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  1. Robbie's Powerliftin' Log

    Good luck mate
  2. My first cycle

    Test e at 500mg per week will be plenty for you to grow iv been using steroids for 5 years now and still grow fine on 500mg of test weekly. You don't need to use the d bol but if you insist on running it for best results use it for the final 4 weeks of your cycle this way works much better. kick starting cycles is a waste of time
  3. shoulder related question?

    Your level of knowledge is impressive fadi I will be investing in some pumpkin seeds myself
  4. deadbug - general lower back pain after sleeping

    When you get pain lying flat on your back it is very possibly down to tight hip flexors. If your hip flexors are short and tight lying down flat causes them to pull your lumbar spine into extention, try spending some time performing hip flexor stretching especially right before bed and continue with your dead bug exercises also some planks usually when the hip flexors are tight certain muscles of the abdominals are inhibited. Also while you're at it get some glute stretching in
  5. Jakes log

    Bench day Bench press 147.5kg 1x5 1x7 (pb) Bent over rows 100kg 2x8 Dumbell chest press 40s 1x15 1x20 (pb) Cable flies(7) 2x15 Side raises on cables 2 2x15 Dumbell reverse flies 12.5s 2x12 Tricep push downs 2x20 Dumbell curls 20s 1x15 1x10 Seated rows 2x15 Good training today hopefully more bench pbs to come. I'm feeling pretty f**ked from the extra food I'm eating though horribly bloated I feel really uncomfortable
  6. Jakes log

    Squat day Comp squat 185kg 2x5 Deadlift 150kg 8x2 Saftey squat 120kg 2x8 paused Seated calfs 40kg 2x15 Leg press calfs 140kg 2x30 Reverse hyperextension 25kg 1x20 1x25 Still trying to nail form off the floor so weight is staying low
  7. Jakes log

    Thanks mate no competition plans at the moment so working on making everything move better
  8. deadbug - general lower back pain after sleeping

    Your lats need to be mobilised. When your back hurts are you laying facing the ceiling for the bed or are you twisted?
  9. Would you re-rack your weights?

    Iv noticed at commercial gyms nobody is considerate of other members and people just leave s**t on the floor it pisses me off. At the gym I train at people have been banned for leaving stuff out
  10. Uryen's journey

    You seem to train harder than most of the steroid users on here mate keep up the hard work and good luck
  11. Jakes log

    Trained today but nothing major just sneaking in extra squat work when I feel up to it also did some light Barbell rowing and chest supported rows Saftey squat was 115kg 2x8 Barbell row was 80kg 2x12 Reverse hyperextension 20kg 2x15 Chest supported rows 2x20 I'm not lifting anything heavy in training at the moment so the higher frequency shouldn't be of any bother as long as i eat enough and at the moment im eating pretty well
  12. Post your best lifts

    No idea mate theres tons of flags in the gym
  13. Post your best lifts

    Did some push press today for the first time in years form needs work but this is a pb still and bodyweight is still 90kg
  14. Jakes log

    Upper day 2 Didn't get much in as I had planned to skip training today but changed my mind last minute and got a rush session in Bench press 130kg 5x2 working on speed and they where bloody fast Push press worked up to a pb double with 100kg first time push pressing in a very long time i had a brain fart and accidentally loaded 120kg thinking it was 100kg at first dont ask me how but Yeh I failed that attempt Incline dumbell press 30s 2x15 Cable flys 2x30 Chest supported rows 2x20