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  1. Best & worst flavour protein

    Anyone old enough to remember the Tropicana supplement brand? Their protein powders mixed like wallpaper paste and tasted far worse!
  2. Everything you use and why

    Following a decent read of this thread I’ve included the following into my regime... K2 - 200mcg Citrus Bergamot - 500mg Garlic Extract - 15000mg Grape Seed Extract - 2000mg Tudca - 500mg (during cycles only)
  3. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Absolutely fantastic thread this, nothing but respect for the people who’ve taken the time to respond to so many questions over the years. Quick nutrition question for @El Chapo following on from the previous protein digestion one. What are your thoughts on protein quality from whole foods vs supplements/powders? Many will have jobs where it’s nigh on impossible to eat enough meals to hit required macros without supplementation.
  4. Cheers lads. Regarding fluid intake - it’s unusually high at the moment because I’m dieting (helps me hugely with cravings) and I’m doing 60 minutes cardio a day at 280lbs so sweating like a mofo! I’m normally in the 3L-4L range daily and get plenty of salt and potassium in my diet. I asked the question regarding MK as the dull Kidney ache has coincided with me upping the dosage which seemed a bit of a coincidence. Could just as easily be the SD I’m taking too but it’s never given me any problems historically. Seems to have passed now but will speak to my Dr if it persists.
  5. Anyone experienced Kidney ache from MK? Been getting some grief this week despite drinking 7L+ water a day - only notable change is that I’ve upped MK from 20mg ED to 30mg.
  6. Split dose ?

    Just read this, fu**ing hell Once a week is fine mate. You’re dealing in minutiae here.
  7. Probably not what you want to hear but I’d want to rinse the f**k out of my first cycle and slam down as many kcal as humanly possible. Worry about leaning out on your next cycle.
  8. NAC vs Tudca

    What’s the current thinking on ALA for liver protection? Going back the suggestion was that ALA might help reverse liver damage - I’m guessing this has subsequently been debunked as it’s not coming up in any recent discussions I’ve read on liver protection?
  9. Best NAC and TUDCA brand/stockist?

    They added the import tax onto the price at checkout along with delivery which made it more expensive and for some reason gave me an estimated delivery date of a couple of weeks. Good to know they’re decent though as had a lot of decent value products available
  10. Everything you use and why

    Decent thread this. I’ve suffered from chronic tendonitis and joint pain the past few years so my regime reflects this. Cissus - 2400mg Curcumin/D3 - 1000mg/10.8mcg Hyaluronic Acid - 150mg Omega 3 - 3000mg Multi Vit - Bulk Powders AM/PM ALA - 1000mg NAC - 1000mg Creatine - 5g Pre Workout - Bulk Powders Advanced Interested in some of the supplements mentioned already that help with BP and Cholesterol during a cycle. Also considering giving CBD a go to help with the aches and pains and getting a decent nights sleep.
  11. Best NAC and TUDCA brand/stockist?

    Saw that mate but once you load on delivery and import tax cost they work out more expensive (I bought 2 bottles so free delivery from HealthMonthly). There was also quite a delay in delivery time from iherb.
  12. Best NAC and TUDCA brand/stockist?

    Managed to find Now Foods 1000mg NAC at HealthMonthly.co.uk - 120 caps for 14:99 which looks a decent price from a reasonable brand.
  13. Where are people buying from at the moment? Looking for reliable quality and best value. Cheers!
  14. Coming Off 8 Year Test Cycle

    Really interesting read mate. Any plans for longer term TRT or are you now ‘off’ forever? Maybe for the best if you can’t help yourself to be honest but I think there is a case for TRT in all men as they age.
  15. Thoughts on using expired gear?

    It’s the 450 thankfully - forgot I had it!