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  1. Yea, I'm 100% sure. It's been couple of months and I can't still think of anyone else. I'm still hopeful she will break up and return to me at some point. I never thought I will become such a pssy, always had dignity and strength to move on. And now I found myself texting and calling her (even her's friends) and she is ignoring me. She is not a hottie though, she does not workout, don't care about diet etc. But she's got 'something' I can't explain. Also, her face, it's out of this world. I remember I could look her for hours and never get bored Jealousy will eat me. Sorry for off.
  2. I just received results for my DHT806 (300-850)I guess clomid upped my DHT as well to a higher range? I never did DHT before my clomid cycle. I'm feeling better already, I went to best friend's town for 2 weeks - No gym, no supps, I only took clomid with me. Must admit company and going out helped me a ton, but still going to sleep is difficult. Just a thought she might be sleeping with someone else at that moment makes me almost vomit.
  3. Yea i will drop clomid to 3x times weekly at 12.5mg, retest in 3 weeks, if levels are still good, will probably drop to twice 12.5mg weekly, as Carrot also suggested. I don't know about wellbutrin, I felt even more anxious and stressed while using it, but might be due to high stress after I found out my ex is dating someone else. Few months after saying she will always be waiting for me and how she can't imagine being with someone else, ever... But yesterday, when I saw my T and thyroid levels improved, it really boosted my mood significantly. My libido sky-rocketed at that moment as well as my erections. I'm trying to drop as many drugs and supplements as possible - Think I will stay on clomid only, and will drop all other supps except vit D and aswagandha. Also I took some gym-break, only stretching and doing long-distance walks.
  4. I dropped xanax after couple of days, I wasn't feeling so good using it. I use 10mg citruline, 10 000 ui vit D and zma daily @CarrotTop @TERBO I thought I already posted it, but looks like it was not registered. I did some thyroid and testosterone blood testings today and T levels jumped significantly after 17 days of clomid usage (12.5mg eod). Ranges for 20-49y old male are 2.49-8.36 and I'm at 9.49. Also my tsh and rt3 are better and its really surprising. It seems that clomid works wonders for me. My erections are much better although my libido is still low but might be due to high stress - I recently found out my ex I'm still in love with is dating someone else, so I had couple of stressful days. Anyway, what do you guys suggest, how long should I take clomid before I make a break, and how to cycle it? I feel good using it, especially looking at my T levels now
  5. About to start TRT next week

    I'm not on TRT mate. You can't get prescribed TRT in my country with this level neither, I intended to go underground but postponed my decision. I'm currently on clomid and T improved as you can see.
  6. About to start TRT next week

    @TERBO @CarrotTop I repeated my blood test today for thyorid and total testo (need to wait for dht results 10-14 days). As you guys know, I was only on clomid 12.5mg eod for last 17 days (I upped dosage to 25mg eod at one point but now I'm back to 12.5 eod as you suggested) and my testosterone jumped. Is it possible that clomid at such low dosages and after such a short time had this kind of impact? Now, where do I go from here, how should I cycle clomid? Take this dosage for a month then take a 7 days break or differently?Also I stopped taking thyroxin for almost 2 months and I only take aswagandha for thyroid and tsh and rt3 also improved a bit so I guess I don’t need t4 hormone either.Really think results could be even better if I did tests few days ago as last couple of days were agonizing and incredible stressful because of my ex and s**t, I really thought my results would be a disaster.Also, this is the first time after couple of years I’m taking gym-break (5 days of complete rest) without doing any hiit cardio or boxing on rest days before my tests, so it might have some effect as I went completely rested with 8-9 hrs of sleep (I usually sleep 5-6hrs). Being a little bit depressed makes me sleep more so I guess it had some impact as well.The only problem is, I don’t feel any hornier with higher testo atm so I guess trt wouldn’t solve it either so I will postpone it atm as well. I guess it could be a mental thing after all then And once again thank you all for your support and help! Without you I would already be on TRT and probably in bigger trouble now! In table, it says (Males 20-49 ranges are 2.49-8.36).
  7. About to start TRT next week

    For far too long, years I'd say, but I'm more and more certain with each day that it might be psychological with me in the end. I don't have any issue with stomach and digestion. What happened 5 days ago, I tried to reach my ex after several months. I have texted and called her but she did not answer. I wanted to cure my self before reaching her again as we knew each other for years before we started dating. She left me because of my impotency as I stated above and I decided to text her few days ago as I thought I felt better and after several months, I woke up knowing I can't spend another day without her. So I texted and called her daily and she didn't answer. 3 days ago her sister asked to see me and she told me she is in love with someone else for a month and she really loves that guy. I will never forget how much I trusted her when she was telling me we have something special and eternal, for life. I can't explain you what kind of wreck I'm at the moment. I lost more than 6kg (15+pounds) in 3 days, I have no appetite (before I could never satisfy my hunger and now light fruit meals makes me almost throw up), I'm restless and can't sleep (I sleep for an hour then jump out the bed, all wet) or stay in one place. I take xanax during the day to try and stay calm, friends can't help me as well. I decided to change town and do some shitty job because I can't stay in the same city where she is. I'm afraid I fecked up myself beyond any reparation now and my symptoms are worse then ever. I'm sorry I had to open myself somewhere, I know it's not the right place.
  8. About to start TRT next week

    Alright guys, I will postpone TRT then and continue with clomid therapy. Tomorrow I'm going to check my progesterone level as I have never done it before. Thank you all for replies, it's really appreciated. @TERBO @CarrotTop As for the clomid, I read some studies that subjects were treated with 50mg daily at the very least, this is why I upped dosage. Does it make any sense to get back to 12.5 eod now, or stay 25mg eod for prolonged period?
  9. About to start TRT next week

    @Sasnak My mistake, it is NDRI (Wellbutrin) not SSRI. He prescribed me as it is not supposed to cause further ED problem comparing to other antidepressants. But I think I will stop using it as I don't feel any different nor I was depressed before it. @faipdeooiad I don't want to argue mate I just wish to solve my problem. I hope you never experience impotency in your late twenties like I did for a long time now. And are you aware that clinics in the USA recommend TRT for people around 12 nmol? So it's the very same medical expertise recommending T therapy. My T levels fluctuate around 12-15nmol as you can see.
  10. About to start TRT next week

    Thanks for support mate! I know they know their stuff but they looks so uninterested, you wouldn't believe. I go to private clinics and pay big bucks from my own pocket for them to be so arrogant. Last urologist didn't even care to check my woody, he just glanced over me and my results, and said 'I advice you to visit sexual psychotherapist'. Only in stone-age Europe you have such doctors. I think I will start with even lower dosages, like 2x50mg weekly or 12.5mg daily subq as I heard testo is more stable this way and AI is usually not needed . Awaiting more replies
  11. Hello guys, I decided to start TRT next week as I can't solve my libido and erection problems for a very long time now. I will post my diet, supplementation here and what I tried so far and it didnt help. If you have any other suggestion before I pull the trigger next week I'm willing to hear. Pllease excuse my long post! PDE5 inhibitors couldn't help, I tried pt 141 (bremelanotide) as well with no effect. I supplement regularly high doses of aswagandha, yohimbine, vitamin D, magnesium oxide, vit b complex and vit c, eat a calorie surplus diet with lots of fat (less pufa), don't smoke/drink and don't do drugs. My protein and fat sources are whole eggs, whey protein, beef, chicken fillet, tuna fish, cottage cheese, avocados, whole coconut, olive oil, pumpkin and sesame seeds, peanut butter, my carb sources are fruits in the morning and around the gym (orange, apple, ginger, bananas), I eat a lot of fiber (broccoli, spinach, carrots, cabbage), brown rice, whole grains. I'm 30y old, natty all my life, train since my 16's. 6"2 (190cm) and about 230lb (104kg) atm. I train 6 times weekly and do HIIT cardio (boxing and rope jumping) on my rest days. I don't feel any fatigue or lack of motivation, I pack muscle and loose weight easily, literally I have no signs of low T except for libido and poor erections. This is my form atm, I'm few pounds above my ideal weight but not obese definitely (pic in the end of text). This is why I delayed TRT for so long, but it looks impossible for me to fix it naturally. I think my problems with libido/erections started few years ago when I was on keto diet for far too long - entire summer. I literally didn't eat any carbs at all, except on cheat meals days, every 10 days. My form was amazing back then, but I was extremely fatigued, there was no life or joy in me. I was like a skeleton. Might be wrong, but think it was the time when everything started. Guess I fecked up my hormones big time then forever. These are my latest results: Testosterone : 12,70 nmol/L (5.54-25.20) Free Testosterone: 12.10 pg/mL (7-22.7) Estradiol : 36.4 pg/ml (0-56) SHBG : 22 (13-71) FSH : 5.7 (0.7 - 11) LH : 2.69 (0.8 - 7.6) Albumin : 47 (35-50) Prolactin : 284 (53-360) T3 total : 1.4 (1.3-2.6) s-TSH : 3.670 (0.400 - 4000) T3 total : 1.4 Cholesterol and lipids are in range so I didn't post them here. I intend to check DHT as well as I never done it and I read on this very forum DHT can be responsible for weak erections and low libido in general. My thyroid hormones and prolactin were much lower at one point (TSH close to 1.000) and prolactin around 60 when I was on T4 hormone and bromocriptine, but I didn't feel any relief with with better ranges so I dropped them (In fact, I felt worse back then). Of course, I will repeat my blood work before I start TRT. I already mentioned that I live in one south-eastern shithole country in the Europe - So far I have changed 4 endocrinologists and 3 or 4 urologists and none of them wanted even to discuss my reasons for TRT. They all glance at my results, telling me 'They are in range or within the range' and that I'm in fantastic shape and the problem is in my head. I have also visited cardiologist to check my heart and it is good. Did my pituitary and thyroid screening 2 or 3 times and they are fine. My prostate, kidneys and testicle screening showing they are fine as well. My latest urologist urged me to visit psychiatrist so I went there as well. He prescribed me SSRI (Wellbutrin) which is not supposed to cause further ED problems, but I don't feel much better on it after 2 weeks, I feel even more lethargic. On my own, I took 1/4 of arimidex twice weekly and I think I felt better for a moment - At least my erections were better and my mood improved. After a while I dropped an AI, as it would only worsen my situation long-term. 2 weeks ago, I introduced 12.5mg of clomid EOD and recently I upped a dose to 25mg each day but I don't feel any difference. I also bought proviron as I read it can boost libido and erections significantly but I decided against it as I'm afraid it will supress my hpta even further. Now, I'm not very familiar with TRT and only recently I started reading about it. If I decide to go with it, I would really like to maintain my fertility. I'v been thinking to go with HCG 2x250iu twice weekly. As for testosterone, I will need to go underground for it as I won't get it in the pharmacy but source is quite reliable, as it is good friend of mine. I have a choice of cypionate and enenanthate. I was thinking to start with lowest dosage of 80-100 mg of testosterone weekly. Anyway, the biggest doubt I have is the way I want to administer injections - I would opt for daily subq injections, as I read testosterone is the most stable this way and I would probably need no AI this way? So, 15mg daily. The other solution is 40-50mg twice weekly. What would be your pick for starters? As I mentioned, I cannot discuss this with any endo as they would think I'm crazy for wanting TRT.
  12. If I understood correctly from some guides on the internet (there aren’t many) I should pour 1ml (100) units of this insulin syringe into the vial, and 2mg represents 20 units on this syringe then? Can I preload syringes and deplete entire vial at once and freeze the syringes? Because I couldn’t find bacteriostatic water, only NaCl, and I read that I shouldn’t keep them in the refrigerator more than couple of days. If yes, I should remove the syringe from the freezer and leave it in the refrigerator night before use?
  13. he prescribed me 'wellbutrin' instead of prosac and said it is the only ssri without sexual side effects. he also prescribed me 'xanax ' as he thinks I'm very anxious, but I decided not to take it for now as I read it can worsen ED. So far been about 10 days on clomid and couple of days on wellbutrin, I'm noticing regular nocturnal erections and yesterday I even had one awkward in the gym, only by speaking with some girl whos not even much attractive. Might be mental but my low testo still scares me like hell. Trying not to think about it and trt
  14. @Seppuku71 Thanks for support mate. I wont touch proviron then, staying on 12.5mg clomid and and will keep an eye on my bloods. Anyway, I just got back from neuropsychiatrist, he diagnosed my case as: DG Sy anxioosum F 41 Therapy : Fluoxetine 20mg each day Zolpidem 10mg each day before sleep He said he is convinced my ED is psychological. We had a nice chat, but I’m still not convinced it is a psychological thing. I will start with therapy today, but I did some reading and it says ‘Fluoxetine’ (Prosac) can worse erectile dysfunction and it’s quite common (1 in 10) for this to happen. This scared me a little bit because I’m taking this medicine to counter it, not to do the opposite. Hope he knows what’s he is doing, he is quite respected doctor in my area.
  15. Mate, don't get me wrong, I really hate arguing with people (another sign of low T lol). But look at my total and free T levels - they are maybe in range for 60yr old inactive man, but everyone on this forum will tell you they are extremely low for someone whos active entire life and just turned 30. I read that some USA clinics recommend TRT with this levels (under 12nmol). Anyway, really curious what psychotherapist will tell me in the morning. Started clomid 12.5mg eod as well as recommended.