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  1. Device recommendations for monitoring NEAT

    Thanks mate. It’s actually some comments you made recently about upping NEAT rather than cutting kcal to the bare bones being important when dieting that got me thinking about it. I’ve never measured my NEAT before but know I’d get pretty anal about it once I start to do it so figured I’d look into devices to make life easier I’ll take a look now.
  2. Honest recommendation from these

    Only read good things about Dimensions oils.
  3. Any recommendations fellas? Accuracy and ease of use my main drivers.

    Most likely older stock - most will tell you quality dropped off towards the end.
  5. Tren A

    Hearing very good things about the injectable SD as well. I’m going to try some of the HTS pre-workout shortly, just hope it doesn’t turn me into a bigger c**t than I already am

    Advar on my list to try - only hear good things.

    How come you’re moving away from Nexus mate? Still readily available. From your list... Sphinx dead. Rohm great if you have a decent source. Inone and SG good as usual. Personally would stick with Nexus unless you can source DG which is superb.
  8. Hair Transplant members here

    fu**ing hell just grow old gracefully!
  9. When are we thinking gyms will open again?

    At a guess... Gyms for 1/4. Return to semi-normality in time for Summer with a plan to impose measures for Autumn at first sign of an outbreak. Unfortunately can see 2021 being a bit of a write off. I hope I’m wrong but plan for the worst.
  10. Massage Gun

    Designed by a Chiropractor and used by Chiropractors. https://www.drgraeme.com/products/general-purpose-massager
  11. Mass 450

    Strange blend!
  12. Mass 450

    What’s in this product?
  13. Tren E - SG or Dimension

    Used SG as part of their TTM blend and it was decent.