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  1. Do bloods, you may not need any adex on that dose.
  2. @Tricky keep an eye on your e2. You maybe using too much adex on 300mg of test, low e2 will hinder weight loss. You've done good up to now.
  3. MUSCLE15 gets 20% off blood test that aren't already on offer.
  4. Going to be broke for the week cheap suggestions

    Wonder where @Disclosure has gone.
  5. Triumph Labs review...

    Buy crap in the middle of a cycle is a cycle wasted. Like @Dark Prowler said, each to their own.
  6. Triumph Labs review...

    Regular blood test and buying my gear all at once narrows the odds.
  7. Going to be broke for the week cheap suggestions

    Go to a family members for tea a couple of nights you'll be fine.
  8. Going to be broke for the week cheap suggestions

    Is being broke just a 1 off?
  9. Triumph Labs review...

    Yeah as long as all the ugl' s dose the gear right. I personally use the same lab throughout each cycle.
  10. Triumph Labs review...

    Plenty on here start a cycle then ask about pct, plenty also buy it as they use it then say the lab I'm using is out of stock. That's proper bad cycle management.
  11. You guys won't belive this sht

    Nice story, you should add in that you s**t yourself, it'd make for a better read.