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  1. Who the fvck fvcks a chicken??

    did anyone else get a semi during this scene of the lion king? if not, should i be concerned that i'm on a slippery slope to fu**ing chickens?
  2. Shift work

    have done nights during winter before and wasn't too bad but during the summer i had to quit, it was just way too depressing
  3. Grime music is sh1t

    always just assumed it was for teenagers. i listened to it for a few years in secondary school too tbh.
  4. yeah you definitely should marry a nurse, preferably one that works in a psychiatric ward.
  5. How do you date girls in the UK?

    main thing is to know how attractive you are objectively and therefore have realistic goals. these days girls date above their league exclusively unless you're really lucky or minted/celeb. i'm afraid to say that as a middle-eastern 5`7 man, you've got your work cut out for you when it comes to anything but the fatties.
  6. White Girl Adopts 14 Africans

    lmao realistically we all know that a decent looking, young white girl like that could get a load of black guys to gangbang her at the drop of a hat. like it would probably take her 5 minutes max just walking through any town centre to arrange one. there's no way she'd go through the trouble of adopting a load of them if that was all she cared about. the gangbanging is merely an added benefit that she can take or leave at her own discretion. i reckon she usually takes it but that's none of my business.
  7. White Girl Adopts 14 Africans

    i'm also thinking of adopting a 9 year old and playing the waiting game for 7 years. will the general public be proud of me too
  8. I drank 22 beers!

    never understood it either. just turn into a bloated, pissing mess who's not even drunk unless i've drunk like 15+ beers in quick succession. and by that point i just wish i'd spent all that money on drugs instead. especially with all that time in the toilets just pissing.
  9. Your gyms still quiet?

    i go to a JD gym and on weekdays at around 6pm it's pretty unbearable.
  10. best British movie

    toss up between Johnny English Strikes Again and Babe - Pig in the City.
  11. After Life

    before i pass away, my one wish is to go on a night out with Ratty and the Nonce
  12. How the feck do you use pure gym

    assuming there's no joining fee currently then you might aswell sign up then cancel it before the second months payment. because trust me, paying £7 for a day-pass to puregym will annoy you, 30 days for like 15 quid is fine.
  13. Spotify

    I actually prefer soundcloud as I listen to extended dj sets. For free with no ads within long sets too. But yeah Spotify is the best if you listen to single tracks
  14. I'd like a PS4

    Just sold mine for 200 on gumtree, told him it had the new fifa predownloaded on it lmao. That'll teach him for starting his offer at 80 quid.
  15. How much protein ?

    I eat high protein whilst trying to cut/maintain for satiaty reasons. Eating the same amount of calories in fat or carbs won't fill you up nearly as much. Not including the very high fibrous carb sources ofc. Does get more expensive though.