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  1. I used to donate blood every 56 days , but the last 2 times I gave I was tired and felt quite depressed for some days. I had hair loss , loss of energy too. Found out that my ferritin/iron were so low , when it used to be over the normal range before I first donated. So yes , donating too often like I used to do , will crash ur iron /ferritin levels and you'll get side effects.
  2. will donate in the coming days. Iron 193μg/dl (59−158) 34,5μmol/l (10,6−28,3) Ferritin 240 μg/l (30−400) sidérophiline saturation : 54,8% (20,0−40,0). really high @ElChapo donating blood will decrease my iron of 20-30 μg/dl ?
  3. @ElChapo Could a 52-53% and 18 rbc could give shortness of breath ? those were the last results , some weeks after taking TB-500 (it increase my rbc/hmtc) . I get shortness of breath when I exercice , not that bad but still. My blood pressure is good : 11.5/6 , everything in range. only rbc/hmtc and iron a little bit high. I do 30-40min of cardio at least 4 times a week since a year now , I don't think my cardio is bad . I know my shortness of breath is from AAS use (only using 200-250mg test) , and I think it's from elevated hematocrit but I thought it'd give those sides at 55%+
  4. that'd be the perfect oral steroid for me , if it didnt shed my hair and bloat/gas my stomach . Can't use orals anymore
  5. no , the dose I take is : 500mg naringin + 250mg grapefruit seed extract , morning and evening. you may be ok with only 1 dose the morning , but I used TB-500 recently and it always increase my RBC/hematocrits by a lot , so I'm taking double dose to reduce it 'faster'.
  6. naringin + grapefruit seed extract works for me to keep hematocrit at 49-51% on test , without it I'm at 53-54%. i also used to take green tea extract with meals to cancel the absorption of iron
  7. I used to love masteron , felt better , better libido , strength gains without weight gains , no water retention , more veins etc. then I started getting acne everywhere , shitty skin , LOT of hair loss , even at 150mg. can't touch it anymore , proviron is the same or maybe worse. so sad because I had strength gains with proviron lol , I think DHT helps me a lot but I get crazy hair loss. Since I stopped DHT compounds and creatine ( increase DHT by 30%) , no more hair loss and it even grows back but really slowly.
  8. Anxiety problems , generalized + social anxiety. used to have some panic attacks , not anymore. Did AAS help ? depends. having low or high E2 is a nightmare when you already suffer from anxiety or depression or both , BUT having low dose test (150-250mg) with perfect E2 levels is helping , it decrease my cortisol levels ( blood prooving it ) , I don't have tremors anymore and some other stuff , but the mental anxiety/ego problems are still there , still working on it since 10 years soon.
  9. Gyno Surgery Poland - Noa Clinic

    so did you get surgery done ?
  10. too low or too high E2 can/will kill your libido. Taking adex or an other AI will lower your E2 , it doesn't kill your libido on its own , it will if your E2 gets too low with an AI or if you don't use any and your E2 gets too high.
  11. because without AI you have too much E2? You should learn more before taking AAS , or it may cause you some problems quickly.
  12. My blood pressure is at 11.5/6 atm which is perfect I think. I'm on 200-250mg test / week since a long time now , doing bloods this week to check my RBC/lipids and some other things. but I was thinking of taking small dose of Tbol , but as soon as I take it my BP gets really high (got to 16/10 on 50mg only) and I get dizzy , bad vision and feeling anxious. So i was thinking of Nebivolol , the prolactin increase is real ?
  13. @ElChapo using Nebivolol 5-10mg on cycle if blood pressure gets too high , good idea or not ? Heard some people doing that , and it seems to have a lot of good things for heart/health. The only thing that I don't like , is +70% prolactin increase. What do you think about it ?
  14. you recovered perfectly. You had a blood work pre cycle ?
  15. @ElChapo would taking 100mg of mast E / week with 200mg test (cruise) be beneficial for lowering SHBG? I used to love masteron at 200-300mg , felt stronger , more libido and better mood BUT my hair were falling so fast on it. Do you think 100mg mast E can increase a lot hair loss if prone to it ? it's low dose but even 25mg of proviron/day made a difference in hair shedding so not sure if good idea. I was thinking of it , and lowering my test dose too .