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  1. Hope they do actually open on the 25th, only so much you can do with 10kg dumbbells and resistance bands
  2. Its a damn impressive gym, and getting better all the time
  3. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    Reckon I would struggle with 60kg when i get back, 130kg x 8 is about my best. Use to finish up on 110kg for a cluster set
  4. Gyms reopening.

    Fingers crossed they hold to the statement and Gyms do re-open mid-July. Been some very tough times without the gym
  5. Price gouging

    I noticed an increase in Gym equipment on the ones still supplying. especially Weight plates.
  6. Who's got a drone?

    I got a parrot Night drone lasts about 15 mins unless your taking pics and giving it the beans the whole time, mainly for indoor use but can take it outdoors. takes about 30 mins to charge it Commercial drones and the larger ones last a lot longer though, depends what you want it for.
  7. Are any sarms worth trying

    I heard receptor were good, any more advances on Muscle rage and receptor? thank you
  8. Are any sarms worth trying

    Just found out they shut as well damn it. Any recommendations on other labs greatly appreciated as they were great thank
  9. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Great to see your still lifting and posting, you should do a then and now picture set as you have come so far with your development Good luck in 2020 onwards and upwards to smashing more goals
  10. Nexus labs

    Be good to have more Labs, more choices in my humble opinion. If TM is coming back i see that as a good thing. As long as product across all the labs is decent then more the merrier.
  11. Back's f**ked

    Get recommendations also consider Oesteopaths as well, they deal with Muscle and Bone, A decent one will note the issue and might even ask you to go get a scan. Out of interest where abouts on the back has gone? I had similar Issues for years where even standing was painful, It was to do with Hip alignment putting my back out of position. good luck
  12. DNP on News

    used it several times gave me sweaty feet,
  13. Nexus labs

    Tried Nexus orals and they were gtg, no clue on the oils. Tad concerning all these current sources drying up, i had several options. Will have to start digging around again if it carries on.
  14. Thank you for the insight based on those numbers: 182lb weight Squat - Int/adv Bench Adv/elite Dead int/adv OHP - Elite No surprise i need to work on my squat and deadlift which i am very aware of Recording my main lifts and using a 4 week cycle which is doing the job for the moment
  15. OTC Fat Burners opinions needed

    As @AestheticManlet none will compare to ECA, CLEN or T3. tried quiet a few over the years and the only one that I felt did anything was Grenade, but to be honest it was so minimal not really worth the price tag.