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  1. 1st: Tricky 2nd: JUICE1 3rd: Sphinkter Voting has ended, and it looks like you have chosen @Tricky as your next UK-M top model! Well done again chaps! @Tricky, @JUICE1 and @Sphinkter, PM your details to @myprotein, @faipdeooiad and @Protein Dynamix to claim your spoils
  2. Would you re-rack your weights?

    If you don't put your s**t away at the gym once you're done, lets face it.. you're probably something of a penis in general
  3. Yoga, knitting and salad things x

    Madcow (sort of) Week 3 Squat 82kg x5 102kg x5 115kg x5 125kg x5 150kg x5 (couldn't help doing the extra couple of reps!) 115kg x13 DB Bench 32kg x5 38kg x5 42kg x5 46kg x5 50kg x3 Pullups +11kg 3x5 Done and done. There was a massive group of muppets training together so I couldn't get near a rack, used the stands for squats and had to DB press instead. I've hit my protein for the day already, so I'm going to eat a looooooad of crackers and cheese and fire up some Fallout 3 tonight Have a good weekend battys x
  4. Coffee in the UK

    I like to pee on the side of the toilet bowl so that it makes less noise.
  5. Kris Gethin Man of Iron

    As natural as a tin of fu**ing Dulux
  6. Yoga, knitting and salad things x

    Madcow (sort of) Week 3 Squat 82kg x5 102kg x5 115kg 2x5 140kg x5 (was bored) OHP 45kg x5 50kg x5 55kg x5 65kg x5 belt on (was bored) 70kg x3 75kg x2 Pendlays 62kg x5 65kg x5 70kg x5 75kg x5 85kg x5 Ate a lot on Monday and Tues, so had a much better session today. Still doing a few more reps and sets than I should, but there we go.
  7. Hot male physiques

    He's a troll mate, wouldn't worry about it
  8. Yoga, knitting and salad things x

    Madcow (sort of) Week 3 Squat 82kg x5 102kg x5 115kg x5 125kg x5 147kg x5 Bench 60kg x5 65kg x5 70kg x5 76kg x5 90kg x5 Chins +16kg 3x5 Felt like absolute death today, no coordination or energy. Glad that's over and done with!
  9. What people? There is nobody else here but you mate, you're imagining all of this..

  11. Best man speech

    Yeah, a couple of my friends got married last year and the best men read from pages of A4, looked/sounded awful. I've already written one speech (knew I was going to be asked and I'm a massive girl, so started a few months early).. fairly sure I'll be able to just recite it all with some practice. How long did his speech last, roughly?
  12. Best man speech

    For those of you that have done it, do you have any pointers? I've got two to do next year and my bum is flapping a bit. I've had a look around on the net and read about all the cliched stuff like.. not mentioning ex girlfriends, etc. Would be interested hear about some of your experiences though inb4 pics of brides / their mums

    It is indeed mate, it is indeed.