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  1. National Lockdown

    Edge_l0rd_Neo has entered the game. What are you, the person that decided to post that image, doing about it though? NOTHING. What are you going to do about it? NOTHING. When anyone asks you for answers, what have you got? NOTHING.
  2. National Lockdown

    Mickey would you hire him for us please mate? Get him out and into the real world, give him some sort of purpose and teach him some life skills? He'd have less time to post on here too, multiple birds with one stone!
  3. National Lockdown

    Wyldyberry walks into a bar "Baah. Bah baaaah bah bah" said the barman "Ha! I Knew it! Another SheepMan!" chuckled Wyldcherry to himself "Disney is run by Pedos and they deliberately hired China to develop this virus so more kids would be at home watching Disney+ so they Could spy on them through the webcams In there TVs! And who makes TV's?? The Japs! Bill Gates visited The Japan In 2018 and He wants to VACCINATE the world! But Vacines cause Ortism and your government invented This covid vaccine in record time. All the Hospitals are emtpy anyWay because covid isn't even real, and dont even Get Me Started about the Royals. I Googled 'what THEy donT want us to Know about Covid' and found all this online, you idiot! Research Yourself! Mark my words it isn't about the virus anymore because There are systems in This world TO keep US apart and in our only little Boxes! We have to fight!" he ranted to the barman "I thought you said the virus wasn't real?" pondered the barman aloud, now taking the form of a floating top hat with Terry Wogan's face on it Wylderp didn't hear the barman; too busy reveling at the girth of his own intellect. The bar wasn't really open, Wyld Hawkings was sat alone in his kitchen wearing only his skids, staring euphorically into the toaster, gurning. He began to rock, as he was serenaded by the twisted shadowbeasts that occupy his haunted psyche.
  4. National Lockdown

    WAKE UP AND FIGHT THE POWER! as long as someone else goes first because my eyesight isn't so good and I get confused in unfamiliar surroundings and a lot of the time I'll walk into a room and forget what I'm doing and I get headaches a lot
  5. National Lockdown

    Whylee just in case you overlooked these as you rushed to share your latest divine teachings earlier hunny Thoughts? No. 10 been in contact for advice yet?
  6. Fadi's 'Swift Beast'

    Oooooo hehe ty bbe Thought about getting a journal going? I might start one, give me a bit of public accountability. And how much did the KB cost you?
  7. Fadi's 'Swift Beast'

    I was 98.5 yesterday morning, my goal is to get down to 80kg this year.. hopefully during the first half. Did you manage it yesterday mate? How'd you fare?
  8. National Lockdown

    You TrUst YouR Government! LOL! Wake Up sheeple! Trusts the government's Civil Service to pay his fu**ing dole money on time though I bet, lol. The gormless t**t would probably have the cheek to expect the government's fire brigade to turn up if he microwaved a tin of beans and burnt his kitchen down! Or the government's NHS staff to fix his tongue after he tried licking said microwave's window! Thought I'd check in to see what he was smoking today, seems it's the usual. He referenced QAnon in a different thread earlier which really highlights the kind of 'research' he does. Shaker short of a lid, this one.
  9. Fadi's 'Swift Beast'

    Managed 5 sets in 20.49 with 40kg, f**k about! Really enjoyed this, got my heart rate up a lot more than Fadi's routine - but I'm guessing that's because I'm not doing it as prescribed yet. On round 4 and 5 I had to take a 30 sec or so break for my grip after the rows, other than that.. yeah really enjoyed it in an S&M kind of way! I was fu**ing gassed by round 3! Going to add this to the toolbox for sure, thanks pal
  10. Horror "Short Films"

    Tales from the Crypt! I was a kid last time I watched that, the Crypt Keeper reminded me of my great gran that I was petrified of, she was like.. 102 I'm not sure if any of you were into District 9 or CHAPPIE, but Neill Blomkamp started his own visual FX company a while back called Oats Studios. He has quite a few shorts on their YT channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/OatsStudios/videos. If you've got some downtime, I'd give these two a go and then watch the rest of the catalogue if you want more And yeah, that's Sigourney Weaver! Blomkamp was meant to be doing Alien 5 but Ridley Scott's ego wanted to keep hold of the reins and then.. Covenant happened. But Weaver liked Blomkamp's concept so much she became chummy with him. Anyway, check these out, they're mint
  11. Broken nose and/ or wrist waiting to happen
  12. A glute ham raise station! I go to a decently kitted out Pure.. they've got prowlers, turf, bumper plates, deadlift platforms, loads of racks and 900 different machines if you're a bit of a fanny - but not one glute ham raise station. I'd like one of those. and a gym that's open.