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  1. British Mums

    If you go black, there is no way back Ps I wouldn't describe an average Brazilian as black
  2. Don't forget to inform your MP about the debate and ensure to ask them how will and how did they vote for it
  3. Gym owner arrested in Essex for opening gym

    Break the law, get arrested. Nothing really shocking, is it?
  4. Whats your Worst date ever?

    Yolo. How was it?
  5. No you ain’t love

    She is pretty, true, but beautiful? Nope Ps I still would
  6. learning MMA for a short man!!

    Not on this country, God thanks
  7. learning MMA for a short man!!

    Being short (but not dwarf like) is actually beneficial for you in fight. Your center of mass is lower, which makes you harder to be triped or thrown. My tip: buy yourself a good gum protector. Not one of those boil and bite, but a proper one (~£70).what do you want to train for (competition? Fun? Self defense)?
  8. I got Covid!!

    Because in case of the false positive you get a bit of inconvenience of isolation. In the false negative you can get ill, and although your chances of kicking the basket are minimal then you may be unlucky to get side effects (which can be a massive pita) and spread it to the family. One behaves differently after receiving the negative results when compared to the behaviour from before the test
  9. I got Covid!!

    I would be more worried about false negatives, personally. We got the government we elected
  10. I got Covid!!

    1. So you can know for sure 2. So the authorities will have a better picture of reality But hey, you will be required to isolate and do other things that void your "liberty"
  11. I got Covid!!

    Than test yourself to be sure
  12. frankly speaking, anything is better than nothing. **high intensivity** intervals are great for improving your cardiovascular fitness levels. if you have some money to burn you could get yourself tested in the nearest sport center for your vo2max levels (although you can try to use online calculators or hr monitors etc- but the best one are proper checks).
  13. Couple of grand to spend

    Buy some food and donate it to the local food bank. Knowing that you have helped those less fortunate will bring you joy
  14. Winter coat

    Have you tried the icebreaker? They do have dece t winter coats, if you want wool.