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  1. At lower ED dosing does the difference in performance warrant the difference in price between legit Ansomone and legit (tested) Hyge?
  2. I regret the 5 year break I had and now making up for lost time.
  3. Bullion Pharma

    Next level Triumph packaging
  4. Cardarine and endurance

    Tried it and didn’t notice any benefit to be honest.
  5. Medichecks are crap

    f**k letting my Mrs near my veins
  6. DG primo

    Not used it mate. Was SG I had along with the Nexus’ 150mg per ml. Prefer the Nexus. Heard DG Primo spot on though from a number of lads who’ve used it and use it regularly.
  7. Treadmill Workout For Fat Loss / Endurance?

    Cannot beat LISS cardio fasted for fat loss. Interval training is your best bet for cardiovascular health IMO. Just try to increase the intensity of your sets or increase the duration weekly.
  8. Southern ghost

    No tests, just experience to go by but I’ve just finished a vial of SG Test E 300 and was pretty underwhelmed. Loved their TTM but the Test E ‘felt’ underdosed.
  9. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    Just tried it and not working for me now either - the Blackfriday code is their big promotion so maybe a problem with the website or they’ve realised people can combine discount codes and it’s not their intention so they’re fixing it before they get completely rinsed! Maybe try again later
  10. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    The BLACKFRIDAY code is supposed to run until midnight 30th November. Maybe it was a mistake they’re now fixing?
  11. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    Worked fine for me earlier mate and I know of others that it worked for. BLACKFRIDAY first then apply the PS25 one.
  12. cycles now gyms are reopening...

    What dose did you use?
  13. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    Quick heads up on this @Pscarb... Code BLACKFRIDAY gets you 40% discount AND you can still use the PS25 code so a whopping 65% discount Just ordered a couple.
  14. cycles now gyms are reopening...

    Seem to recall you saying previously you take HGH to help with joint/tendon issues? Was that you and if so how’s it going?
  15. SG injectable Superdrol

    EOD dosing fine with injectable SD. El Chapo covered this on his thread if you can find it.
  16. I’ve used Nexus’ Var a few times and it’s excellent.
  17. Gyms opening!!!

    Yep and looking forward to giving it a whirl
  18. Gyms opening!!!

    Nice. Recently upped the dose of the Test/Primo I was running to 500mg/500mg and threw some Var in too. Been in deficit since lockdown and done a bit of weight and leaned out despite having a couple of weeks off due to injuries. Going to stick with the diet until Christmas... Next blast will be Test/Deca/Mast/Dbol which I plan to stay on for a while upping the dosage over time.
  19. Gyms opening!!!

    Aren’t they? Wish I’d picked some up when I had the chance now
  20. Gyms opening!!!

    Still planning to get the Primo up to 1g mate?
  21. I’m dieting at the moment and still eating 250g-300g carbs per day.
  22. Exactly - this is why you feel and look ‘flat’ when on a low carb diet. Not only do you need carbs to grow they also make you look much fuller.
  23. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Love Christmas - we have 4 children so it’s all about them. Currently dieting and planning to stick with it until Christmas Eve - will enjoy a few days of gluttony with the family and no doubt be looking forward to getting back into the gym first thing on the 27th.