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  1. Depression and anxiety

    "You all need to stop being a bunch of cry babies. Back in my day no one ever heard of this nonsense. This is exactly whats wrong with this generation" Great advice , you don't need to have mental disorder to be unhappy , you're talking like you're unhappy by being negative. No need your negativity here , bye.
  2. Depression and anxiety

    You're the one talking ? you're acting like a young girl but you're old 'man' , broken bodybuilder with all the tren who f**ked ur brain that's what i'm saying ; saying negative things on all posts yea you're in the wrong once again
  3. Depression and anxiety

    Never took any of those ; once again ure sayins s**t as always old broken bodybuilder , acting like a 14 yo c**t who got bullied
  4. What are the shoes your prefer for running ? i'll have to run 3-4 times a week outside for my sports exams soon and my running shoes arent good. Which one would you recommend? thank you for your help
  5. Apart from Fish oil , glucosamine , MSM , magnesium vit D3 calcium vitamin K1 , what are the other really good supplements or even drugs that can stop loss of bone density or arthritis? Cheers
  6. Best supps for bone/joints

    Yea thats what i ll do but atm for the next 2 months i'll just do legs to let my shoulders rest. Then i'll start with really light weight some exercices for the shoulders and pectoral , but no dips/bp/push ups . I'm taking some pain killers already , my doctor prescribed them to me
  7. Best supps for bone/joints

    I see , i hope it'll get better with time . I still train 4-5 times a week , legs ED + cardio and abs. What's bothering me is that i like to get strong while staying lean/light weight but i can't train for strength anymore , at least not for now. I'll rest and see how it goes
  8. For someone who does , will DHB give the same effect?
  9. DHB didnt give you anxiety? i've read people have the same kind of anxiety then EQ's
  10. Best supps for bone/joints

    i'm ugly , i guess u are worse and a hater
  11. Best supps for bone/joints

    "No you didn't you liar " ok then
  12. Best supps for bone/joints

    What did you have exactly?
  13. Best supps for bone/joints

    No , but i used to benchpress 155kg for 69-70kg bw , dips with 100kg added , pull-ups with 80kg added etc So you think powerlifters have healthy joints/bones ? they often get a lot of problems and it f**k them in long term
  14. Depression and anxiety

    sertraline helped you that much for social anxiety? I suffer from it since i was young , and never took meds , my psy prescribed me zoloft 2 years ago but i was too scared to take those meds
  15. mtren gives gyno like inject tren?
  16. Having some osteolysis problems on both shoulders , i have to stop weightlifting for months . Now i'll only train legs , i was thinking doing it 3x a week but i've came across your thread. I'm 71kg bw and can squat 155kg 1RM , i'm doing the 5/3/1 program but progress is really really slow , it looks like it's getting hard to get above this 155Kg with my bw. I'm not natty but only use 250mg test E/w , which doenst really give me strength boost but only recovery boost . What do you recommend for me ? i can train 6 times a week , legs only from now for at least 2-3 months.
  17. Best supps for bone/joints

    Well she said my body isnt made to lift heavy weights , that i have osteolysis on both sides of my shoulders and that in 10 years or more i won't be able to move maybe and i'll regret it , i guess she's right.. i keep doing my legs atm for the next 2 months and really light weight for biceps/triceps just to 'keep' the most i can and feeling good to be at the gym.
  18. Best supps for bone/joints

    Well , my doctor said no more weightlifting for my who life.. which is sad. she told me not everyone is made to do powerlifting etc , she may be right my bones are really thin ; i have 15cm diameter wrists . It's sad to hear , i'm doing only legs for those next 2 months with a lot of supps that i take year round for bone health/joints . For the raloxifen , it s supposed to be good for bone health , i m using it since months for gyno yes since i'm gyno prone . I'm on 250mg of test only but i have to use 25mg aromasin ED + 60mg ralox to keep my nipples normal. I guess my osterolysis are from too much heavy benchpress , doing 155kg for 69kg bw , and heavy dips (+100kg )
  19. Best supps for bone/joints

    Yes i have 2 osteolysis , at my 2 collarbones from heavy benchpress , weighted dips. I use raloxifen too which is apprently usefull even tho i got my osteolysis while i was using it
  20. I'm taking raloxifen 60-120mg since 8-10 months , for gyno reduction or to keep it at bay. -Could raloxifen give bone density loss and could lead to bone problems , like osteolysis? i have 1 osteolysis since 7 months on my left collarbone , and since today i have the same pain on my right collarbone , it's 99% sure it's osteolysis , ofc i stopped benchpress, dips , shoulders . -My vision is getting bad too , i lost vision the last months and just today i found that raloxifen could give retinal vein thrombosis , which is loss of vision that could cause blindness. Do you guys had side effects with raloxifen on the long term? Cheers
  21. Because i'm gyno prone even on 250mg test i get it slowly with 12.5 aromasin ED so i take it year round to protect
  22. I meant my vission decrease so much , my english is still improving playing card games , i can't even read the number of the cards on the table now which was possible months ago, yea it decreased so much. I've wondered what it could be or maybe it's natural , but it's too fast and made me worried. guess i know where it's from now
  23. yea can't seem to find with raloxifen. i've found with exemestane in women that it increase 3x the bone loss , but it shouldnt be the case in me , i don't have really low E2 idk I need to check my health and bone density etc.. do you guys know what i should ask to my doctor? for vision , bone problems? and maybe check my blood too idk what to ask exactly