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  1. Are you strong enough?

    hey guys, these events are not a strict competition, they are a bit of fun for people to come down and try some of these events. nothing serious. it would be great to have you down.
  2. Are you strong enough?

    Calling all strong men and women!! This Saturday 19th August we are hosting a birthday event in Newport for one of our stores. We'll have some strong man / woman events running through the day and would love to see you there if you are local to the area. There will be prizes for the best lifts and also loads of freebies and goodie bags on the day. We will have athletes from USN, BPI and our very own guys and girls. we've set up an events page on the Newport Supplement Centre Facebook page if you want to keep upto date on the announcements. we'll also have fresh food available on the day along with a mammoth raffle. hope to see you there - contact us for details. Address is Unit 46 Enterprise way, Newport - NP20 2AQ
  3. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    If bathing your Nana gives you a pump.......Each to their own
  4. Get £5 off Salted Caramel ISO Whey

    Salted Caramel flavour ISO Whey has landed today. as a gift from us to you, we are giving £5 off a tub. Ends Friday! This flavour is going to be a best seller in no time. Not only does this protein offer 24g protein per serving its also packed with 6.8g BCAA too. here is the link to check out the stats. Enjoy while this offer is on! https://www.jbc-nutrition.co.uk/products/jbc-iso-whey-2-25kg?variant=44167372238 use code CARAMEL5 at checkout.
  5. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    I will have to check with Rach, i know there are few that went out after the initial batch.
  6. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    We can certainly look into this ingredient. thanks for the feedback. We believe our USP is that we are offering these ingredients as a 'serving' and giving more 'servings' per tub. Most pre workouts only have half these ingredients in and therefor don't give as many servings per tub. All great feedback, thank you for this.
  7. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    ours is different from the rest its has nearly double the ingredients than most. Try and remember that what you guys are using above is EXCESSIVE and not the norm. 10g Citrulline is what elite athletes work towards. if the above works for you then thats great. we stock the products in raw form also, so this could always be an option for you. remember we offer you a 15% discount too.
  8. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    4g is under dosed? if this is what you're saying, then pretty much every other pre workout out there is doing nothing for you? you'll be lucky to get 2g from most. what pre workout do you currently use or are you making your own up?
  9. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    We would have to disagree with you here pal. these products have been put together to improve performance for athletes, how would you suggest people take Arginine other than orally? As far as the ingredients profile looking poor, again, if you compare this to most other pre workouts on the market its nearly all doubled. The reason we have choses all these ingredients together is because they work as a system, not just individually like most pre workouts. thanks for the feedback though.
  10. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    Glad it turned up and thanks for the feedback. To be honest, I'm quite shocked with the comments, not in a bad way, but we've had glowing reviews on the taste from other customers, people like the citrus taste on it, but like you said, each person is unique. as for the pump, personally I get a huge pump from the 4g of each Cit mallet and Arginine. Can I ask if you took this sample with food or was it on an empty stomach? Please don't take this as criticism as we appreciate ALL feedback, good and bad. It helps us to develop and keep our products upto date and keep customers happy.
  11. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    Hope you like it! please give us your feedback.
  12. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    Thanks for all the requests. we sent out the first batch yesterday. we will be sending out more today. We have now reached our limit for free samples on this product. Keep posted for reviews and also more free samples on other products. The response has been great. thank you all again.
  13. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    Morning all, we are very pleased to announce we have just launched the newest flavour in our Unleash the Beast Pre workout - Pink Lemonade. The taste on this works very well with the high level of Cit Malate. We would love your feedback so are offering free samples to try. Simply send an email to Rach@jbc-nutrition.co.uk with your name and address and we'll get one out in the post. We have a limited amount to send out so its a first come first serve basis. here are some of the stats: INSANE PUMPS - 4g Arginine INTENSE FOCUS - 4g beta Alanine CRAZY ENERGY - 300mg Caffeine Flush Lactic Acid - 4g Citrulline Malate All we ask is you give us a review and snap some pics for social media and on here please. https://www.jbc-nutrition.co.uk/products/unleash-the-beast-v2-1?variant=43815872398
  14. New Look site

    Click on our banner under the post or click here
  15. New Look site

    Hey guys and girls, we've been working really hard in the background to bring you a fresh, crisp, easier experience website. This isn't a shameless plug to get you to our site, but we would really appreciate your feedback. Its always good to get a better understanding of what our customers want and expect from a website. As a sponsor on here we aren't breaking any rules, so please take a look and give us some feedback please. www.Jbc-nutrition.co.uk