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  1. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    As beautiful as I remembered, thank you @anna1 Oh yeah, and thanks for the pics you sent to my email address.....and of course I won't share them
  2. Best excuses for having the day off work

    Eye trouble. I just can't see myself coming to work.
  3. Dream job

    Quality assurance inspector in a high class whore house.
  4. Is this a parking fine?

    The best way to get back at them for your own stupidity would be to keep on being stupid, they'll eventually think you're the mong you obviously are and will give you a free pass mate.
  5. Because you'd get bitch-slapped like that kid?
  6. Got mrs #1 a new T shirt

    Just don't post up any self gape pics this time bro......
  7. Part time quals

    Mercenary. You can make a killing.
  8. Vindaloo protein powder for the gainz and the burn.
  9. who still makes/sings/creates gangsta rap?

    Why aren't you in London being all gangsta with the Brexit Boys OP? NWA EASY E (can smoke a big fat dick) DRE SNOOP 50 CENT
  10. Drug of choice

    Out of curiosity, why is your life so sh1t?
  11. Favourite gym

    Gym Rockford Gym Balushi Gym Carrey Gym Page
  12. No insult mate, just a compliment that you discovered a new word and was able to use it in a complete sentence.......well played mate. I probably won't be so impressed the next dozen times you re-post this thread though.
  13. Working on the doors

    I heard he once pulled a girl's hair in the playground mate, I wouldn't mess with him if I was you, he may go all gangster on your ass!
  14. Even with 36K of steroids he's never gonna grow without enough food, and his fat b1tch wife is obviously nicking all that.
  15. I still try to train every other day. What used to take 45 minutes now takes an hour and a half, but fcuk it, I'm retired, it's not like I'm in a rush any more. I'm not at the weight I used to be on certain lifts, but some remain the same.