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  1. Blood test help

    Lol why do I even bother
  2. Blood test help

    I haven't used gear in 5 months and my prolactin level is nearly off the chart, should I start taking something like caber to lower it? Anything else I should be looking out for This may explain my low libido and hairloss
  3. 4% bodyfat

    You are by far the dumbest, most ignorant, delusional kunt I have ever come across on uk muscle. I'm not taking anything away from his hard work and dedication -he IS using gear. Anyone with a half a braincell, or experience in the gym, or with steroids knows this. You clearly have none of these.
  4. Arms question

    @james90 Reverse curls for the win, for me a staple for forearm training. I do them with my back against the wall and get compliments on my forearms being vascular quite a bit. Another thing if your natty then do them as heavy as possible with (good form), squeeze at the top If your on gear then I find I have to go a bit lighter as the pump is too much, contract them hard and squeeze at the top, and you'll get roadmaps in no time.:)
  5. Are these all the blood tests I need?

    Ok I would want to know mainly what my testosterone, oestrogen, and dht levels are for starters.
  6. A good film you watched recently?

    So the wank bank drawer
  7. Are these all the blood tests I need?

  8. New to this, i'm booked in for 'Full blood count' and 'Glycated Haemoglobin' what hormones do they all measure?
  9. New years resolutions

    In seriousness just become leaner and build more muscle.
  10. New years resolutions

    My New Years Resolution is to become more good looking
  11. Supplements to help recovery

    Take this one magic non steroid pill and get magically recovery
  12. Rate eyes

  13. How Many Sets Per Week To Maximise Muscle Gains??

    First point I agree with. I was fu**ing pissed off at something and came on here and couldn't be f**ked when I saw your comment. I'm not discrediting his training methods, i'm questioning the logic behind it when you compare to a much a safer and controlled approach. i.e. less intensity more volume When and how he got injured I don't really care, the movements are performed the same way. What varies is the weight, tempo, reps, tut Thats not true I know loads of naturals who get injured all the time because they do not have the strength or muscle or mind muscle connection to handle the weights under high intensity, compared to the gear users who actually use better form and heavier weight. I have no problem with low volume. However I will say that for the majority of people a higher (not crazy high) amount of volume will yield the same results in a safer way.What I do disagree with was the extremely low volume you claimed to have done for one muscle and you got good results from it. I mean if it genuinely worked for you then great man I respect it and doubt I or many other could personally gain from it. Everyone responds differently Real life scenario this happened yesterday okay. Yesterday no bs I swear. Okay so a friend of mine came back from uni for Christmas, he'd been going gym awhile and is the same height as me, but a bit bigger and a lot lot fatter by about 15kg who knows. I'm pretty lean and look and have better everything then him minus like an inch of size. So bigger fat me with slightly less gainz. Were both natural. So 2 days ago I go to do an arm workout and he joins me, I do my usual fairly high volume routine, he does what I do. Nearing the end of the workout he's like wtf I can't lift my arm. I was like yea lol kl whatever. Yesterday we then go and do chest, high volume. Lot's of sets, equipment was taken so I had to switch things up but it was probably like 20sets for chest. The pump and burn was insane. Still hurts now. At the end of it he's like dafuq? Since training with you I feel like my muscles get annihilated and now feel like the muscle being worked. So I ask him like what were you doing before then? He says' "I was going a bit heavier weight but less sets and reps" lel