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  1. Ah, the ultimate backup plan, I'm not even in my 30s and am fully expecting that to be my future. Expecting and hoping in many ways.
  2. Used to use it a fair bit, seemed to stim me up enough to last til after midday fasted. Anyone know its legality now, pretty sure I used to just pick up legit stuff off ebay. Is there a go-to place for it these days?
  3. Supermarket delivery driver

    I've always liked the idea of being a taxi driver. Chilling with own music/podcasts on and city-driving doesn't seem to get boring for me. Anyone have any experience with it? Or maybe uber is the way to go these days, not sure.
  4. Is that beef? Not sure I've ever seen 99% beef mince let alone at that price. Sweet deal mate, where is that from? I actually really like the taste/texture of the 98% turkey mince at aldi tbf when seasoned right. £2.99 for 500g can't complain too much.
  5. Are you saving up most of your calories/carbs for the evenings or pre-bed by any chance?
  6. Help required please

    Yep as stated, those shifts must be hell on 1800 unless you're abusing a boat load of stims. I know I would be.

    Just tried taking a picture of my local parks climbing frame that I do pull ups on. Now posting this from a cell, cheers ukm
  8. Need nike airs today NOW!!!!

    Have had loads of Nike flynits and vapor max etc and my toes end up poking a hole in the fabric after a few months, need to either cut my big toenail more often or wear thicker socks, neither of which I seem to be willing to do. Adidas ultraboosts however show my toes who's boss.
  9. Melatonin

    I've been pretty reliant on it for about a year now, 10mg a night. Much healthier than many other forms of sleeping tablets that a lot of people pop most nights.
  10. Low cal sweet tooth treat options

    Nothing beats the 300 calorie tubs of ice cream for me. Something about polishing off a tub of it in front of the TV before bed. They usually have about 20g of protein in too. Can't really argue with that. I also prefer the cheaper ones, most of the halo tops taste way too artificial imo. Asda birthday cake flavour is my current fave.
  11. Noobie here hi everyone

    Those macronutrient goals can't be right at all mate, there's 4 calories in a gram of carbs/protein and 9 for fats. If you ate to those macro numbers you'd be much closer to 1k calories than 1.8k.
  12. A-Z Multivitamins

    I think greens powders are the way forward personally.
  13. Not sure you're as lean as you think you are, or are you just exaggerating the extent of your skeletor face. You never know, the next 5lb of fat may not touch your face and could make a nice visable change to your love handles, literally the only advice is just to get overall leaner.
  14. Just luck of the draw unfortunately. But count yourself lucky you're not the other way around with a ripped torso accompanied by a bloated moonface. Your scenario is definitely the preferred choice if you're often wearing a t shirt.
  15. How you finding the beef protein mate? I got some due to the great macros/price but the mix ability is awful and an expected strange beefy taste which I'm not too fond of lol. Cannot argue with the price and nutrional label though.