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  1. The license is to make and export, where it ends up is not china’s problem. Do you think someone in China sits there and says I don’t know that address in uk so you can’t make raws anymore
  2. This only effects unlicensed sellers and I would imagine getting a license in China is not that difficult and probably many already have one . I would say the Coronavirus will have more effect on raws getting out then anything else
  3. There was a time all heroin in this country was white and came through the Chinese , it got cracked down on and came through elsewhere and turned brown . Now no one remembers white heroin or the Chinese connection and if this happens at some point in future it will come from elsewhere and no one will remember Chinese raws . I imagine it will take a number of years for this to filter through though so need to panic
  4. Big Cycle

    If you have no children then you have no way of knowing if they would make you happy or not.So it's a nonsense sermon you are giving
  5. I had the dimensions cialis earlier in the year ended up in the bin did nothing,Try vidalista very good and quite cheap
  6. Greasy skin is high E2 ,low would leave you more dried out in my experience anyway
  7. Do people seriously believe an ugl changes it's batch numbers every time,the 032017 could be from one or sevaral batches depending I guess on how many stickers they got printed
  8. Dunning labs

    Oh sh#t I forgot where I was then,I LOVE TM AND TRIUMPH
  9. Dunning labs

    Oh sh#t I forgot where I was then,I LOVE TM AND TRIUMPH
  10. Dunning labs

    All forums like different labs it's no different to UKM where TM and Triumph can do no wrong and any other lab is pretty much mugged off.
  11. Help with cycle

    Dont worry about some of the snide replies ,it's usual for some when they have been on here awhile as they all had great knowledge from the beginning and were all in such fantastic shape when they decided to take gear
  12. Just listen to your doctor,never smart to take medical advice from a group of strangers on ukm
  13. Uk customs is very small now and are mostly involved in stopping people smuggling or looking for large seizures,the chances of a small amount being found is very small and if found they probably wouldnt even tell you they had it as its hardly worth their time
  14. Dunning labs

    Everyone who uses Dunning speak of it in near mythical terms,there is an whole forum of people saying its absolutely great gear.This test says there is nothing in it even though he says he feels great on it,i would seriously doubt how valid this blood test is
  15. Cholesterol levels

    I would guess the 0.8 is your hdl which is the good cholesterol,although they say your overall level should be 5,it all depends on your hdl percentage of overall level which should be no less then 24 % but using gear will majorly effect those levels especially hdl.omega 3 oil and garlic brought my hdl right up from 0.9 to l.5