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  1. E Liquids 6mg

    Hi i have 6 mg Pure Mist TPD 10ml compliant e lquids for sale 4 x £10 £2 postage Blackjack , Menthol , Tutti Frutti , Virgina, Blueberry, Strawberry , Apple Payment by Paypal Invoice or gift payment your choice.
  2. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    you can with all iptv providers m8 , they use an iptv setup called xtream codes they put there channels on it , then it feeds customers , smartiptv app , kodi , enigma 2 , vlc , mag 250 , mobile phones , vlc player
  3. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    From what i've read on rapid's forum its overloaded once games start as at the weekend past there was problems , 3pm games are mostly poor quality channels except from the few usa ones again this is what i've read from customer complaints .
  4. Yeah go for it he'll be shredded in 4-6 weeks and probably ready for strongest man comp by july
  5. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    zgemma are on ebay but no real warranty tbh these guys have a decent box here , link below for £100 , get them to install VIX4 image and then you can get a decent 12 month sub for around £30 ,get a cheap usb pen 32gb or 64gb for some recordings and tv guide storage http://www.sat-shop.co.uk/store/satellite-and-terrestrial/digital-receivers/mutant/mutant-hd1500-h265-hevc-dvbs2-twin-tuner-enigma2 or if you want a REAL genuine VU+ box here's one of there cheaper range but fully legit and full support from VU+ http://www.world-of-satellite.co.uk/satellite-and-terrestrial/digital-receivers/vu-plus/VU-Plus-Solo-SE-V2-2x-DVB-C-T-T2
  6. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    Thats a clone vu solo box m8 don't buy that crap , vu+ destroyed thousands last year with a clone detecter image lol
  7. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    Yes all 3pms
  8. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    Don't buy from ebay m8 as they never last long then have to set them up yourself anyway , either buy from some direct or read up and set it up yourself . Any info you need , even the zgemma h2s are a very good box for around £80 you have to put a code to activate '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' and your setup
  9. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    its a paid app i get from a guy via email been using 3 years now no real issue's and if are any its sorted
  10. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    yes my vu+ is the best box i've own or tried , and i've tried at least 60+ different devices over the past 5 years and vu+ is the best box for this purpose. I've all my sat channels , kodi install , a iptv app installed for 3pms and hd sports and plex though i no longer need this as all the shows and movies on kodi do me fine .
  11. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    It thats the pic of the kodi installed its out of date and very poor built . Sorry qouted wrong person .
  12. Amazon Fire Stick - Kodi

    For sports i wouldn't rely on kodi or any free streams as there overloaded when you need them most thats why i paid for an app that covers what i need plus less problems , for movies and tv shows yes its good . as above i have a vu+ uno 4k with kodi on that but use and android box in bedrooms
  13. 11 oxo / 11 keto

    Hi can anyone tell me who stocks this now i see a few stock the transdermal 11 keto but silly prices for what it is any info would be good . Thanks
  14. Sleeping problems

    I was the same m8 and still get a bad 2-3 weeks over the course of the 12 weeks but its improving alot and like i said earlier its better than feeling like crap 24/7
  15. Sleeping problems

    ^^^^^ This i'm coming up to my 5th shot next week and got exactly the same thing plus anxiety was raised a little i figured out its getting less each time better sleep , mood ect as the more jabs i get . In the first few shots i went 2-4 weeks feeling like crap , hot , no sleep ect but everything is improving alot what you have to remember is how bad you felt before treatment and then it seems easier when you have that bad few days/weeks.