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  1. Philip Schofield

    He’s an attention seeking puff. Never liked the c**t. Ever. Love how he’s all “my wife is amazing and supports me in coming out.” bollocks. Bet She’s like, “Sure love you go ahead and chew all the foreskin ya want, just leave half of your lifetime earnings & property at the door on your way down to oldies night at the leather fist.”
  2. A ray of hope?

  3. That’s a wrong un. Where’s your gym, a fu**ing prison yard?!?
  4. Jizz Volume on Cycle

    Well prolactin & psa all good by the look of it, still dribbling manfat in small quantities though! Could high haemo be causing it? If bloods thick then spunk is too?
  5. baseball caps on indoors. Baffles the f**k out of me. ”What’s up Gaz, the fu**ing fluorescent lighting too bright for ya? f**k off.”
  6. Aprox fat % for abbs

    Haven’t seen em for 30years, like my hair. Both are for puffs.
  7. Gyno Surgery Poland - Noa Clinic

    BTW, It’s [email protected] not the above which is missing an E
  8. Gyno Surgery Poland - Noa Clinic

    I booked my surgery in today for the 4th March. Looking forward to it, big relief to get it sorted 6 months after my doc put shits up Me thinking it was breast cancer and going on the cancer referral bollocks. Some great tips here fellas, thanks ! (tips.... no pun intended!)
  9. Massage guns

    Ha I bought this exact one for a bird last year. It’s fuckin powerful, and starts at the fastest which was always a shock. Battery doesn’t last long though. Just sayin.
  10. Calories Burned per Workout?

    I think MyFitnessPal is pretty wank for tracking calories burned during workouts, so what do you all do instead, just estimate say 500cals burned per hour of strength training and add that to your daily calorie goal?
  11. Sounds nasty AF mate. I’ll take someone for a freebie. Gonna read through your post-surgery blog and the others for all the help & advice I can muster. Emailing the clinic now
  12. So it would be cheaper if I don’t take your wife?
  13. Jizz Volume on Cycle

    It wasn’t pretty mate, in lots of ways. Other than a half destroyed dick, I ended up getting into some bad stuff, online swinging etc, shagging everything on POF & tinder. that crazy cycle basically triggered a sex addiction which ruined good relationships and caused enough grief that still can’t be fixed 3/4 years later. All my fault! Still love the Tren train, though it’s much calmer this time around :-)