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  1. I got diddled out of an oly bar I bought a few weeks back, got 'lost at the depot', but they still managed to give me a shipping number.. paid through PayPal though so got the money back, no problem!
  2. Why is GRENADE so expensive?

    Which county is god from?
  3. This might actually be the first post you've made that I agree with I don't have room for a full set up.. but would love some more plates that don't cost £8k a kilo. Hoping in the next couple of weeks that people start pawning off all the weight they probably didn't even need in the first place! Can't really be bothered with reduced hours + waiting times etc at my old gym now
  4. My nan could figure this out, haha! If you're on PC and have found a pic online you want to use.. right click, and look for 'copy image address' or whatever, depends on your browser. Then just paste that s**t here. If you've saved it to your device, you have the option to attach a file at the bottom of your posting options on any thread UKM will host it The little red light on the bottom of your telly means it's ready for you to press a button on the remote, it's not broken x
  5. In need of Motivation

    This place is a conduit for strangeness, no doubt
  6. In need of Motivation

    @Kazza61, get in here man we need your professional POV
  7. Where can I find a decent bench

    Well. That post certainly didn't pan out the way I thought it would after seeing I'd been quoted
  8. Johnny Depp - Weapon of the Day

    Careful mate, you'll upset one or two snowflakes here for not knowing him personally, yet still calling him a c**t!
  9. In need of Motivation

    What name did you post under previously? I don't know who is who these days. Animal, do you recognise this?
  10. In need of Motivation

    What did Lee get banned for anyway? Don't think I was around for that. I thought he was hilarious, but he seems to have upset people across multiple forums, haha
  11. In need of Motivation

    I think this is trey1
  12. 1980's dodgy supplements

    I tried this stuff in the early 2000's as a young'un https://www.expresschemist.co.uk/product_6641_norateen-heavyweight.html#.XxaoVyhKiUk "This extremely potent product has been in development in LA Muscle's secret R&D labs for the last 1.5 years" so you KNOW it's good! Apparently they still sell it today, looks like a fu**ing perfume bottle
  13. In need of Motivation

  14. Favourite gym wear ?