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  1. PCT... It's not that difficult

    Just an update mate so had my 7th hcg shot today. Balls have filled right out. My libido is crazy!! Not felt this good in years! Really don’t wana come off the hcg now lol. No ed problems totally the opposite for the 1st time in years I haven’t needed to take cialis. Man I just feel good! When I stop the hcg next week and switch to clomid if it all fails I think I may try hcg monotherapy , clomid monotherapy didn’t Work for me so worth a shot saves me going on trt then. Didn’t think I would feel this good by just taking hcg! Only downside is I have gained 5lbs of fat in a week! Well maybe due to raised estrogen? Not sure but stomach feels abit bloated and I have been eating at maintenance strictly. Normally when I raise test levels my bf drops fast! The question is! Why dose hcg Work for me but clomid didn’t?
  2. Dimension labs Sibutramine

    Used it loads! Last batch wasn’t to good though, even last ultra and t5 batch that contained sibutramine had the not so good sibutramine in it. Ultra still worked as normal just didn’t suppress appetite that well, But there new batches are like the old hacks ones. Potent! My source got freebie sibutramines to hand out so got 1 myself couple days ago my wife has had 1 meal in the past 2 days! Not good! So she dropping dose to half a tab per day. If your gf/wife takes it get ready for the accusations! It makes women soooooo paranoid lol
  3. TRT dilemma

    Also! A must that a lot of people forgot to use is d3 5000iu /ed (currently on 10,000iu myself) but 5000 is good. zinc 30mg/ed omega 3s 4/ed ( top branded ones) magnesium 800mg element /ed so ye best to take all the most natural test boosting vits as possible.
  4. TRT dilemma

    Iam primary and secondary was on clomid for like 6 months at the start it worked a treat then the past couple months it kinda stopped working. Bloods also confirmed it stopped working I not been on any gear for 2 years. I have recently started a power Pct 6th 2500iu shot was today. My libido is right up! For the 1st time in years. Feel miles better. Just hoping once I discontinue the hcg and switch to serms that levels stay good. If they don’t then best thing for me as being primary is hcg monotheapy. As trying to avoid jabbing test for the rest of my life so maybe think about using hcg instead.
  5. 16 is still lowish I think. Maybe add in some proviron
  6. Where to buy Yohimbine?!

    Google dimension yohimbine they now make it. Sure u will find somewhere online that sells it
  7. I get gyno just looking at a bottle of Test lol its so hard to get it bang on! I was on test e 250mg/wk for like 6 months. Nolva is a must from the very start! The 1st few weeks 2-6 libido was crazy. No E.D. problems. Just wanted to bang everything. Then a few more weeks into it libido was there feeling was there but having trouble staying hard when having sex. Was dam annoying! But cialis sorted that right out. Did try aromasin for the next few months and just couldn’t get the dose right. Started 12.5mg e3d to 25mg E.D. just to see. But it never fixed my E.D. only cialis did. Strange my mate is on 500mg Test e for 7 weeks now. He is exact same. Libido high! No E.D. problems for the 1st few weeks but now he can’t stay hard. Libido still high. He hasn’t tried any ai yet but he starting aromasin today 12.5mg eod to see if his E.D. fixes.
  8. PCT... It's not that difficult

    Ar ok, hopefully they will start to blow up soon then. Hcg defo legit tried some on preg Test. Got 7 more jabs left. not Gona bother with that boomstick just incase it interferes with my recovery. Thanks for the help mate appreciate it
  9. PCT... It's not that difficult

    Ar ok mate just thought to get testosterone checked to make sure hcg is firing them up. Coz if Test was still low then would need to stay on hcg longer? Ye balls are tiny lol haven’t started to grow yet! Only had 3x 2500iu Jabs so far, But have a lot more sperm so summit is working
  10. PCT... It's not that difficult

    ok Mate cool will leave it till fully off all! Is it just a testosterone blood test I need when on hcg to make sure it’s working before I switch to serms?
  11. There tnt 350 contain eo there m/base contains eo and gunicol all others don’t contain any of the above
  12. As sen says no eo in the mega test 350! Or any other super solvents, They also don’t make a mega test 375 also the last mega test 350 was pippy! They confirmed was summit wrong with the Bb they used and Sphinx had the exact same problem. So no the Bb is even tested before using it lol But I can confirm the new mega test 350 is pip free! 100% my bro switched from old mega coz as bad pip to new batch / New blend! And it’s totallt pip free can’t even feel he pinned anything! New mix is 100mg Test e 100mg Test c 100mg Test dec 50mg Test pheny
  13. PCT... It's not that difficult

    Also got these would it be best to start them when on the serms or after finishing the power Pct ?
  14. PCT... It's not that difficult

    @swole troll going to order my next blood test now ready for the 15th day. Do I just need my test levels checked that’s it? Or get e2 lh fsh done as well.
  15. PCT... It's not that difficult

    Sorry mate bit of a silly 1 i put 40units of water into the 5000iu vial hcg. Drawn 20units and pinned. (2500iu) then just drawn up the remaining 20units and there is only like 12units left in vial. are you ment to put like 50units water into vial to get 40units out?