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  1. How much of a sad fvck are you?

    No shame in that, dyson's are powerful things. lol Marvel is Spider-Man, xmen, Avengers, hulk deadpool to name a few. There's a fairly vast list TBF.
  2. Male nursery teachers

    Male nursery teacher? Fine. Tranny nursery teacher? That's where the limit is IMO.
  3. Anyone ever been banned from a forum ?

    @banzi has probably been through a few. lol
  4. girlfriend advice - I think she's a size queen

    Looks like @Floydy is posting again.
  5. boxing and strength training

    Looks fine. Would just do the exerercises for as many reps as you can on each circuit exercise instead of set numbers. Stick to sets 3 for push Press and 5 for deadlifts, focus on speed and good technique, would do these before the circuits.
  6. I'd say the chance for recovery is not reduced though, simply that the recovery process is lengthened and this is mistaken for reduced recovery without providing sufficient recovery time (2+yrs IMO). The evidence really points in favour of steroid induced primary being recoverable I would say.
  7. Your Favourite films?

    Rust and bone, Babel, both share the top spot. As a sideline I'd throw in anything Disney, Hercules stands out for me personally if I had to choose.
  8. Steroid induced primary is recoverable for the majority I'd say.
  9. Bryan was a classic lol Were you around for @BIG DADDY STE? Would pick him for sure with @banzi for lolz and @superpube for eye candy.
  10. Could see a bukakke party with all the guys and just @Skye666 in the middle, finally happy with the attention she's getting.
  11. Grow a pair. Best advice you can get.
  12. Running on the AM

    TBH even 8min miles should be comfortable IMO.