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  1. Dump valve or blow off valve. Not only will it give your Nova another 250 bhp, it will make your winky bigger!
  2. I’ve ditched dregs in the pass that I’ve had lying around for a long time, just on the side of caution. Although it has to be a really long time as I’m pretty tight lol. People tend to say that it will be ok as the vials are air tight, but then you inject air into the vial before drawing the oil which get me thinking that’s there always a tiny chance of it spoiling.
  3. Closing Gyms Again

    My children started back at school on Thursday. The only people protect are the teachers. My daughter told me that the hallways are all one way to stop people walking towards each other, but other than that,, nothing else has changed. The desks are still paired up, so she is sitting shoulder to shoulder with someone in every class. The teachers desks have been barrier taped around to keep them safe as her teacher told the class “I’m not a threat to you. You are all a threat to me”. I’ve never heard anything so fekin stupid! As if the kids all catch it, they bring it home. My eight year old son is in a class with rows of 5 tables lined up together. He’s not allowed to bring a pencil case or bag. He’s to share the pencils provided at the front of the class. what the hell is going on?
  4. https://www.fastcompany.com/90466270/youre-snoring-because-your-tongue-is-fat Seems you all just have fat tongues
  5. What’s a potato bread? Is that a tattie scone?
  6. I thought MMmmmmm until I noticed the black pudding and mushrooms.
  7. Any old skool ravers?

    loving the tunes! 90’s where amazing, or a least the memories that the E’s, speed and acid didn’t wipe where!! I have most of what you guys have posted on Vinyl. I seriously regret selling my Technic sl1210’s ???
  8. Why is GRENADE so expensive?

    The old stuff was / is good. I’ve still got an old grenade in the kitchen cupboard. Well out of date though lol
  9. Why is GRENADE so expensive?

    Grenade built a good reputation and name for them selves back when their fat burners contained Ma huang / Ephedrine. not sure what’s in their products now, but I’m guessing they’re no better than half the crap in the market these days.
  10. Home gym pissing contest

    All your gyms look far too clean, almost like they’ve never been used Here’s my grubby little shht hole.
  11. Corona virus humour, lets see them.

  12. Philip Schofield

    Him being gay is hardly a surprise. He had his hand up Gordon the gopher for years.