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  1. Right Balance: Gaining Muscle And Losing Weight

    Don't concern yourself with building muscle at this moment in time, just focus on the weight loss for now, the rest will happen as everything falls into place. There's a gazillion ways to train, I recommend a basic full body workout. How many days a week are you wanting to lift weights?
  2. Coming off HGH cycle

    Be careful mate, youll get told off for profanity! Lol
  3. "Anything im missing for maximum weight deadlift?" Yea, your fella cheering you on!
  4. How are we here (srs)?

    You were sounding quite intelligent up until 'whatever'.
  5. Sphinx test.

    Pin it in your calf, if you don't get PIP its pukka
  6. Microwave Rice nutrition.

    Haha, ohhh yes!!
  7. T3 vs ECA

    You'll struggle to find a stack mate, you/ she will need to source ephedrine yourself, good luck with that. Buy the aspirin and pro plus from a supermarket (3 pro plus tabs = 150mg caffeine).
  8. T3 vs ECA

    ECA all day. T3 should only be used last when ALL (and I mean all) other avenues have been well and truly exhausted IMO. People under estimate this drug, it can do more harm than good when used at the wrong time and can make fat loss harder in the long run.
  9. AestheticManlet's New Log

    The homo one?! Add me x
  10. No real gym or experience

    They sound like some strange lady boys!
  11. Workout recommendations

    Do higher rep work, 10-15 reps. Add in drop sets and ISO holds to make things harder Leg extensions and leg press as you said, other exercises you could incorporate are.... Walking lunges. Goblet squat where you can drop the DB if you get dizzy. Split squats where you hold onto a pillar of a squat rack. Seated or laying ham string curl. DB/ BB RDL. My girlfriend has a stent in her heart, she can get dizzy out of nowhere to the point she has collapsed walking round the shops before now. Id have no problem telling her to do any of the above, all are as safe as can be.
  12. Good this place has survived...

    You're just jealous!