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  1. I am waiting to see what happens after 31st October, I am still furloughed as I work in the entertainment sector. I have friends who work in the travel who are in the same situation which sucks. As far as wearing a mask I have mixed opinions on whether it works or not, I wear when needed, keep my distance where possible. Everyone has a choice in what they do concerning this whole mess, and if anything it reminds me that even before this all started how much everyone is only interested in themselves rather than being tolerant and trying to help one another.
  2. In your opinion..

  3. New triumph

    Original triumph was damn good, hopefully, the new stuff is as good. Think Triumph might have been the first-ever course I ran
  4. Hello from Sevenoaks in Kent

    Welcome just down the road in Bromley
  5. RAD140

    Hiya, What's the latest the labs that are GTG the one i was happy with decided to close. Thank you
  6. I'm back boyos!

    Sorry to say they now have height restriction for UK Muscle
  7. No clue how long i have been here, never checked. no warnings and no bans as yet still time i guess
  8. Ostarine

    sorry to hijack the post. The company I use to use closed down, what are GTG manufacturers at present thanks
  9. Hope they do actually open on the 25th, only so much you can do with 10kg dumbbells and resistance bands
  10. Its a damn impressive gym, and getting better all the time
  11. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    Reckon I would struggle with 60kg when i get back, 130kg x 8 is about my best. Use to finish up on 110kg for a cluster set
  12. Gyms reopening.

    Fingers crossed they hold to the statement and Gyms do re-open mid-July. Been some very tough times without the gym
  13. Price gouging

    I noticed an increase in Gym equipment on the ones still supplying. especially Weight plates.
  14. Who's got a drone?

    I got a parrot Night drone lasts about 15 mins unless your taking pics and giving it the beans the whole time, mainly for indoor use but can take it outdoors. takes about 30 mins to charge it Commercial drones and the larger ones last a lot longer though, depends what you want it for.