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  1. Little blip? Did I miss something??
  2. Always sourced my gear online and preferably from a smaller lab dependent on good feedback from the community they sell to. Creates a form of accountability. Loads of examples over the years and the smaller the better for me personally provided the quality is high. Clearly people with vested interests might exaggerate the quality of one lab over another but this does become pretty transparent if you make the effort to invest time to become part of the community. Safest way to ensure you’re not buying bunk gear for most people I’d say and hugely preferential to buying off some muppet at the gym that doesn’t have a clue and just needs to move whatever they’ve got on.
  3. short rip or long rip ?

    f**k that. Having to pin 3ml twice a week is boring the s**t out of me and I’m fu**ing useless with pinning. Cant wait to get back to once a week!
  4. short rip or long rip ?

    Long ester for me for pure convenience.
  5. Pinning delts...

    I have the same mental issue with quads. Tried again the other day and just thought ‘f**k it’ and pinned my delts again!
  6. Pinning delts...

    Been banging 6ml a week into my delts the past month using Slin pins. Had a bit of PIP at times as using highly concentrated gear.
  7. f**k sake I want some Sust now to compare!
  8. Not used Sust in donkeys years and I’m not sure why not as I agree entirely with you - always felt great on Sust, drier, less bloated and libido through the roof. Never made any sense but I concur.
  9. Forced to stop cycle

    I think it’s fair to say that the current approach to dealing with this pandemic (by most of the world I should add) has a distinct lack of common sense.
  10. Forced to stop cycle

    The very fact you have the self awareness to know abusing steroids is ‘bad’ tells me you have plenty of common sense.
  11. What are you guys eating post workout and how soon after your workout are you eating? For me it’s currently 100g cereal (usually Honey Nut Shredded Wheat) with 70g Whey Isolate. I tend to neck 40g Whey straight after training then the remaining 30g with the cereal 30-45 minutes afterwards.
  12. HCG estrogen spike

    That’s interesting. Never used HMG - what’s the typical dosing regime with it?
  13. Best lab for orals

    Nexus most consistently good I’ve used this year.