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  1. That’s a shame. I really rate them. They’re missing a trick. Primo seems to be getting a lot popular the past year or so
  2. So much sexual tension in this thread. I’m getting an inadvertent semi just reading through. on a more serious note... do Triumph have any plans to do Primo? If not why not?
  3. Apologies in advance if this seems a stupid question Has anyone noticed a difference using ugl and legit Primo?
  4. New brand modafinil

    What’s the main use in relation to body building for modafinil?
  5. No that was my point if it's the same price there's no reason to go. When Egypt was selling Test in legit pharmacies it was worth it as was half the price of UGL test. If if I ever did go to Turkey would still be nice to do as it would be 100% legit primo. What at other countries sell legit Primo over the counter? Does Thailand?
  6. Turkey not my go to destination but if the primo was a really good price that could help swing a decision. Was always under the impression 1 amp was 4-6£ so same same price as ugl. Is is still in that ball park?
  7. Much Price difference between ugl?
  8. New triumph

    Are Triumph doing any orals? Can people put a list of what they're doing, obv no prices.
  9. Betapharma

    Labmax comes back positive according to mate. Not sure what dose will be.
  10. Betapharma

    I don’t think you you could have chosen a worse name for gear !!!
  11. My friend has acquired some Betapharma primo. I’ve tired to find any feedback but can’t see anything. Has anyone used or had any feedback from this lab?
  12. I see Regal Labs have branched out from DNP and are making oils Test E and Sust. Has anyone gave them a go yet?
  13. SG vs Nexus vs DG

    I got some SG test 300 for a cruise. Seemed to do f**k all apart. Replaced with other test and felt much better. Still got half a vial left I won't use. I wouldn't use them again. Had no complaints with Nexus so will be sticking with them.
  14. Thanks for replying how was libido on it? Any come down/crash?