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  1. Points based immigration system

    If they make it as difficult as it was to score any sickness benefit points a few years ago we should be golden
  2. Could be a trapped nerve, but pins and needles down left arm could be your heart, I'd at least get an ECG
  3. Nexus problems?

    I'm mixing Nexus test e with test cyp 50/50 and that cures the PIP Mixing it with NPP also cures it, seems the test e alone is causing it but diluted with something else it's fine
  4. Anyone suffered mental health problems

    Listen to the voice
  5. Deca 400 mg anxiety

    Well as it always happens problems usually come in hordes rather than one at a time, nothing for ages then just when you're at your lowest you get piled up with them, I think the xanax battle will still be going on for a while yet along with the deca, talking weeks rather than days, but with the doses you were taking it should be a battle you can win no problem, I mean even a few days heavy drinking can give you a bad time for a good week afterwards, so weeks on xanax and however long on deca is likely going to take a few weeks to get over but it will come. I can remember thinking it was never going to end, and wasn't one of those recoveries where you wake up one day feeling good again, it was probably the slowest most subtle recovery I've been through, didn't really feel different from one day to the next for a good while, wasn't really until I started Mirtazapine and started sleeping again that things improved, if you don't get on with SSRIs ask about Mirtazapine, at a low dose it works as a sleeper too so you take it at night, first one had my eyes dropping within 30 mins High E2 will be messing with your emotions too, might not hurt adding an AI if you're not using one My 2 cents, carry on doing what you're doing and use what you need to use to sleep without any more benzos, and steer clear of nor19s like deca, anything that causes anxiety keep away from like caffeine too, completely forgot about this but I was using sleepers with the same ingredient as your 1 a night has, but during the day, did some reading up and there were a few people who used them for anxiety, definitely took the edge off so might be worth trying, I only used a half dose during the day (25mg rather than 50mg for sleeping)
  6. How are we here (srs)?

    Apes apparently
  7. Deca 400 mg anxiety

    haha cheers, yea me too
  8. Deca 400 mg anxiety

    Some people get on fine with SSRIs, I don't, they give me those brain-zaps when I move my eyes left and right and make me feel awful Yea benzos are an easy trap to fall into, the way you feel on them is perfectly normal to you, just better, but to everyone else you're off your face, and the memory blanks you get means you re-dose without remembering, so that 4mg you think you took each day could easily have been more, and then the problem with tolerance, personally I build up a tolerance really fast on them so to get the same buzz I got with 2mg yesterday I need 6mg today etc, which was how I ended up taking so many by the end Sounds like you've caught it in time though mate, just a waiting game for everything to return to normal levels now and you should be golden
  9. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    Yea it's like that joke, "What's the best thing about having sex with twenty-three year olds?" - There's 20 of them
  10. I always aspirate, just part of the shot process to me now, I went for a couple of years without ever drawing blood, then had a weird few months where almost every fkin shot drew proper vein blood that filled the needle, was getting sick of my life having to pin twice for one shot, then as quickly as it appeared it stopped and never done it again since, no idea
  11. I saw one swing that might have hurt if it connected, but mostly just hilarious
  12. Getting myself to inject

    I pin a few of my mates, doesn't bother me, they don't like doing it themselves and I have years of experience so I don't mind Well, I don't mind until it's glute shot day anyway
  13. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    You got a license for that thing?
  14. Going back after phew jabs

    Just stop, it hasn't even had a chance to do anything yet anyway