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  1. Who's got a drone?

    Me. Been dating for nearly 3 years now
  2. What are we watching?

    I have a serious suggestion. Bosch, on Netflix. Its quality. Harry Bosch is bad ass. Ecto & I are just finishing season fwee. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3502248/
  3. I used Regal labs DNP and lost 60lbs, in a dayyyyyyyyyyy. And no, it wasn't water weight before you start!
  4. Upper body routine help injury, please

    @PSevens2017 x
  5. What are we watching?

    Midget porn.
  6. Bulk or cut

  7. Bulk or cut

    No way on this earth you're 25% bf, just got some freaky love handles mate. Listen to Sasnaks advice and you'll be sweet, no need to add cardio just yet, Muffin anybody?!
  8. Training shoulders after back day?

    The perils of PPL, or maybe not so! You're not isolating the muscle and or doing enough volume for it to be a contributing factor. Don't read too much into it mate. However, if you have concerns then make your push sessions more chest dominant. Bias any shoulder press movements to higher incline to incorporate more beard shelf, medial and anterior delts with less traps.
  9. Do I bulk?

    Yes mate, good luck!
  10. YEA!! And its true cause Lance said so.
  11. UK Quarantine!

    Arrrrrrrrrrrr, im teeellliiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!
  12. Contest prep

    I agree, great condition. Shame his hammies arent bigger! No hate @Munzi
  13. Do people get a refund if all sport is cancelled on TV?

    You may be entitled to a partial refund/ discount, depends how you go about it TBH. Call them and see. Failing that you could raise a DDI with your bank as 'services not provided'. You will get that months DD reimbursed but your provider will contact you.