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  1. @ElChapo What do you think of MK-677 use , on TRT/low dose cruise ? to get benefits of higher HGH. I've been training for 12 years , 8 naturaly and 4 on cruise dose (or sometimes lil more but never big blast). I don't want to blast , and I'd like to stay on TRT or low dose cruise(under 200mg)for long term ; but I still want to have some progress and I was thinking of HGH but can't manage the price , so peptides or MK-677 or other peptides. What do you think about it? is it worth the price for small advantages?
  2. Halo...

    Make you feel aggressive and ready to lift heavy. Pretty good , downside was hair loss , red face (from high RBC) and hair growth everywhere on the body
  3. EGFR at 50 is stage 3 chronic renal failure I think , I'm in the 80's and it's not that good I m waiting for el Chapo opinion
  4. @ElChapo Is there any supplements you would consider for kidneys health for a steroid abuser or someone on TRT ? My GFR isnt that high , my doctor never talked about it but I heard recently that a normal kidney must be at 90 ml/min , mine is less and it s in range of stage 2 renal failure. Before I started AAS I was at 100 , now I'm at 80
  5. Yes 0.7ml of 100mg/mL. It's not TRT it's more than natural dosage I think but I mean I do feel good on it , I didnt lose any strength from going from 250 to 150mg . My HCT may go down a little too , BP is in range even on 250mg. I'll do a blood test in 2-3 months ( didnt gave blood since 3 months because of low ferritin from blood donations ) , to check my RBC/HCT and post here
  6. I think Maca helps. I do take Maca and I ve got more volume for sure , but I take it everyday since 3 months now at 3g/day
  7. @ElChapo would taking 0.7ml Test P e3d as a cruise , a 'healthy' amount for months of cruise ? I'm trying to get more and more low dosage to get close to TRT levels , so I get less and less sides. I still get high RBC , but maybe it will get lower in the coming weeks. I was using 250mg test E/w , than I was using test P 80mg + 40mg test C e3d , now 0.7mg test P E3d , and in some weeks I'll lower to 0.6mg test P E3D. I know it's more than my natural levels and I'm ok with that as I still want to have an small advantage of my natural levels , I'm just trying to get rid or at least lessen the possible futur complications.
  8. 1)-Certain drugs can also cause gynecomastia, including: Anabolic steroids for improved athletic performance Estrogens Finasteride (Proscar®, Propecia®) for enlarged prostate Spironolactone (Aldactone®), digoxin (Lanoxin®), amiodarone (Cordarone®), and calcium channel blockers Cimetidine (Tagamet®) and proton pump inhibitors for heartburn Diazepam (Valium®) for anxiety Ketoconazole (Nizoral®) for fungal infections Metronidazole (Flagyl®) for bacterial infections Human chorionic gonadotropin for fertility problems Amphetamines, marijuana, heroin, methadone (“street” drugs) and alcohol 2)-I'm on 70mg 2 times a week , thanks for your concern. I'm healthy , only thing I must take care off it high red blood cells and ferritin. 3)-I post here to say that the absorption from the scalp is really high , and that taking a product like RU58841 can be dangerous , I'd prefer people having concerns about possible sides/problems to some other people who come to say : "wow u have all kind of side effects , even with H&S hahahahaha" Won't waste more time chit chatting for nothing here
  9. do some research I do get gyno symptoms with it , I'm gyno prone so it may not be the case for you but it's from the nizoral use
  10. Because I don't let the side effects get over and get problems in my 40's Many people who use AAS don't even check their health and have high BP , high hematocrit etc. and don't even know Be smart , and using RU58841 isnt smart to me
  11. the problem is , the scalp absorption in the blood Is really really high . I do get nipple pain 30 min after taking Nizoral shampoo , I have a small gyno so as soon as I use nizoral I get pain ( I don't put or let Nizoral get on my nipples ). So , RU if it's that strong , I'd be really worried ..
  12. Conditioner for Minoxidil

    does it work? do you have hair growth on the other body parts?
  13. Proviron on cycle.

    Proviron is worse for hair loss than masteron , even at only 25mg
  14. Cruise amount

    yep , even TRT gives that side effects in most men. sucks , may be the only side effect (that I feel) on low dose test all year round. Check your iron and ferritin level , don't crash it by donating too often