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  1. Those who eat bread or bagels...

    And smells amazing too
  2. Do you guys bloat on creatine?

    It’s a pretty straight forward question. If it’s too hard for you to comprehend (that means understand) then let’s try something easier. Repeat after me... The. Cat. Sat. On. The. Mat. Take your time and don’t rush, I know it’s a bit tricky. If you’re a good boy, you might get a gold star!
  3. Abbreviated Training Advice

    Google Russian Bear or Power To The People (PTTP)
  4. Three Day Plan

    Seems ok at first glance. What muscle groups are your weakness/ what is lagging? what would you like to improve most? Dips for time is strange, why not do them for reps? If its because you can do a lot then add weight. You don't need a fancy dipping belt, just use a dogs lead or a long bit of rope.
  5. Abbreviated Training Advice

    It is what it is mate, basic AF. But it works! Its big in the soviet lifting/ KB world to fill in the gaps of what KBs cannot do. Also, it gets boring quick, but if you're motivated its no problem. Ideally sets should be done 5x5. Deadlifts are recommended be done with 1 set, due to the CNS fatigue. If absolute strength isn't your main goal then id advise 2 full body sessions a week.
  6. Those who eat bread or bagels...

    Bread - Aldi Farmhouse malted Bloomer. Bagels - New York Co, however I'm warming to Warburtons Bagels as they are already sliced and I'm getting lazy. PS. M&S bagels are nice.
  7. Is Southern Ghost G2G?

    *insert dramatic sound* Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn
  8. Do you guys bloat on creatine?

    And before anybody starts, I have got a mate. So there!
  9. Do you guys bloat on creatine?

    My mates started been dieting a couple of months and has just started taking creatine about 2 weeks ago. His weights gone up through the water retention which is expected. Does anybody know when it'll even out and hell see movement on the scales again?
  10. Tbol or Anavar

    Haha. Well, just a tad
  11. Tbol or Anavar

    Looking good mate. No homo.
  12. Arm day

    No need for a 'specific arm' day IMO, but doesn't mean you shouldn't. The optimal way would be to up the training frequency and possibly reduce the volume. Be clever with what you train on the days that you do train. Instead of back/bi, chest/tri, shoulders, legs Try something like chest/tri, back/bi, legs, delts/ arms. You could even go one better by doing antagonistic workouts. Something like back/tri, chest/bi, legs, delts/ arms. No matter which way you approach your split, if something is lagging then train that muscles group first in your workouts.
  13. Tbol or Anavar

    Just do the seven then mate it’s all good.
  14. Dimension Labs

    I do indeed boss. Smashing lab, top guy!
  15. Tbol or Anavar

    As said mate. Run it for as long as you have it. I’ve ran it for 100 days/ 14 weeks before now.