform them while running ubuntu off the usb stick
  5. Spanish flu vs covid 19

    50M is a conservative numbar. also, 100 years ago the global population was like 1.8B people. now is 'a bit' more.
  6. Krakow who is been?

    oh, I though you were a Brit. I was refering to Pesky, as she presents the facts about Poland from the British perspective.
  7. Krakow who is been?

    Should have gotten yourself a GF (or BF, I do not judge) of other nationality. nothing would teach you langauge and their culture as well as it. but yeah, knowing Russian (what level? Ax? Bx? Cx?) will help you with learning Polish. Again, check the website i've linked. Also, Pesky's yt channel is a quite nice place for 1st hand information, coming from the Brit person.
  8. Krakow who is been?

    f**k the Kraków. overpriced place with honey pot traps for tourists. Poznań FTW! not as big as Warszawa, but not as crappy as Kraków. What languages do you speak (seing your post in warsaw thread)? they may be useful if you wanna to learn Polish. anyway, try the polishforums.com for tips and opinions about Poland, as well as watch some videos from here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd4nj93QdXTQRnH73btP6lA
  9. How to beat the feeling of hunger.

    drink plenty of water.
  10. why not mix them both? good (expensive) protein with a cheaper one of the same flavor
  11. Warm up routine.

    if you have a sore joint maybe you should postpone your exercise. or at least not exercise the bodypart that contains that joint. couple of minutes of energetic waving my limbs in all dimensions usually works for me fine as a warm up. that and maybe couple of burpees.
  12. Shadow boxing in gyms

    almost as gay as the guys who have never really trained any kind of boxing/kicking and decide to strike the bag while not keeping even half decent pose. sorry, if you decide that the punching bag is the best activity you can do in the gym (normal gym, not a martial one one) than at least punch them properly.
  13. Thick forearms?

    ... no, just no.
  14. British made squat racks

    so... people abroad (or foreigners in the uk) do not have to 'make living'?
  15. Would you work for The Police?

    good thing i could indentify myself as a female. briefly, before the frisks only