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  1. Good Horrors you have seem

    Martyrs (the original, far superior French version) Ju-on (the original, far superior Japanese version of 'The grudge') Green Inferno You're Next Candyman Fright Night (original) Evil Dead (remake) Texas chain saw massacre The descent
  2. Whey VS Real Food

    Regarding your point on Multi-vits, do you suggest super greens are a superior method of getting your vitamins outside of fruit/veg?
  3. My estranged wife (separated) is 9 years younger, had a few girls I've been seeing over the years 9-11 years younger. Girl I've just met in Ibiza and looks like im seeing again now back home is 16 years younger! I'm 36.
  4. double 1p for 30 days

    I believe 50% your bet on black or red back if it lands on 0 is quite common.
  5. I'll probably watch about 5% before turning it off.
  6. What brand of fish oil do you get?

    I use bulk powers Krill oil, 2 ED
  7. AMA Ask Me Anything

    What's your thoughts on the best protocol for GH, ED lower dose or EOD or M/W/F higher dose?
  8. cut a bee into her forehead...

    To bee, or not to bee. That is the question.
  9. Rohm labs thermolipid

    I use it and find it very good
  10. Mk677 gives you moron neuron?

    It will almost certainly cause a bit of water retention and increase your hunger, so imo not great for a cut
  11. CJC 1295 Purepeptides quality

    Do you go for their US or european peptides?