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  1. Mirafit power rack

    Mine isn't bolted down but it's completely stable and I've never had any issue with it. Have you got an uneven floor?
  2. Coffee...

    It all depends if you're on Creatine.....
  3. Mirafit power rack

    So the total depth of the cage is 98cm, but then depth actually inside the verticals is 63cm. Hope that helps!
  4. Mirafit power rack

    Will do, working away atm but will do it once I'm home.
  5. Mirafit power rack

    Yes I have one in my garage actually. Don't Squat/ Bench 250kg so can't comment on the strength of it, but it's always seemed solid enough for any failures I've had. Must have had mine a couple of years now and the paint is all still fine. Would recommend!
  6. Most painful injury you've had?

    Multiple shoulder dislocations, quickest way to work up a sweat I've ever come across.
  7. Rotator Cuff strain?

    Hmm I'd find it hard to say 100%. Perhaps it feels slightly deeper when I attempt to raise my arm but my initial 'gut' said to me it was my Rear Delt.
  8. Rotator Cuff strain?

    Well yes, this is just from my knowledge of the shoulder. The fact that I injured it on 'Push' day, and the fact that the pain is on raising overhead.
  9. Rotator Cuff strain?

    Looking for some help. Ive only managed to get back lifting again in the last 3/4 months following a break of about 6 months for LEFT shoulder instability. Lots of myofascial release etc ongoing on left shoulder to keep pain at bay and just to help in general. These problems I've had with my shoulder go back 10 years or so, so as such I've always taken care of my rotator cuffs and have a routine for both RCs every workout day. Anyway, 2 days ago I came out of the gym (Push day) feeling fine, but within a few hours I'd started to notice pain in my rear RIGHT delt. This developed into an inability to raise my arm overhead. I've not been in the gym since and have been on the ice and ibuprofen since but just looking for any insight from someone with a decent bit of knowledge before I take it any further? Obviously if there were any problems with my previously injured shoulder (LEFT) I'd be straight into the arms of the professionals! Thanks! Woody
  10. Okay well I think either Aldi or Lidl do their own 'protein roll' Can't comment on taste etc as I've never had it!
  11. Or have meat in the bread to make a sandwich? Why does bread need protein?
  12. Flying with leg in cast

    Not seen it....
  13. Flying with leg in cast

    Pilot here. Wont be comfortable, it's bound to swell in the air so the cast could get a bit tight. As for having it taken off and then put back on over there, that would depend how easy it'll be to have it put back on over there? Couldn't comment myself. Ryanair don't have their own disabled help as such (nor do any airlines) they'll use whatever team are in place at the airports you fly from. They'll be fine, they'll wheel you round if that's what you need. Expect a longer wait to get on and off but apart from that no real issues.
  14. Strongest 1 inch Bar?

    Have you considered eBay/ gumtree to sell your current weights and re invest that in an Olympic set?
  15. The Incredible Bulk

    He looks like he's shoved a t-shirt up his jumper....