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  1. Fat people annoy me

    I love those fat chicks, so giving and loving and they dont leave you with a bruised pelvis
  2. A boring log by a forgotten relic

    Getting back into the full swing of conjugate now the max effort movements for the next 2-3 weeks are ssb box squat with chains I worked up to 195kg bar weight with 40kg of chain for a single on Monday and upper movement is floor press I squeezed out a nice 150kg single only 5kg lower than pre lockdown and 10kg off all time best Bodyweight is 99.5kg this is my 5th week back in training
  3. Building a better relationship with my girlfriend

    Usually I spend a night in the cells
  4. Building a better relationship with my girlfriend

    Grab her by the pussy
  5. Steroids are bad and for cheats also they shrink your willy which is actually what makes the people who use them very angry. My friend took a steroid and his balls fell off and his heart literally exploded
  6. A boring log by a forgotten relic

    So I've been training for a few weeks now in a secret location, full equipped pl/facility paying out the arse in fuel and gym entry but its worth it. Worked back up to a 220kg ssb box squat and 160kg bench this week, next 2 sessions will be dynamic work

    I'm training in a gym.....
  8. John Meadows heart attack

    He has some sort of condition that makes it hard for him to hold water that's why he always looks do gaunt my guess would be this hasn't done his heart any favours at all
  9. Warm up routine.

    The bicep is the opposing muscles it contracts to allow the tricep to relax. The hams are huge stabilizers of the knee and most gym bro's over look them and squat wrong then end up with bad knees
  10. A boring log by a forgotten relic

    I think I actually had the rona looking back at this
  11. Warm up routine.

    Google wenning warm ups and prepare to be humbled this goes for anyone on the board
  12. Warm up routine.

    Mate try doing ham string curls 3x20 before you you do anything it should help massively
  13. Barely have any hair left lol but started cutting myself now
  14. Thick forearms?

  15. Thick forearms?