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  1. Next cycle ideas

    Thoughts on BF % required to ‘see’ the benefits of Primo?
  2. Next cycle ideas

    I’m not getting any younger, feel like having a big f**k off blast over winter then a nice long cut into summer with Test/Primo/Mast.
  3. Next cycle ideas

    I’ve never run Primo, probably never felt lean enough and was always put off by the volume of oil but I think I’ll be piling in next summer.
  4. Why you should always buy the best coffee.

    Love a good quality coffee. I have a decent bean to cup machine - nothing better than the smell of freshly ground coffee beans first thing in the morning, especially when fasting or restricting kcal.
  5. I have some Southern Ghost SD to try too - heard good things about it so we’ll see.
  6. Nexus winstrol

    Winstrol absolutely dries my joints out - love it but always happened with Pharma quality Winny for me.
  7. Only if they’ve used the same quality raw powders, accurately dosed the product and applied the same standards to production. Reality is that whilst there seems to be a number of decent UGL nowadays it doesn’t follow that they’re all pretty much the same.
  8. Satan Pharma

    Sounds AWESOME! Where do I get me sum?
  9. Oats....

    Massive oat fan! Flahavans jumbo oats for me - fantastic stuff. My recipe... 80g - 100g oats 300g egg whites 200ml milk Teaspoon of vanilla essence. Nuke in the microwave for 5 minutes then add the following... 30g raisins 1 banana mashed Tablespoon of Maple syrup Absolute food of the Gods!
  10. I’m deep into a heavy cut but my muscles still feel and look pretty full, I’ve also managed to maintain strength. Your body just feels very ‘on’ when you’re taking it - potent stuff.
  11. Interesting, I really wanted to give SD a proper run to see how effective it is. I’ve been on the Nexus version for over 4 weeks now and I’ve had no lethargy or negative sides whatsoever.
  12. Using Nexus SD right now and enjoying it. Only taken OTC versions previously but I seem to having less obvious sides from this at 20mg per day.
  13. Yohimbine hcl your experiences

    That’s how I tend to take it - fasted prior to some cardiovascular exercise in the morning.
  14. High Carb/Low Fat Dieting for Fat Loss

    Weight continuing to fall off. Now at 222lbs and body fat % falling weekly. I’m never cutting carbs from my diet again.
  15. Reverse Dieting

    Started reading Lane Norton’s book last night and enjoying it so far.