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  1. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    All the above may sound complicated but it’s really not mate. If I can do it anybody can. Let me know if any appeal to you and I’ll try and get a better info to you. Failing that, there’s always YouTube. KBs are described as doing yoga with weights. Whether you adopt soviet training or not you’ll feel great after a few weeks, comrade.
  2. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    If Turkish Get Ups aren’t your thing then you can try a KB complex. This is the other type of workout I do. To be specific I do Strong First Total Tension. Again, start the workout by warming up. Then you do 10 sets of 10 KB swings against the timer. Then you move on to the complex. The complex consists of 3 movements. A pulling/ rowing movement A pushing/ pressing movement A squat/ leg movement. 1 rep is completed once you’ve done all 3 movements. But here’s the caveat, you work up in a pyramid/ ladder with minimal rest between sets, biasing one movement of the 3 movements. For this example we will assume you’re biasing the squat. Set 1 - 1 pull (KB clean), 1 press (strict KB press) and 1 leg (goblet squat). Set 2 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 2 goblet squats. Set 3 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 3goblet squats. Set 4 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 4 goblet squats. Set 5 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 5 goblet squats. Set 6 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 6 goblet squats etc. You keep on going until you can’t do any more. It might not seem like a lot on paper, but by the time you get to say the 6th set you would of actually done lots of reps. Once you get to the top you gotta work back down to the bottom...... Set 7 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 5 goblet squats. Set 8 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 4 goblet squats. Set 9 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 3 goblet squats. Set 10 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 2 goblet squats. Set 11 - 1 KB clean, 1 strict KB press and 1 goblet squats.
  3. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    There’s only really 2 types on workouts that I do. But on one of the workouts you can mix it up as much as you want. The first one is the hardest IMO, but the most effective. It’s called Simple and Sinister. You start the workout by warming up. Then you do 10 sets of 10 KB swings, single or double depending on what weights you have can manage. For most what they do will more than likely be determined by the KBs you have. Start moderate though. KBs are a cruel mistress and can get challenging quickly. NB: If you find double hand KB swings too easy then switch to single hand KB swings. For the KB swings you should work against a timer. I’ve found 16 seconds is just enough time to do 10 KB swings. So start with 16 seconds on and 44 seconds off for 10 rounds. That way you can progress weekly by bringing the rest time down gradually. After you’ve done the 10 x 10 KB swings you move on to Turkish Get Ups. You do 10 Turkish Get Ups in total switching from left to right as you go. In total you’ll do 5 reps (Turkish Get Ups) on each side.
  4. Right Balance: Gaining Muscle And Losing Weight

    No worries mate, let me know if you still need help
  5. Problem tensing biceps

    Yea, poor mind muscle connection. Train them with less weight and better form. Do multiple sets of higher reps to failure and beyond using a rest pause method. Take your time, really think about what you're doing. In time you'll develop a mind muscle connection.
  6. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    Show off!
  7. Can I get help with a routine?

    Rather than bodyweight squats, parallel box squats or step ups are a great alternative as you can get a lot out of the exercises whilst maintaining a lesser range of motion AKA bang for your buck. Abbreviated full body, alternate between A & B. A - Press, Row and a Leg exercise. B - Pull, Press (or a dip if you have equipment/ attachment) and a Leg exercise. Example for me would be..... A - DB Bench Press or Dips, BB Row or DB/ Kroc Row, Leg (DB/ BB RDL), Bicep exercise and or Tricep exercise. Always DB Lateral Raise and Calf Raise. B - Deadlift, OHP/ DB Inc Press, Leg (BB Box Squat or DB Step Ups w/ low weight and high reps), Bicep exercise and or Tricep exercise. Always DB Lateral Raise and Calf Raise. You don't have to do them any that specific order, bias what you think you need too.
  8. Protein Recommendation - No Milk

    Redcon1 MRE protein
  9. Stubborn Body? What To Do?

    So do most other males, if/ when dieting its the last place to go. Seems to me you're either not tracking properly and or you're not in a deficit, probably both (don't take offence). The fact you're body isn't responding is likely to be the result of your body being in highly stressed state. Eg eating too little and exercising too much and possibly poor/ not enough sleep and or rest. Often, when it comes to dieting less is more. Sometimes, when you stall/ plateau for such a long period of time (8 weeks/ 2 months) the worse thing you can do is drop calories further and exercise more. Good news though, its an easy fix. Ill help you no problem, trust the process. First things first you need to start by relaxing/ destressing, and what better time than over Crimbo. Don't train between now and new year and start fresh, enjoy yourself and don't take the piss. You never know, you might even lose some (water) weight your body its retaining doing this. Start fresh in the new year by re-calculating your macros and TDEE, we can discuss this between now and then. Believe me though, if you don't take time off now, your new venture in the new year wont work and you'll be back to square one before you know it. Faanks
  10. Is this a good transformation so far ?

    Threads over 2 years old, cool bump bro...
  11. Your top 3 food sources

    Snap. Oh, and Oats
  12. Before and After Cycle Pics

    You just wanna see boys with their tops off, shirt lifter!
  13. The start of my home gym

    Post a pic of the home equipment mate
  14. Any photographers?

    I bought a bog standard Canon DSLR from PC World and just started taking pictures. Mostly of rugby games and wildlife. No need for a course right away, the best way to learn is to get out there and just start taking pictures. Sure, take time to learn the basics of aperture, focus, light and composition etc. (Mike Browne on YouTube is a great channel, I learnt loads) but you wont get any better just reading up. Just get out there!! Firstly, use the auto settings and enjoy yourself. Once you get comfortable then start taking pictures in manual using what you've learnt from reading up. Try and understand composition as quickly as possible as that can be the drastic difference between a good or a bad photograph. You don't need fancy gear at our level, a good photographer can snap a great photo using a point and shoot.
  15. US election predictions

    Kanye will win.