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  1. I'm not going to defend the mainstream media, they're businesses that profit from sensationalism and scandal run by human beings with biases, just like you and I have. Think I was in my mid teens when I clocked on to this, and I haven't paid much attention to the news since and I'm in my mid 30s now. Inevitably I pick stuff up from word of mouth and via here or Reddit and even that's too much for me tbh! Being opposed to the memes and poorly written walls of copy/paste that Wylde uses for the basis of his beliefs doesn't put me on Side A and you B, super reductive way of looking at it, but convenient I suppose. Someone I worked with caught cov and died, mrs had many elderly clients that caught it and died, have friends that work in hospitals that have treated people with cov.. some druggy moron coming on here calling me a coward and a sheep for 'falling for it' is what I'm opposed to. Like I've said before, Wylde's reality and mine are massively different. Doesn't mean I suck Boris off (I don't do politics either), or can't wait to get the vaccine (which I haven't had yet and don't intend to get). The general public is thick and getting thicker unfortunately!
  2. A good film you watched recently?

    We watched one called Sputnik last night and it was great. Lots of reading involved though as it's a Russian film
  3. I'm aware of this, I was trying to keep the example as simple as possible for Wylde who denies that variants of the same virus can and do exist. Like it's a new concept or something designed to.. misinform or scare people. Mentioning virus families etc would likely fry his brain.
  4. While I don't agree with a lot of Mickey's opinions, I can respect them as he can not only read and write properly - but he can dissect information and present his own arguments. He can also concede points occasionally if he's corrected about something or acknowledge a good counter argument, which is important in debate. You though, Wylde, when actually typing for yourself and not copy pasting, this is the kind of nothing you come out with. Actually these two posts are really comprehensible for you, so well done. Have you caught a cold more than once? Of course you have. How? Because viruses change as they replicate and become new strains, that is secondary school biology right there, deny it as much as you want. You're incapable of changing your mind though, due to what I think is probably a lack of focus elsewhere in life, this has sadly become your identity it seems. And Cowards? Masters? What the actual f**k are you on about, lol. Just because you're someone that thinks he's sticking it to the man by not paying council tax (even though I'm almost certain it is probably factored into your rent already), and you can repost a Facebook rant, doesn't make you Che Guevara. You're about as rebellious as Enya, and somehow more boring to listen to. I think the odd few on here that encourage you are either on the windup, or very very conveniently ignoring your frankly INSANE rants about Tom Hanks buying children and things like that. I miss the times where people like you were confined to being overheard in pubs talking your s**t. Far less dangerous than having access to the platforms of today.
  5. https://www.vice.com/en/article/88nnwg/anti-maskers-ready-to-start-maskingto-protect-themselves-from-the-vaccinated
  6. Does training work for everyone.

    @Joe Jeffery
  7. A good film you watched recently?

    Looked it up - it was only released in 5 fu**ing cinemas, and for.. get this.. one week The shooting I mentioned earlier was Columbine, and prior to that the director had a fall out with Harvey Weinstein, who I'm guessing was responsible for the absurdly limited release. What a train wreck. Anyway, hope you enjoy mate
  8. A good film you watched recently?

    It's definitely a sleeper / cult film. There was a super limited release in the US as a shooting occurred at around that time, and given the nature of the film it was pulled from cinemas if I remember rightly. Which is a shame, because it really is great. Vigilantism has always fascinated me. I support the idea on a moral level, but practically the line is far too easy to blur
  9. A good film you watched recently?

    I didn't mate no, the Firestick wouldn't play the file type (which is weird because it usually handles MKV). Watched Boondock Saints instead, I'd highly recommend if you haven't seen! One of my absolute favourites, don't let the s**t trailer throw you off Violent and funny as f**k with an interesting message, plus Billy Connolly is in it so, win win win!
  10. Favourite Music Artist / Genre

    I've tried it a couple times since, now being and adult and that. It was even worse each time The prices, smells, the cu**s that can't hold their booze/drugs. The people there in general, really! I'll take a little indie pub with a stage over Reading any day
  11. RIP The Labour Party

    Noshes with the best of them, I've heard
  12. Jobs - No Experience

    Can't link to anything specific but I've always had the impression you were a law grad mate
  13. Skin Care Routine

  14. Jobs - No Experience

    Jimmy you're definitely one of the more entertaining trolls (or fragments of KETONE's psyche) to sign up in recent times What do you think about the flat earth theory?