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  1. Fake dating profiles

    hahahaha line the boot of your car with bin liners, have a hack Saw, Duct Tape, and rubble sacks. instant Brown Pants moment
  2. Fake dating profiles

    Jezz that's rough hopefully you will get it sorted quick. Love to be a fly on the wall if you manage to get a date with the person using your pic, Turn up with all those huge fellas from that Picture you posted, loads of duct tape, and bin liners. watch the person s**t themselves on the spot.
  3. piana off his nut

    erm i wonder how old that Vid is, as his current girlfriend was that Chantel( American), and this woman sounds like Sara ( European accent)
  4. Holistic approach to getting 'hentch'

    Especially if the spotter is the one with the erection
  5. Optimal levels of release

    Women Weaken Legs ( quoting from Rocky), no idea no days, but boxers would not have sex while training. Not sure about all the CNS and stuff, but not releasing on a regular basis makes you damn aggressive in my experience, or you get to a point when you just cannot be bothered anymore so that affects the gym and progress.
  6. Photoshoot

    Agree with Ultrasonic you have done well, keep at it. Rome was not built in a day. keep diet on point, get the compound movements going, Bench, press, deadlift and squats. try and hit the gym 4 to 5 x week. you never know what you might achieve in another 12 weeks.
  7. rio ferdinand to become a boxer

    He lives close to me, and I believe is friends with David Haye. It has to be for a Documentary like Freddie and Idris Elba, Rio has the money just opened a expensive flashy tapas bar.
  8. child flasher gets comeuppance

    why is the woman getting between the two guys, let the dude work on that scumbag. No way he would be getting up after i finished with him
  9. how long did you run the DNP for? i am bulking at the mo and need to reduce the Kcals to get back on track, was thinking of running dnp for 1 to 2 weeks hoping it should be enough to get the fat down to a level I am happy with Currently got clear visible abs when tensed at the mo and slight separation in the quads
  10. Training to "failure"

    i always base failure on a break down on form, so yep I do train to failure on last sets. once my form goes I stop, but then i will add in pause reps, drop sets and cluster reps as well to achieve my goal ( if I knew what it was maybe i would progress quicker)
  11. Mr Olympia 2017

    two of you saying the same, maybe it is as simple as that the amounts of food they consume
  12. Mr Olympia 2017

    I think its a little bit more than just eating large amounts of food. I do remember also reading of an actual illness which is to do with elevated levels of estrogen, gives very similar symptoms extended stomach and severe cases shrinkage of biceps and legs, almost like advanced Palumboism. Again i reckon no one actually knows and its a combination of many things.
  13. Mr Olympia 2017

    I read an article of what causes it, combination of GH and Insulin, no idea if it was all a load of broscience,
  14. Mr Olympia 2017

    its just the style of the modern Bodybuilder versus the classic vacuum skinny waist pose. Only thing i would say is his Mid section did look worse this year compared to 2016. but overall i agree with you it was no worse than anyone else.