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  1. New triumph

    Are Triumph doing any orals? Can people put a list of what they're doing, obv no prices.
  2. Betapharma

    Labmax comes back positive according to mate. Not sure what dose will be.
  3. Betapharma

    I don’t think you you could have chosen a worse name for gear !!!
  4. My friend has acquired some Betapharma primo. I’ve tired to find any feedback but can’t see anything. Has anyone used or had any feedback from this lab?
  5. I see Regal Labs have branched out from DNP and are making oils Test E and Sust. Has anyone gave them a go yet?
  6. SG vs Nexus vs DG

    I got some SG test 300 for a cruise. Seemed to do f**k all apart. Replaced with other test and felt much better. Still got half a vial left I won't use. I wouldn't use them again. Had no complaints with Nexus so will be sticking with them.
  7. Thanks for replying how was libido on it? Any come down/crash?
  8. Haha FFS mg obviously
  9. Hi guys, currently cruising on 250ml test every 10 days. Plan to blast again in Summer. Was thinking of trying some tren base pre workout, mainly just for leg days so once a week. Few questions. Is it worth/ok to run on just cruise dose of Test or do I need to have some longer ester tren running in the back ground? Has anyone just ran it on a cruise. was it worth the effort? I know it's really short acting but what effects did they get? aesthetic? libido drop/increase? Was there any come down/crash with it as well?
  10. Ione pharma

    I wonder why both the Nexus and Ione are bunk? Same manufacturer or Raws supplier. Was thinking of getting some Nexus Primo but a bit worried about quality if they can't even get the cialis right. It's a bit disconcerting.
  11. Is there any point just running 50mg Winstrol just as a pre work out, so maybe 2-3 a week, whilst on a cruise? Got some left over from a cycle so wondering to do that with them or hold on again till next blast tnext year. Also got some 50mg Var as well I could throw in at the same time.
  12. Fook knows how old they are. Shame wedinos (sp?) aren't still about could have had them tested. Are there any home tests you can do?
  13. GF has been given these free but but not sure if legit. She could just suck and see but if dbol worried she’ll end up looking like Fatima Whitbread. Has anyone used these? Have there been any fakes?
  14. Hey Arc good to hear from you !!! Do you know why El Ezaby stopped selling anabolics? If came to visit Egypt where would be the best place to go to avoid fakes? Looking for Cidos and Proviron