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  1. Hand notice in without new job?

    if u have no bills and stay at home then leave your job but from experience its harder to get a job when u jobless. id rather book a day off every fri and book my interview for that day and pull the odd sick day for others
  2. Trensomnia

    tren will still do its magic mate but if im only getting 3hrs sleep id drop it not worth feeling s**t 4 gains. a simple test e and mast will get results in a cut and ull be feeling golden. u could try sleeping tabs. one thing to be careful tren can cause permanent sleeping problems for a few where they just struggle even when off can alter ur brain chemistry. has made my sleep worse than what it was b4 i always used to sleep through now i always get up middle of night
  3. Feeling trapped

    sparkey may be right reading ur journal uve had a injury gone on a blast so it may be the steds are kinda playing games in ur mind. id leave doing anything till ur into ur cruise and if u still feel the same then maybe get help or that its ur just not in love with ur partner now last thing u wanna do is drag it out and cheat. hopefully its ur hormones just messing with u
  4. just extend ur cycle add var in nothing wrong with doing 12 to 20 weeks cycle
  5. i had same trouble with sg im using dunning 2 no troubles with them
  6. id prefer mast myself but why not this do winstrol 1st 4 weeks then put mast in after that way u can see which u prefer
  7. i tend to maintain for a good 6 weeks for my body to get used to my weight then cut. give what ur thinking a try see if it works and ur happy.
  8. tren can be viscous mate dont no many people that if truthful enjoy there tren run, it slowly grinds me down maybe u have just hit a mental block now and sides are bad id drop it.
  9. Lowering BP?

    celary sticks, beetroot and cardio. when u say high how high
  10. trying for baby

    so when using hcg can i still blast or should i just cruise with proviron
  11. trying for baby

    did u stay on cycle or come off
  12. trying for baby

    thanks mate elchapo did say clomid or hmg so ill give this a try
  13. thanks elchapo do i just cruise well doing this or do i come off
  14. hi el chapo been blasting and cruising for a good 5 years had a baby on blast and cruise but im looking to come off been cruising 8 weeks now whats a good pct protocol as wanna try for a baby im 36
  15. need some help so i knocked my girl up 3 years ago while blasting and cruising and we are gunna try again in currently cruising im 36 so i no with choices i made it may not be possible should i come off do pct ive never used hcg before so not sure if i should cruise well using that then come off ur help is much appreciated