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  1. He has a new book out. 5/3/1 Forever. I haven't read it but the programming appears to be very different to the original. He also realised Beyond 5/3/1 a few years ago. His forum on t-nation is a good place to look. He often says to deload after 2 cycles now instead of one. He has something called the 7th week protocol, where after 2 cycles you lift your training max to check it's right. You should be able get five reps. I think Jim has been very poor at getting his message across. After your post I went through the book and there are stuff in there that goes against what he has been saying for long time on his forum. At least, he wasn't as clear as he should have been.
  2. The training max is mentioned early on in his first book. You can't say there isn't any reference to a training max just by using random quotes.. 2009 is a long time ago. Uk-muscle seems well behind when it comes to the program. I always see advice on here about 5/3/1 which i know Jim wouldn't a agree with. I the weights feel heavy on the third cycle, you're doing it wrong. I don't know how you worked out that your training max will go above and beyond your real max in two months! For example. If you have a 500lb deadlift, your training max will be 450lbs. It will be the 6th cycle before you're using your original real max. I would hope you would have gained some strength during that time as well so wasn't your max now Your press max is 200. Your training max is 180. It won't be until your 5th cycle you're using your training max catches up with your old max.
  3. He says you should ALWAYS be able to do 5 solid reps with your training max. If you're doing what's in the original book, you're right but Jim hasn't said to do it like that for a long time.
  4. For years Wendler has said you should be able to do 5 solid reps with your training max, which works out to be around 85%. The heaviest set you'll be doing is around 80% of your max and that's only once a month. Even if you used his original and outdated recommendation of using of using 90% of your max, the heaviest percentage would be 85%. One set at over 80% isn't much at all
  5. You need to re read the book again. You're not ever doing 95% of your max. You'll be doing 95% of your training max but not your max. You're not using heavy weights when doing 5/3/1. The program is submaximal
  6. I agree with not fu**ing with the program but you're not working with high percentage with 5/3/1. None of the sets are heavy.
  7. Mayweather v mcgregor

    If you think that shows legit boxing skills, you're right, we can't go any further. However, you are alone in thinking that. Everyone else can see someone who doesn't even have the basics down.
  8. Mayweather v mcgregor

    We have, you were wrong. Everyone else has commented how bad he looks. You're the only one who thinks he did well and shows he has skill. He looks like a novice. Everyone agrees he looked really bad.
  9. Mayweather v mcgregor

    I'm glad someone else mentioned it. 0161M thinks it shows he has legit boxing skills! It is a 12 round fight. McGregor as had stamina issues and he won't be able to fight at a fast pace for 12 rounds.
  10. Mayweather v mcgregor

    I expect Mayweather will be a bit cautious at then start, simply because Connor is bigger and a hard puncher, and that's how he fights. He'll be picking Connor off from the start and will counter everything. If Connor lands a clean, hard punchall fight, I'll be shocked. Exactly, he did better standing in their second fight but that was because he used leg kicks. Connor wouldn't be able to win a boxing fight against Diaz or any half decent boxer.
  11. Mayweather v mcgregor

    I'm in Manchester next week. I'll pop in. What's your name and what days do you go. PM me
  12. Mayweather v mcgregor

    What gym do you go to?
  13. Mayweather v mcgregor

    Hyped up exhibition fight, al about the money. Complete mismatch. I'm a big Connor fan but he'll be dominated and stopped.
  14. Mayweather v mcgregor

    Clinging so hard to it as anyone that knows anything about boxing knows how different light sparring is and it can't be used to judged how how much skill you have. It's comical that you think it means anything! He didn't even look good in it. Have you ever sparred before? Go to a good boxing gym. You will see people who haven't ever competed look good in light sparring with an experienced boxer.
  15. Mayweather v mcgregor

    It's light sparring. They are letting each other try out things. It's light practise, that's it! I've sparred with a pro boxer. It was light sparring, so I looked alright but he was letting me try things and practise. If it was full speed (not full power), I wouldn't have been able do any of the things I was doing before. it's the same with that that video of Connor sparring. Chris Van Heerden is letting him try stuff. Easy to look decent when someone is letting you! A big difference is, in MMA there are people who are great on the ground. The standard of BJJ is much higher than the standard of boxing in MAA. This is well known and will always be the case as grappling is more important. Also the rules change everything. The threat of grappling changes your stance that you would use in MMA compared to boxing. Boxing infighting is limited and different because of grappling against the cage and the clinch where you can get battered by knees,elbows and dirty boxing. You can't stay close to someone throwing punches for too long in MMA. Kicks change distance and timing. Connor uses kicks to keep a fighter at distance. What will happen without them? His jab isn't great. Knocking people out in MMA doesn't mean you can box. There is MUCH more to boxing then that. I don't expect someone who thinks light sparring means something to understand that!