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  1. How is my bench form

    Almost as good as mine
  2. Borat 2

    2020 is saved
  3. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Sex on trenbolone will get the ticker going otherwise loaded carries, battle ropes and tyre flips come to mind
  4. Taught me more than any REPs Course

    Reps courses are health and safety training. Read super training
  5. Lifting belts

    Zulu are great pioneer is amazing, strength shop belts are wank
  6. Deadlift tempo

    The biggest lol is the fact that you think sets of 10 are good for building technique tbh, but i guess you have a point about the max reps but most of those events are usually done on stupid bars with tractor wheels by people wearing magic pants a reband suite 3 belts,straps and a knee sleeve on every limb which changes the lift a fair bit. There are much smarter ways to get your volume up and build work capacity
  7. When cars make that loud hisssss noise

    The little thing shifts! Those EcoBoost engines are pokey
  8. When cars make that loud hisssss noise

    Lol my 1.0 fiesta has shat all over a few 1.6 cars and i get 50mpg
  9. Deadlift tempo

    Reps should be no higher than 5 on a deadlift its a power movement, do rdls for sets of 8+ for your volume
  10. Car insurance what the hell is going on???

    Clear your cookies and cache the offers will return
  11. Sprained ankle jogging - how long to heal?

    Let this be a lesson to you that jogging is wank and will only do you harm
  12. Here is my very bad lockdown regression stats

    How the f**k do you lose that much strength? I paused 165kg on my chest for a 3 second count last week good times
  13. DW Fitness Gyms in Administration

    Where will the gym shark w**kers post bicep selfies now?