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  1. derek chauvin Is going...

    Of course he was guilty BLM rioters took photos of the jury and threatened to doxx them, then you had Maxine Waters telling people to get confrontational if not guilty on all charges, of course her Twitter page is still up but not Trump who told people to peacefully protest. People too scared of the BLM pitchfork mob. America is screwed, I think red states like Texas and Florida should secede from the union.
  2. derek chauvin Is going...

    Well they are only going to burn their neighbourhoods down, they wouldn't dare going into red cities and do it. Florida has introduced a law that says if these rioters surround your car and are aggressive if you run them over trying to escape you won't get prosecuted.
  3. derek chauvin Is going...

    Convicted by the mob, guilty or we burn everything down.
  4. Brexit was launched

    Yeah gutted as well, was planning on stocking up then covid hit. I am going to order this week and cross fingers. EU sources are limited in my research on that popular source website, way more expensive as well.
  5. Conspiracy Gits

    Ah yes the good old call someone a conspiracy theorist if they disagree. For every scientist that says do this there is another that says do that. So just smear the ones that disagree with your view a conspiracy theorist, straight out of the CIA playbook.
  6. But Wikipedia told me he is a far right fascist that peddles conspiracy theories* *source CNN.
  7. Same with hand sanitizer, Rogan had a expert on at the start of this and he was saying there are no studies that show washing your hands helps with reducing the spread of respiratory viruses, this was not some random doctor either (Michael Osterholm), it makes people feel like they are helping and it is beneficial in stopping other viruses and bacteria. Staying fit and healthy is the best we can do to protect ourselves but they don't want to talk about that for some reason.
  8. That is called personal responsibility but most people need the government to wipe their arse and then blame them if it becomes itchy.
  9. She is a self described marxist, so by her ideology she should be sharing the wealth. She is a grifter, using whatever she can to enrich her self, she couldn't give a s**t about poor black people dying. No one would be knocking her is she was a successful black woman that was buying real estate, but a marxist capitalist? How does that work? Yeah communism for thee but not for me.
  10. This years holiday plans?

    Holly s**t, certainly has to be a strategy in attempting that, where to start? Mushrooms and eggs last for sure. Meat or hash browns first?
  11. I really don't know about this s**t, people call people like wyld99 crazy then you see the world economic forum talking about the great reset and how people will own nothing and be happy. You exaggerate wyld99 but something sinister is going on to destabilise the west and China is probably behind it all imo
  12. Or tumble weeds when a black child gets shot in a drive by. Well only if black shooter, big news if shooter white. Race baiting is big business. BLM co-founder just brought a million dollar home in a white area.
  13. Yeah that will stop racism, well that and posting a black fist on social media. Clowns the lot of them.
  14. Black people will be discarded by the Dems as soon as they have let enough illegals in. Why do you think they are so opposed to voter ID? Literally calling it the new Jim Crow laws (segragation laws enacted by white democrats if anyone cares about facts anymore), the left in America are insane.