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  1. Lots of CV going on here....

    What happened bud?
  2. Routine help needed.

    Sounds good man. You seem to be taking on all the good advice and have it all laid out well. Stick with it for a good half a year or so and you’ll see some decent progress, especially when you start upping your kcals. It’ll be very easy to progress to 5/3/1 from that template once you find your lifts starting to stall for a few weeks.
  3. Routine help needed.

    Aim for high carbs if you want to progress whilst cutting, other than that looks good. Personally I’d run the main lift at 3X5-6 but it’s a nuance really.
  4. Routine help needed.

    As long as you have some sort of progressive system in place the above should be fine. If you are progressing your lifts and eating right you’ll see progress. When you stall on your main lifts try dropping the reps to 5 or so and take it from there.
  5. Bands

    I use a thin red one for pullaparts and a purple one for shoulder dislocations and stretching my adductors.
  6. Routine help needed.

    Best three day per week routine I have seen for beginners is probably GZCLP bar none. Once you get your percentages going you could probably run that for a year with no real issues and continue to see progress on it. Natural and enhanced lifters alike typically benefit from a higher frequency of training so my advice is to take advantage of it. Make sure to train your rear Delts every session.
  7. Xanax to lower anxiety

    I had quite a numbing effect from them also. Doctors are too quick to prescribe drugs like this I find, at least in the UK.
  8. That’s an interesting thought. It would be good to see how you train TBH and what your numbers look like. I can imagine you could definitely hold muscle, gain strength and cut on that amount of protein providing your training is at a lower volume and you are working within a conservative RPE, at least for someone well trained. If you are a more novice ranked lifter though you can probably get away with just continually training balls to the wall on that kind of diet and see progress, at least for a time. If @Ultrasonic or @Fadi still post they may have some insight.
  9. I typically eat on a 60/30/10 split (carbs/protein/fats) and I managed to keep progress on my lifts whilst cutting. Carbs will see you through strength gains my friend, you are definitely not gaining muscle though.
  10. Xanax to lower anxiety

    Thought I’d replied to this. Hows the back pain now mate? Were you rehabbing as you were coming off the pain medications? Pregabalin was much much more of a mental thing for me than anything. It was the first time coming off some kind of mental drug crutch since I can remember. I didn’t find many physical symptoms from it.
  11. Xanax to lower anxiety

    It’s a completely different class of drug, SNRI’s are typically tolerated quite well by most I find, including myself for the duration of last year. If you come off remember to taper down and you’ll be fine as you may experience a few s**t weeks if you take a sudden stop with them.
  12. EoD whole body v PPL off

    @AncientOldBloke Youve been training a long time. A standard linear program probably won’t get you far. Look up madcow’s 5X5 and give that a shot. It’s 3 day a week full body and simple to understand and follow. https://www.powerliftingtowin.com/madcows-5x5/ Despite being on a powerlifting site it’s not really a powerlifting program so I wouldn’t be turned off, I’m pretty sure the original author intended it for BB purposes.
  13. Xanax to lower anxiety

    I spent 4+ years ramming down benzodiazepines and I’ll tell you now it’s a slippery slope and not fu**ing worth it. Not in the slightest. I spent about a year taking a max dose of pregabalin to cope with the withdrawals (thanks for the recommendation @aqualung) and side effects, even then my eye was still twitching like a nut and I was shaking uncontrollably sometimes, the rebound anxiety was a nightmare and I also made an attempt on my life in that time period. Then you have to taper off the pregabalin also and deal with that. Use these drugs wisely, they are a lot more physically addictive and mentally damaging than people give them credit for. Get clean and stay mean kids.
  14. Volume and frequency targets

    That’s s**t tons of volume mate, you could do with half of that. You want to structure your programming in a way that is increasing weight and or reps session to session really, I didn’t quite realise you were just adding sets on top of all that. What kind of numbers are you hitting on your big lifts and what’s your previous experience with other programs? Heres a good article on basic principles that’ll give you some base of ideas to work with. https://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/topic/296132-a-detailed-guide-to-training-progression/
  15. Volume and frequency targets

    Typically you can program higher volume and frequency for upper body as opposed to bigger lifts like squats and deadlifts, smaller things like rear Delts can even be trained daily if you wanted. The question is are you recovering and progressing with what you are doing now? If so then crack on with it until you stall IMO. It would help if you explained a typical block for yourself with sets, reps and percentages week to week also and what you are currently lifting.