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  1. Chubby to bulky, reccomendations.

    Hard to say without seeing a pic of yourself. Coupling your stats of 5, 10 at 248lbs and your knowledge id suggest you need to diet, a lot. Post a pic, I left my crystal ball in work .
  2. Cutting motivation. What's my bodyfat?

    Can tell you lift but its gonna be a long time before you have a six pack as there's no outline to a core/ mid section at all. Use the drugs you're on (albeit hideous dosages) to capitalise on some quality gains. You're in a relatively good place to gain. Eat in a surplus and do plenty of compound lifts including direct core work and you will look like a diff person come the new year, diet in spring. PS. White undies? brave man!
  3. the comeback

    Ay carumba! Good luck mate
  4. Guess the film from one line

    Close, it’s “2 minutes Turkish”.
  5. Guess the film from one line

    Niiiiiccccceeeeee ooooonnnneeeeeeeeeeee bruuuvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Top film.
  6. Guess the film from one line

    “ ‘ow long for those sausages Charlie”
  7. Progress pics, is diet ok?

    Seen more meat on a butchers pencil!
  8. 3 weeks today, cheers mate. All the best.
  9. Any decent autobiographies to read?

    Lenny Mclean - The Guv'nor
  10. How do you record your progress?

    Why though?! Who cares mate! There’s a huge difference between merely typing in what you just did and messing around with your phone. Bit why care anyway? Whether you log your workout with pen and paper or on your phone, you’re doing the same thing. It’s not a big deal. Are you telling me that people are judging me because I look at my phone for a couple of seconds after an exercise?! Jesus tonight! I log it in my phone and it takes no time at all. It’s all wrote down from the previous session. I just have to type in how many reps I did and if I need to increase the weight next week. Talk about over thinking.
  11. Interesting log this mate but you should put your daily weight up IMO and post some pictures from when you started to now etc. Im due to start Keto in a few weeks and can’t wait. Good work!
  12. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Hahaha. Legend!
  13. Every 5 days meaning?

    Though; you’re perfect, aren’t you?!
  14. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    I do Kettlebells 2-3 times a week. Im following simple & sinister, the body fat began ripping off, it was insane.
  15. The white ones are nice too mate