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  1. Your dead right. Thinking anadrol this time round
  2. Sounding like it would be a safer bet with Anadrol. Do you run it at 50mg mate or is 100 a hell of a lot better?
  3. What sides did you get appetite related?
  4. Nice one mate, how long did you run it for? /dose And was thinking taken preworkout would help with the appetite maybe?
  5. I know strength increases vary mate it's just interesting to hear, like for example if someone put 20kg on there bench in 3 weeks, I have taken winstrol once previous but all I got from it was cramping arm and back pumps!
  6. This will be a test/tren/oral blast
  7. Unsure what to use for my next blast. Never used either compounds before. I have Dimensons Anadrol and Body Conscious SD. Would like your guys opinions on which would suit and just generally better for this blast, I am wanting it to be as clean as possible so diet won't be an issue. (As I know that can be a problem with Anadrol) Also looking to hit some pb's, this is where the Anadrol might be better? Am I right? Whats your guys experience/like better with these orals, also I have read up on other posts. Also what nobody's really puts up on other posts that I have seen is what the strength increase is like bench/squat/dead? Cheers
  8. Chem tech Tren E

    600mg that's crazy, in 1ml?
  9. Chem tech Tren E

    Nice one what did you run it at?, was thinking tren e 600mg test 300mg and dimensions anadrol 50mg kickstart
  10. Any had experience with it gtg?
  11. Dimensions lab

    Nice one, was that at 50mg a day and how long for?
  12. Dimensions lab

    Anyone ran their anadrol?
  13. Ok cheers mate, that's what I will do. And would you suggest taking caber I have it on hand but My sex drive is fine and know signs Leaking nips or anything.