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  1. In one Pharma

    The good feedback from these labs is relevant.
  2. Is this what mainstream news is covering now
  3. Anadrol or Superdrol

    Superdrol for me makes me WAY more full and vascular than Adrol the aesthetic is insane, nothing has even come close tbh. I didn't really see any strength gain from it however that could be because it makes me feel so awful I have to stop at like 10-12 days. I prefer Winstrol to both honestly, better strength gains. M1T is also the s**t better strength than Adrol/Sdrol but also very toxic.
  4. Nicotine pre workout?

    Nicotine has been studied quite a lot, it has even been shown to have positive benefits on cognition. Cigarettes are unhealthy but not because of Nicotine, if you isolate the Nicotine in gum for example it is not bad for you according to the science we have. In what way do you think it's bad for you?
  5. Nicotine pre workout?

    Aside from being addictive nicotine is pretty damn healthy though.
  6. You're hardly going to notice the difference in results imo. I'd go for higher Deca just for less aromatase but that's because I'm sensitive to it. I can get hard on 0 Test with Deca so higher Test than deca isn't necessary for everyone.
  7. Nicotine pre workout?

    Did you start it for the gym?
  8. Hey guys is it possible not to react to tren? I'm actually bedridden at the moment and unable to train, for some reason I'm not recomping and my muscles aren't pumped..
  9. Probably make more sense to just add more Test if you can't use orals.
  10. In one Pharma

    Most people who were using D4NET using Triumph/Dimensions now by the looks of it.
  11. I mean the 80mg Var alone should be giving you insane pumps.. If you're doing low carb I recommend switching to high carb on Tren. I'm no expert but lot of people report being "flat" on Tren as it seems to somehow burn through muscle glycogen like nothing. EDIT: Uhh lol.. All that gear and you're not even really training?
  12. The quality and availability is high.
  13. Lol at powerlifting

    Yeh it's pretty ridiculous, this is why I only really follow deadlift in powerlifting. In my opinion bench especially is a s**t test of strength when you're just hacking the movement to make it as easy as possible.. Not impressed.
  14. I did a 6 month course of Accutane while mainly on 250mg/wk Test and some orals thrown in occasionally. Still worked in the end but who knows if it might have been quicker without. 90mg ED is an insane dose, if you can tolerate that easily I'd be concerned that your accutane is underdosed.. I'd keep it at 40-50mg/day especially while on orals.