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  1. DW Fitness Gyms in Administration

    Shame, usually decent gyms compared to other mainstream ones like pure/thegym etc.
  2. Delight regarding everything except the black pudding.
  3. Thoughts on re feed

    Full on binge days will definitely hinder fat loss. You could easily just negate the whole weeks deficit if you tried. A popular refeed method is eating just slightly above maintenance full of carbs and even drop fats down abit for the day.
  4. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    "beer belly's" aren't alcohol specific mate it's just from all the excess calories (including all the carbs in beer etc). You prob just happen to store alot of your fat in general in your stomach like most guys. Just get in a caloric deficit and the fat from your belly will soon disappear.
  5. Any gyno here?

    Might just be puffy as your bodyfat is fairly high. There a solid lump or anything underneath? I'd go on a cut regardless, overall drop in bodyfat combined with holding less water often has a favourable effect on the nips.
  6. What are they called? See them all the time obv and never really known what they were lol.
  7. Most people seem to use dims or the standard Primaforce 2.5mg caps. I'm on the latter atm they do the job, just abit annoying having to swallow so many pills.
  8. Protein Bars

    The days of protein bars tasting like a bit of sandy leather are long gone. The Grenade salted whitechoc-peanut for example literally tastes nicer than any standard chocolate bar going. Myprotein layer b'day cake bar is also ridiculous.
  9. Protein dessert

    Can't beat all those tubs of icecream that are like 300cals 20g protein. Halotop etc are the most popular but expensive and just alright. My fave is the co-op cookie dough or Breyers salted caramel cake. Prob go through 5 tubs a week lol. Nothing beats eating a tub of icecream before bed.
  10. Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

    This, they're just going to jab and move around for abit. Just a money-grab really. Will watch regardless for the off chance that Mike loses his cool and goes head-hunting
  11. Fat Dissolving Injections

    yeah i reckon the pork scratching method could be worth considering
  12. dunno, Jon Richardson on british bake-off
  13. Banned from Cooking Meat by Veggie Wife

    My moneys on it quickly turning passive-aggressive and end up with him sneakily swapping her quorn sausages for the butchers finest. Then perhaps wanking off to the memory of watching her eat them for the rest of his life.
  14. Any old skool ravers?

    Seen her and Nina Kraviz mate, not a bad view when you're off ya head. Only been into techno for about 5 years myself as in my 20s. Been a hard few months for me without any events, meant more to me than I realised.
  15. Gyms Open - How was it?

    All good, hygienic and less people in my personal space. Better than before if anything.