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  1. Can I get a sick note

    Just be careful. Getting a sick note doesn’t prevent your employer from being able to sack you for poor attendance. If your overall attendance is poor, your employer can sack you for it even is if your signed off at the time by your doctor. Obviously there are certain things that you couldn’t be sack for. For example, if you where signed off due to a disability.
  2. Last song you listened to?

    I’ve got a ton of old 12” records stashed up in the attic. I still to this day regret selling my technic decks. Keep toying with the idea of buying a ddj controller to fart around with. Saw them live a few times too. Bring back the old days of Rezerection, bunker and fubar.
  3. Last song you listened to?

    Old cheesy hardcore, driving to work at 7 this morning.
  4. You could even get yourself a new phone
  5. Hair Transplant members here

    That you Barry?
  6. First cycle was 12 weeks of 500mg Karachi Sust p/w 400mg Norma Deca p/w 40mg pink Thai Dbol p/d for 6 weeks
  7. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    There’s people who don’t use gear that have better physiques. There’s people who take tons of gear who don’t look like they train. Who knows? lol
  8. Brewing beer?

    Worth a try! I’ve done the same in the past. Some turn out really good, some end up down the bog I did 2 extract brews and 2 all grain brews too during the summer.I though I would brew some beer for something to do during lockdown. I ended up getting the welder out and building a 3 stage HERMS 50L brew system
  9. Brewing beer?

    I did that during the summer lock down. 2 cartons of apple juice, 1 cartons of orange juice and 1 carton of cranberry juice. Pitched a youngs red wine yeast. Carbed it up in a corny keg and tasted very similar to Magners cider. 20 litres for about £8
  10. Do you get the flu vaccine?

    I had the flu vaccination last Tuesday through my work. Had it every year since getting floored with flu about 8 years ago. Not been I’ll with flu since.
  11. Don't do drugs kids

    Loved the Rez! Can remember being out my nut in the cue and noticing guys with dogs searching people at the entrance. Started getting paranoid I’d get caught trying to sneak in a few grams of speed and another E, so dropped the lot before I got in LOL Wonder if it will be like the old days or just full of us old farts trying to relive our youths.
  12. For my set!

    Ding! Ding!
  13. I just saw these earlier. I’ve been out the game for the last year. What’s going on? Has triumph switched hands again? What happened to the new labels with holograms and scratch off code strips that came out last year? Did they turn out to be bunk? These ones look like little bottles of poppers
  14. Dump valve or blow off valve. Not only will it give your Nova another 250 bhp, it will make your winky bigger!
  15. I’ve ditched dregs in the pass that I’ve had lying around for a long time, just on the side of caution. Although it has to be a really long time as I’m pretty tight lol. People tend to say that it will be ok as the vials are air tight, but then you inject air into the vial before drawing the oil which get me thinking that’s there always a tiny chance of it spoiling.