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  1. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    As do the guardian, bbc, dailymail, sky, metro etc etc. All mainstream news lies, some are blatant and some lie by obmission.
  2. For once god has smiled on the shorter man.

    Because tall men are generally more confident and socialise more /my theory.
  3. Always Malta, nice and hot here and it isnt jam packed with tourists like it normally is, hardly any cases, none yesterday. Although not sure if they are allowing flights from the UK at the momment.
  4. I took a beating today

    These guys will train you
  5. Exactly, studies done show white people have a higher percentage chance of getting killed by police. Will dig up the studies when on my PC as have to drill down the search results as Googke favours left wing sites like The Guardian, CNN, nytimes etc etc so the truth gets buried, Google class these sites as authoritative, what a joke. They never factor in percentage of police interactions, lying by obmission.
  6. White lives matter

    If these lefties didn't have double standards then they would have no standards at all.
  7. But are they though? You have to factor in violent crimes, police interations, and attitudes. That is the population that is getting killed by cops, not law abiding citizens. Black men cause half the murders and violent crimes in American.
  8. Verbally abusive relationship

    Yeah same s**t as I go through, you cant win.
  9. WTF?!! Twitter suspended my account!!

    I got perma banned for calling Tom Arnold a retard, he tweeted out saying for people to get dads hunting rifle and go head to head with trump supporters, something along those lines. His tweet was still up last I checked and aparently restard is a slur even though everyone knows it just means a idiot not a mentally disabled person. Twitter really is run by far left activists and to he honest glad I got banned, it is just a waste of time.
  10. One I go to in Malta has the best views at the moment. Had to move to the roof of the hotel so we dont have to wear masks, like a furnace though if you go after 9am.
  11. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    So is New Zealand going to keep the borders closed forever if no vaccine is found? It is a gamble either way. Tourism is the biggest money earning in New Zealand, they could be screwed as herd immunity may be the only solution.
  12. Download xampp (apache webserver for windows) install it, download wordpress install it on localhost (your computer), play around, research and read how it all works for a few months. When you are comfortable get a webhost, domain name, and install wordpress and woocommerce and buy a nice theme at themeforest.com. done. You could pay someone but best knowing how to do it yourself because much better in the long run. It isn't complicated.
  13. White lives matter

    Well it is election year and Trumps popularity with black people was increasing, they say if republicans get 20 percent of the black vote then democrats are screwed forever. So yes left wing media jumped on Mr Floyd was killed because he was black and its Trumps fault. Tony Timpa doesn't even get a wikipedia page let alone riots. Search his name, killed in pretty much the same way, cops were laughing.
  14. Opened here in Malta but the gym I workout in has moved most of the equipment to the roof of the hotel to avoid a lot of the regulations. Not sure if anyone has been here but training after 10 is impossible unless there is a sea breeze. I am sweeting like a pig before I even start but at least it is something. Killer sea views though.
  15. Where would you move to?

    He said no far left or PC, I am from NZ and it couldn't be anymore far left.