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  1. Corona virus humour, lets see them.

  2. Philip Schofield

    Him being gay is hardly a surprise. He had his hand up Gordon the gopher for years.
  3. Gym/workout Tracker Apps

    I use Fitlist on iphone Really clean simple easy to use app. You can create your own workouts and exercises. Superset exercises add rest timers etc. Similar to JEFIT but less cluttered looking.
  4. Ranitidine causes cancer

    I moved to these years ago as the doctors said they had less Long term side effects than the likes of omeprazole and lansoprazole.
  5. MP used to disguise heroin

    That’s me sold! I’m gonna use MP when I start cutting. Should strip the fat off in no time!
  6. North Berwick beach. Can see Craigleith in the background. I take the dogs down their all the time.
  7. Blood pressure monitor

    Got an Omron monitor too
  8. Edema from holding too much water retention maybe?
  9. Good series ?

    Money Heist on Netflix is really good! Well worth a watch.
  10. Are Sky ripping me off?

    With the likes of Netflix, nowtv, amazon and the likes. I didn’t think there was a need for sky tv these days.
  11. Unable to get 6 pack?

    My outer pecs are the last place to go. I’ve been low enough to have visible abs but always had some pec fat left. Staying this lean is unsustainable for me. Makes look and feel I’ll lol. I like my food too much!
  12. AM Got Engaged

    Congrats mate.