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  1. If you could choose one 'super power'

    To be "Super Dad" and to be able to provide my kids with anything and everything that will help them grow into healthy, happy, productive adults, and to prevent anything bad happening to them. And to fly.....like Superman.
  2. New member needing advice

    Sourcing will get you hit with the ban hammer, but if you look at the threads in the steroid section there are numerous labs mentioned that are g2g. The,search function will help you identify what you are looking for. Google is your friend once you have narrowed down your search.
  3. How do the online sources not get caught.

    Same over here, priority based, unless there's a public outcry over something or its politically directed (Mayor, Commissioners, etc), then it becomes a full-on dog and pony show and we throw all kinds of resources at it.
  4. I survived....................

    With midgets it's always only a little but of porn
  5. Been made redundanty

    ^^^^ This. What have you got to lose? This time try to be more loyal though.
  6. I survived....................

    They even have the ability to control our actions bro, I swore I was gonna never look at porn again and today I was like, no, no, no, but they made me do it bro, they're too powerful, they made me look at boobies, damn them!
  7. I'm currently using just 20mgs (Sphinx) pre-workout, I feel some strength gains and i had some back pumps today, which are manageable, I have also had some acid reflux, but just today. I have used higher doses in the past and had to stop because of really high blood pressure, hence the lower doses this time around.
  8. How do the online sources not get caught.

    Because all the online sources are the old bill, they're just collecting everyone's name and address for one big massive swoop - the biggest steroid bust in the history of the world - and we are helping them....BRB someone's banging on my door like they're the damn cops. .......
  9. How do the online sources not get caught.

    Says the guy who posted up the question. .........
  10. I survived....................

    I'm no expert, but I'm thinking he can take that as a no.
  11. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    You are one lean mofo for sure bro, no wonder those "bishes" fall under your spell.......that, and you can cook, of course
  12. Uber banned in London

    You mean you dungeon on wheels? I'll pass mate
  13. If you could choose one 'super power'

    And it definately isn't his good looks, he was so ugly when he was born the doctor slapped his mom's ass.
  14. Underage Girls In Clubs

    How can a parent let their 13/13 year old out and not know where they are at, and not follow up to make sure they are where they are supposed to be? They let their kids go out to "sleepovers" and don't check? Have they never heard of GPS locators on their phones? Or simply calling the other parents?
  15. I survived....................

    Look on the bright side, he did say it was his last post. And to be honest I think @anna1 may have been giving him some of that Greek bad eye