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  1. Natural anti-depressant

    Sorry, my mistake. Take out the ZMA. Just 5htp and Ashwagandha.
  2. Natural anti-depressant

    5htp, ZMA & Ashwagandha.
  3. You are in profit!! Let’s do the maths. Lets say you paid £200 (the amount is irrelevant as the same principles apply) for 12 months. £200 divided by 12 (as theres 12 months in a calendar year) is £16.66. So let’s say you used the gym Jan, Feb & March. That means you received 3 months service from the gym. 3 x £16.66 = £50.00 Meaning you received £50.00 worth of service from the gym. You received £200.00 back. Meaning you owe the gym £50.00 for the services that you did receive. You daft c**t.
  4. Dimension Labs Yohimbine

    Mate, all Yohimbine is cheap AF
  5. Fat people annoy me

    Ohhh Anna, I can’t stay cross at you!!
  6. Cycle idea for when gyms open

    True that mate. You lose size, not fibre. A read a study where trained individuals were able to retain size after 2 months of 36 weeks of no training. Im doing what bits I can but not sweating it.
  7. Oats....

    I’ve been in a deficit since the start of lockdown. I’m eating at maintenance next week and the first thing I did was up my oats for my overnight oats . Ill post a pic later
  8. Fat people annoy me

    Bit of a heartless thread this. There’s lots of reasons why people are/ get fat. For some it’s greed and bone idolness. For others it’s more serious problems than others. Sometimes it takes more than just looking in the mirror to realise the state you’re/ they’re in. I was once that fat person you’re ridiculing and I came to UKM looking for help. I got the help and got myself into decent shape. Now I try to help as many people as I can and I’ll give any body as much time as they need as I know how it feels. How do you think someone who’s thinking of reaching out/ wanting help would feel after reading this thread? So sad.
  9. Dimension Labs Yohimbine

    Dims Yohimbine is the best I’ve used. 15mg Dimensions felt more potent than 15mg Nexus.
  10. exactly that!! you’re welcome mate. Let us know how you get on
  11. Oats....

    And incredible how tasty it is too!
  12. Drying out and cut sodium

    Sodium isn't the be all and end all when it comes down to "getting dry" and vascular. Looking at the bigger picture its an electrolyte balance as a whole that helps. You didn't cut salt, you cut additional salt. You were eating a whole lot of sweet pots which are rich in electrolytes, both sodium and potassium. You were also drinking a lot of water which will of helped to flush water out of the subcutaneous layers of skin to give you that look.
  13. Tracking steps isn't a must mate but its a great tool to measure NEAT activity, but no worries. First things first, you need to reset your metabolism and lymphatic system - and take a well earned break from dieting. To do this I recommend NO tracking what so ever for the rest of this weekend, eat what you like within reason and enjoy a few beers if that's your thing. But do not take the piss. Starting Monday, track your food as normal next week but eat 2500 cals a day. And ease of the workouts by either..... A - Halfling the amount of the workouts you actually do. or B - Reducing the volume and intensity of your workouts you are already doing. It is highly likely you will gain some weight, but don't worry this will just be water weight - expect this, don't panic! Once a week Monday comes around (8th June) continue to track foods but drop your cals to 2000 a day, after a few days its likely you will see likely you have quite a significant drop of weight, but don't worry this will just be water weight. Continue to track your cals and adjust calories accordingly moving forward. Aim for a rate of loss at 1lb a week, or there about. A steadier approach will yield greater result and less bumps in the road. Trust the process. Less, is more. PS keep protein at 140g, up carbs and fats. Try and keep fats at no less than 20%, enjoy the carbs.
  14. Doh, that was mine. Ill message you my address and PayPal you the P&P if you would forward on please? Thanks for your honesty, not many guys like you around. Endo.
  15. You could of quoted me saying something better, you bulb