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  1. Rhodiola Rosea

    Anybody use this before with any noticeable results? I was recommended it by a friend and bought some but i can't decide if it's actually done anything or not.
  2. Post Workout Meal

    40g USN protein shake with 4 weetabix and honey. The Mrs bought the Weetabix Protein the other day and they are even higher in carbs and protein that the normal ones. £3.19 isn't cheap but Asda are doing 2 for £4. Sorted. Other carbs sources are usually bagels or oats as I work out 7am
  3. So I have a blood test booked for 2 weeks time so until then I am in the dark regarding levels etc. So the 60mg made me really angry and I was arguing with the mrs over literally anything. I was awful lol. When I lowered the dose I returned to normal, I'm usually not like that at all. I just feel the 30mg isn't achieving much but i read the user instructions again last night and it actually recommends 60mg as a starting point, I know that isn't going to work for everyone but I'm unsure I want to go down that road again. Faipdeooiad - The last time I was on the gel I was around 11/12 nmol and they were ok letting me on it. It must differ from surgery to surgery.
  4. The issue is just low test reading, kinda lethargic, brain fog, I drift off and stop concentrating on things, no sex drive at all. I had the doc test me and I was at 9, he said it was pretty low and didn't hesitate to offer it again. Been on it now for 2 months or so, I do need another test to see numbers. I dont fancy the injection, not heard great things from it dropping off. When i had the gel last time i was told to start on 6 pumps, around 60mg, which made me into a raving lunatic. I came down by 10mg at a time until i had become human again which was around 30mg. I am currently on 30mg again now but just feel it's not giving me much oomph.
  5. Hi all This is the second time I have been on TRT using Tostran, I am now 48. I tried previously 5 or 6 years ago for 12/18 months and gave up after having the same issues but I thought I would give it a go again. I have low libido and was hoping this would really help, which it has but it's pretty minimal. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Anything further that can be done? Thanks
  6. Fair play mate! You must be an animal with your food lol
  7. 600g carbs??? Wow, how the f**k do you even eat that much??? I'm struggling to eat what I do! Are you not putting fat on with 600g carbs a day? What sort of protein are you hitting?
  8. Weighing in around 80/81kg. What I don't want to be doing is putting belly fat on as I have a sedentary office job, I do get out at lunchtime and do 1.5 walk every day though so i was kinda hoping that with a medium intake of carbs my body might utilise body fat for a while but I don't think it works that way as you say. Any idea on 48 yr old with office job should be hitting in carbs roughly? I'm working out 5 days a week around 1hr a time. I'm hitting about 225g carbs and same protein. Would this be about right? Thanks mate
  9. Hi all So I have an office job and sit all day except for lunch time when I go on a 1.5 mile walk. I work out doing only heavy weights 5 days a week, my body is around 20% body fat which i am working on reducing. My question is: Due to my sedentary job I don't want to be eating lots of carbs which i know you need to build muscle along with a high protein diet. I'd typically be trying to eat 275g carbs and 275g protein but would my body tap into my body fat to repair and build the muscle if I was on a lower amount of carbs , say around 150g?
  10. Other forums for men

    Hi Do you guys know of other men's forums where you can speak about your relationship, get some advice etc and generally unload a little? Thanks
  11. Tiredness

    Just checked https://www.sailrabbit.com/bmr/ Why do these thing never have a range of lifestyles, its either desk job and you do no exercise or you do a hard physical job with exercising 6 times a week. I have a desk job but work out 5 times a week, where does that fit in??
  12. Tiredness

    Hey thanks for the quick reply TALBOTL. Food is ok I would say, as follows: 8am after workout - bacon and eggs on toast 10.30am - toasted pitta with ham and cheese 1pm - lunch typically lean meat with carbs (potato or pasta usually) and veg 4pm - chick leg/thigh 6.30pm - similar to 1pm lunch but bigger portion Probably 2500/2700 cals
  13. Tiredness

    Hi guys I have a tiredness issue but I'm not sure why. I go to the gym 4 mornings at 6.30am, do 45 mins weights then do a Sunday as well, I have job that is demanding but when I go home at 5.30pm I can forget about but I'm absolutely bolloxed by Friday and asleep at 7.30pm and Saturdays I'm like a zombie. The missus is getting really pi$$ed off with me being like this now so it's starting to effect things. I've been like this for weeeks, maybe January. I'm 47, quite fit, not overweight. Any of you guys had this tireness or got any ideas?
  14. Hi guys I really need a new routine, i have been looking for a new one that jumps out at me but I cant find anything. I have been using the same one since August and probably variations of it forever and a day, as follows: Mon - Chest and Shoulders - 3 chest exercises 4 x 8/12 reps and same for shoulders Tuesday - Back and arms - as above exercises and reps Wed - Legs - as above exercises and reps Thurs - off Fri - Chest and Shoulders - 3 chest exercises 4x8/12 and same for shoulders Sat - Back and arms - as above exercises and reps As you can see I work out 5 times a week, but 4 times if fine also. I like working body pasts twice a week for some reason. I have a dodgy knee that is painful when i squat, I can press but really heavy gets painful again so I limit leg day to one a week. I try to change round exercises for each body part but bench, deadlift, BO rows and military press are pretty much the usual. I'm 5' 10", 80kgs and looking for shape more than anything. Can anyone suggest a good routine to shake it up for me?
  15. Hi guys I'm constantly struggling with what snack/on the go food I can have. I'm generally eating boiled eggs and chicken/ turkey in hand fulls but I need some variety. I just want to go into the fridge and get something out with little or no prep. What do you guys have? cheers