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  1. D4net equipoise

    I've used their tren A, test P, test E and deca with no issues
  2. Gear makes me want to cheat on my girl

    on the contrary. I think sex is a huge part of a healthy relationship . If that's not the case for most then I would certainly question their compatibility. My friend openly admitted to me that he's lucky if he has sex once a month with his wife & guess what ? yes their relationship is s**t !! I know lots of guys who are in s**t relationships & when I question them on their sex life, i get "what sex life" I think you'll find once the sexual relationship side starts to suffer, so will the relationship in general.
  3. Super Juice lol "make sure you have kryptonite on hand, just in case sides get to bad"
  4. Gear makes me want to cheat on my girl

    Well the woman must love you then mate , because you must be a right sex machine lol
  5. Sad news, rich piana dead

    One things for sure, he wasn't afraid of experimenting with what ever he could get his hands on !!
  6. Tren e shallow breathing help.

    Christ, not something I would endure if I was in that situation for sure !!
  7. Tren e shallow breathing help.

    bloody hell mate that can't be comfortable !!
  8. Dallas Mccarver

    "He collapsed on stage 4 weeks ago" diuretics no doubt !!
  9. Dallas Mcarver dead!!

    your more likely to be come diabetic abusing HGH than slin !! 30iu of slin with a meal is insane mind you !! (if it's true)
  10. SiS Bold underdosed

    The gamble we all know & take unfortunately !!
  11. & their reply " on cycle ? on ya bike mate "
  12. what you gotta ask your self is, at what point does a planned cruise look more like inevitably your just ON !!
  13. Self bleed

    where the f**k do you live ? Hollandstoun ??