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  1. Mcgregor fight tonight

    took the defeat really well, such a different person now. just hope he's active in 2021 like he sais.
  2. McGregor

    the former champ in an even lighter weight division, TJ Dillashaw was caught using PED's last year (EPO). regardless, looking forward to the fight. i don't think it's going to be as easy as many seem to think for Connor.
  3. Hair Transplant members here

    couple questions, does it run down your face when it rains? do your fingers turn "dark brown" if you ran them through your hair after applying?
  4. Youtube premium?

    interesting, so if you just use a vpn once when you signup then it will stay the same price when all your devices are back in UK? id pay £1 something a month but not 5+
  5. Cost to run convector heater

    i just use 1 of these badboys, was £14 when i bought it last year. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Belaco-1200W-Halogen-Heater-with-3-Heat-Settings-high-Quality-resistant-base/352925550584?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 i just turn it on for a few hours before bed. couldn't live without it. before i bought it I'm pretty sure i worked out the electric use on one of these isn't even worth thinking about.
  6. i need to have like 5 flavours on rotation or i'll never fancy drinking it.
  7. Difference between ecstasy and MDMA?

    small bumps of ket every 20 mins when you feel the pill wearing off slightly is the one mate haha. can't beat a pill, pure mdma just feels too "clean" to me in some facet. this thread is making me want to go on a massive bender when all this covid s**t calms down. or quicker option is to just fly off to somewhere that doesn't give a fuk.
  8. yep, A is the answer for most people. lol at above, those vests with hoods are the most ridiculous things. used to see them most days. no idea how they're poppular.
  9. National Lockdown

    you really want a bunch of builders at home beating their mrs all day? lives are being saved keeping them in work!
  10. Annoying noisy neybour’s!!

    i've always assumed this too. like what possible house-hold activity makes this noise coming from above me.. it's fu**ing morris dancing i guess could also be stamping on grapes and making their own wine, some sort of vineyard up there idk
  11. Annoying noisy neybour’s!!

    i had the same issue with the people above, banging around way past midnight when i needed to be up early in the morning. so i started smashing the s**t out of the ceiling when i woke up at 6-7am, multiple times until i left the apartment, also been known to ring their buzzer on my way out. then if they were quiet the next night, then so was i the following morning. they got the message and they seemingly either got on my sleeping schedule or just started making more of an effort.
  12. Who got a lynx Africa set for Christmas

    i got some blue set myself, doubt i'll use the deodorant as i prefer roll-ons but i'll use the shower gel at some point i guess. i can't stand the smell of the Africa deodorant
  13. Dimension

    i cruise on their megatest350, great bang for ya buck.
  14. http://givememmastreams.com/boxing/boxing-live-stream will also be fine if anyone's staying up for the UFC. personally i'm always much more excited for ufc cards these days.
  15. England or northpole?

    can be as cold as it wants. it's when it rains all day long that i get pissed off.