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  1. Prince Charles out and recovered?!

    Either still has it or never had it, why people listen to the media I`ll never know...
  2. It's your PSU you want to check has enough juice to power the GPU, if the board has a PCI-E slot then any PCI-E card will fit, if the PSU goes bang it wasn't up to the job Motherboards and GPUs have recommended specs on their sites / boxes
  3. Account deletion

    Just post loads of d*ck pics, will be closed in no time
  4. Any marriage counselors on here?

    This is a job for @drwae , our Resident Relationship Expert
  5. Heating gear up

    Won't damage it at all, got to heat it up a lot more than that to uncrash and it's fine after that
  6. Shoulder pain when front raising/OHP

    @BLUE(UK) TUT tutorial time
  7. Does fish oil make you smell weird

    Couldn't tell you, I guess it would depend on the concentration of trimethylamine in the oils
  8. PIP test e, HELP!

    I always give PIP a week to disappear, have had double sized left arm very painful red and itchy, around a week later was back to normal
  9. Giving up aas

    Good luck
  10. Does fish oil make you smell weird

    Some people have an issue where the body cannot break down trimethylamine which results in it being released in other ways like sweat, smells like rotten fish apparently and hence gets it's name Fish Odour Syndrome
  11. Reason for going the gym?

    To get big, nothing more
  12. New Here. Hoping to change my life

    Welcome, I started training at 36 and can tell you your best years are ahead of you if you stick it
  13. Points based immigration system

    If they make it as difficult as it was to score any sickness benefit points a few years ago we should be golden
  14. Could be a trapped nerve, but pins and needles down left arm could be your heart, I'd at least get an ECG