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  1. Best home teeth whitening kit?

    The crest strips state they don't have peroxide in them? Isn't that the main bleaching ingredients?
  2. Thanks mate, yours sounded bad and it's now way way better can't wait for this table to come now. Hopefully it will work for me! went docs yesterday got more pain meds but this time they have given me Amitriptyline 20mg before bed, ment to help with nerve pain. Anyone tried these?
  3. Dnp loss of libido?

    I did google it and seen a few say dnp killed there libido even when on gear. Only on 125mg yellow magic old stufff. Only 1 more week to go anyway so will no once stopped if it is the dnp for sure! thanks lads
  4. Dnp loss of libido?

    Nar mate on no other gear at all except t3 but ye in a slight deficit but I was before starting dnp and wasn't as bad as it is now lol
  5. Dnp loss of libido?

    Or is it the t3 I am also taking?
  6. Anyone experienced loss of libido while on dnp? Mines seems to vanished! Had low libido from before I started anyway but now it's gone! Been on dnp low dose for 2 weeks now.
  7. How long do you hang for mate?
  8. Ye mate have seen it doesn't work for some maybe there the ones where the disc has popped out to much or summit but yours was just normal lower back pain init? Not a herniated disc?
  9. Wow mate I was talking to someone the other night in a bar who was telling me to get an inversion table it cured his disc/nerve problems. I let it blow over my head but then seen u also mention it I started to google this. And loads have been successful with this for people with herniated disc compressing on nerves. So I have just ordered a table off amazon now. Does make sense on how it helps with the disc problems so defo worth a try. How long and at what angle do you do on yours mate?
  10. Thanks mate! i was seeing a private physio for a good few months but didn't help to be honest. My mri states it's mild. Even though in pain every min of the day but hence why the NHS won't operate on me, at 1 point I couldn't even walk, had to get the gf to help me stand up from sitting down was nearly in a wheelchair and they say it's mild lol, but the 6months on high dose naproxen and pain killers helped loads. My main worry is I can't work. And don't claim any benefits. Not sure how all that works if I can go on the sick or summit. But going back to doc to transfer me back to the pain management clinic but going to ask about getting a sick note I think.
  11. The skinny jab anyone seen this?

    Right so the aqualyx jab is different to the skinnyjab that's in them links above. The skinny jab sounds like its just mainly a appetite suppressing drug aqualyx is for stubborn fat. And sounds very affective! Will look into this for myself.
  12. The skinny jab anyone seen this?

    Hang on think got that wrong more digging and the drug is called Liraglutide I think!
  13. The skinny jab anyone seen this?

    Yes mate, the product is called Aqualyx injections. Just been doing more reading. What I like the sound of is it kills the fat cells in stubborn fat areas! And fat won't come back in them areas treated. So in short it's like a spot fat reduction tool as well Also there saying it will soon be available on the NHS for prescription. I may even enquire about it for my stubborn fat that's behind my nipples lol. Even when I got to 10% bf once! My nips still looked puffy while not erected, not gyno no lumps just stubborn fatty tissue that's annoyed me for the past 10 years!
  14. As above. Loads of celebs having this injection. Reviews all good. My gf friend has been havin them and she is dropping lbs fast! But when I looked it up sounds like it's just summit that controls your appetite a little. And the main site keeps going on about starvation mode makes me think they don't no what there talking about. Have a look guys trying to talk my gf out of this bs https://www.skinnyjab.co.uk/about http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3628486/How-skinny-hormone-jab-end-obesity-10-years-revolutionary-injection-reduces-hunger-third.html
  15. So pain wise what's it like before and after mate?