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  1. Primo Dosage During Cut

    Nice one. I was very tolerant to Clen earlier in the year but that was an old batch of WC which I guess could’ve lost some of it’s potency and some RX stuff that probably wasn’t the best. Will start light with the Malay as you say mate.
  2. Primo Dosage During Cut

    Still to tuck into the Malay Clen... Do you find it helps curb your appetite?
  3. Primo Dosage During Cut

    So... 300mg Test E/600mg Primo/300mg Mast E Or... 500mg Test E + 600mg Primo Planning to eat in slight deficit, plenty of LISS. Slow and steady cut basically. Clen/Yohimbine HCL when appropriate. Basically want to experience Primo and see how I respond to it whilst feeling good throughout the cycle. Thoughts lads?
  4. Am I mentally weak?

    You’re so right mate. I definitely comfort eat when stressed but I’m not typically an obvious binge eater. This seems to have changed of late, especially on training days - my body just seems to constantly crave carbs at the moment! I digress... to your point about how people react to giving them what they want - definitely leads to binges for me ‘if’ I give in to the urge. Only happens occasionally but a couple of months ago it wouldn’t even have crossed my mind - now a little bit of whatever I’m craving leads to a full on binge! Weird how I’ve changed.
  5. Primo Dosage During Cut

    Haha what’s that about? Just slowly stocking up over the years?
  6. Primo Dosage During Cut

    Also... who’s putting out decent Primo at the moment? Have some SG 200mg/ml but thinking of mixing with Nexus 150mg/ml.
  7. Never used but was wondering what people consider an effective dosage - 400mg to 600mg? Would you keep Test low or run at a similar dosage? I’d be running with a slight deficit for a few months.
  8. Dimension Labs

    Just taken receipt of some of their Yohimbine HCL - hopefully it’s decent.
  9. One for competitors or those making a living from their bodies only for me. Can’t see why any hobbyist would be interested.
  10. Khamer pharma

    Columbian AAS? I’ll stick to their stims
  11. one rip 200

    Jesus... Did it ever cross your mind to ask this sort of question before you injected 6ml of it?? People associate shorter acting esters with ‘lean gains’ because there is typically less water retention, blah, blah... Bottom line is you’re injecting Test, Tren and Mast which is lovely - whether you make any gains and how lean they are will mostly be dictated by how you eat assuming all other factors are normal e.g. you’re training sensibly and progressively overloading, resting appropriately, etc... Physiques are made in the kitchen. No escaping this.
  12. General noob guidance

    Ahh those lovely BD pink hexagons from way back when...
  13. In fact 3 of my 4 kids were fathered whilst using Clomiphene.
  14. Filled 2 prams post cycle during PCT. fu**ing Clomid
  15. Southern ghost

    Next proper cycle is SG Test E/Deca/Mast - looking forward to it.