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  1. Thanks man that's kind I'm far from being the strongest here tho ^^
  2. Possible gyno?

    i don't use it
  3. Possible gyno?

    It can be the HCG , i think it increase progesterone levels or receptor sensitivity and can give gyno to prone people like me , it wasnt the high E2 kind of gyno with hard lump but more of the fatty kind , like there s something smooth under and around ur nipples.
  4. There are different types of gyno , the glandular one which is hard lump under the nipple , and the 'fatty' one that make your chest round and big like boobs. The glandular one is easy to get rid with ralox + AI , but the fatty seems impossible to get rid of , does it mean that once the fatty breast tissue is here it won't go away ,ever?
  5. How is it compared to those ? I've read that a lot of people got bloated stomach/gas with var , and tbol have no bad sides effects compared to var and dbol . How is it in term of strength gains? i m sure it's nothing compare to dbol or var but just wanna know ur experience
  6. i've done 1:52 ahha , the bar is bigger than a normal bar and move ! and u can't use chalk or other it was 2 years ago tho , i think i can do it now
  7. 1ml vs 2ml Test

    if you're gyno prone i wouldnt take the risk with anadrol or other compounds like tren etc ; once you have the breast tissue it's over ,i'm not talking about the small lump but the fatty kind of tissue that make your breast round like a balloon , you won't be able to make it dissapear without surgery like me and i never touched those compounds. Don't take the risk , just run test with good AI dose + ralox
  8. Eq give me crazy anxiety even at 1ml / week so i can't use it but it seems to help my shoulder. Can i replace it with really small dose Deca? and what dose would be usefull for bone health ? 100mg / w? i'm gyno prone too so deca isnt something i wanted to use
  9. ok thank you i appreciate
  10. Can AAS use or SERM/AI use be related to apparition of osteolysis in collarbone ? I do have a oesteolysis and i'll maybe have to stop working out for months/years , are raloxifen/letro use dangerous for that?
  11. Can AAS use or SERM/AI use be related to apparition of osteolysis in collarbone ? I do have a oesteolysis and i'll maybe have to stop working out for months/years , i guess raloxifen/letro use isnt good for that Do some of you already had that problem?
  12. yea but if it can get reverse then it may be ok , but if not it's not worth it ofc
  13. I"ve heard Dbol was 100% sure to give some kind of gyno , even with tamox/ralox . Is that true ? can it be reverse fast? It's an oral that i'm intersted in but i'm gyno prone so i don't touch it , i don't touch orals
  14. Oh yes i see my bad I'd like too , i'm injured at my left shoulder since 4 months from a twisted benchpress bar , but i still can do light weighted pull-ups . I'm aiming at 45 bw rep , 25+ 20kg weighted , i was also aiming at 100kg weighted pull-up last year but i've done 90kg max for 1 rep , world record is 100kg
  15. Thanks , yes i swinged it happens when i try to go to fast but it doesnt help me do more reps . When you say inverted grip , what does it mean? chin-up ? i'm still learning english so maybe i didnt understand correctly. Today i've done 22 reps with 20 kg , 20 with the chin over the bar , the 2 other reps arent above so i'd say 20 counts , i'm aiming the world records which must be at 25-30 reps but the best i've seen online is 23 reps