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  1. Oh no, i forgot the cals..

    I'd think to myself, will it really matter in the long term, will it f**k, just enjoy eating something different for a change.
  2. Mobile Phones & Social Media

    I'm on a pc, since you seem to think you know what I'm doing,.
  3. Mobile Phones & Social Media

    Does that not bother you, do you not think, f**k I need to stop using it as much?
  4. It seems everyone now is addicted to their phone, last thing we look at before we go to sleep, 1st thing we look at in the morning, take it to the toilet, dinner table, use it when trying to watch tv, use it when walking, feel the need to look at it every five minutes. I'm guilty, I want to stop but. Also having so many social media apps doesn't help either, so I've cut down to twitter * Instagram only. I've now tried to leave phone downstairs when I go to bed and not switch it on to I finish the gym in the morning and get into work. Next plan is to try leave in the house on nights out and in the kitchen when watching football etc on TV. We may laugh but we all do this and we probably need to take action to stop the addiction getting worse. Anyone else tried anything to stop using these things constantly?
  5. Holiday gym advice ?

    Enjoy the time off from the gym, go walking a lot if you feel you are over eating.
  6. Of course it is, they are handy also. You will be burning so many calories so I wouldn't worry too much what you eat as long as it is giving you energy.
  7. Since I've came back after injury, I'm spending only 45/50 mins training with weights each time I go to the gym, that is me training two muscle groups also. I switch it up time to time but usually can train to muscle groups in that time. Legs on their own can be 50 mins also. Shoulders, calves - 5 shoulder excerices - 3 calve ones Chest/ triceps - 5 chest exercises and 4 tricep ones Back /biceps - 5 back exercises and 4 bicep ones
  8. Some Might Say Cigs & Alcohol Supersonic
  9. Lots of dance songs mentioned, some pop classics that always work Abba - Does your mother know Amy Whinehouse - Valerie Jam - Town Called Malice Aretha Franklin - Freeway of love Fleetwood Mac - Go your own way Primal Scream - Rocks Pulp - Common People/Disco 2000 Paolo Nutini - 10/10 - Pencil full of led Madness - Madness Farm - Groovy Train Reef - Place your hands Cher - shoop shoop song SONGS THAT SHOULD BE BANNED Galway girl Footloose Nathan Carter songs
  10. What songs do you want to hear on a night out that always make you wanna get up and dance or songs that make you feel good. Or if you are a DJ, waht songs so you always play that you know will get people dancing or singing along to.
  11. Gerry Cinnamon

    Agree re. Razorlight. Coral released a new album this year, IMO, it's brilliant.
  12. Gerry Cinnamon

    Over hyped, I've seen him live, he was ok, but the fact he is seeling out gigs faster than bands like the Coral is strange.
  13. Golfers Elbow

    If I done that I would make my arm a lot worse.
  14. Golfers Elbow

    Anyone had this, can't do any weights currently for upper body, even tried using machines and palm of hands but it's still really sore. If you had this how long did it take to heal and what exercise etc did you do to help it heal