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  1. Couldn’t tell you to be honest, I’m fu**ing clueless when it comes to oils and who uses what. It’s very thin and completely colourless, no notable odour. Had the creeping pip before though with Tren - 2/3 days after pinning you suddenly feel like someone has smacked your arse with a cricket bat
  2. SG Trestolone

    Funnily enough someone was just telling me they’d had good experiences with Test/Trest/EQ.
  3. SG Trestolone

    Love to get more feedback on this - still popular with the Yanks then?
  4. Maybe don’t inject the back of your throat? Can’t be good for you, must sting like f**k
  5. Actually... over last hour just started feeling a tiny bit of discomfort at the injection site (glute), like you get when you’ve pinned somewhere for the first time in a while. Minor, not pip. But yeah I’ll send you my list
  6. 24 hours later and zero pip, in fact it doesn’t even feel as though I’ve pinned anything - no discomfort whatsoever!
  7. Hygene primobolan

    No mate not last year when I ran it.
  8. Just pinned 1ml of the 200mg/200mg TNPP and no issues. No sign of crashing although it’s not exactly Arctic conditions out. Oil is very thin and completely transparent, no hint of colour and no smell of solvents (was expecting Guaiacol but no hint of it). Mixed it with 1ml Masteron and didn’t feel any sting on pinning. Guess we’ll see how I am tomorrow. Only heard of one issue of PIP from this batch and that was from someone who’d already pinned it a number of times with no issues and ‘might’ have been down to a dodgy injection but there is of course the chance it’s like DHB and you never know when the fucker is going to bite you in the arse.
  9. Lab reviews

    Same mate, 50mg, pushed it to 100mg for a bit but 50mg was sufficient for my goals at the time and really did the trick.
  10. Know a few lads who’ve tried it and zero pip reported, very smooth as well apparently. I’ve got some coming this week so will see how I get on with it - will happily report back but if it’s decent I’ll just get accused of pushing gear again No crashing issues either as far as I know. Does seem improbable I know - maybe it’s actually massively underdosed
  11. There is a 200mg per ml version (100mg TPP and 100mg NPP) and also a 400mg per ml version (200mg TPP and 200mg NPP).
  12. Good nick over 50

    Congrats mate.
  13. Now doing a 200mg/200mg per ml version as well. Fantastic blend as you say.