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  1. 13,500 Calories/Day: why?

    Lol you moron Michael phelps, one of the worlds greatest ever athletes, who competes is a cardio sport like swimming. I just googled it, phelps eats 12k a day, and is much bigger than the 11 and a half stone Fadi, so he is a bigger human and eating 9000 calories a week LESS than Fadi, on top of that he is swimming FIFTY MILES a week, to break that down further for you that is 457 lengths a day (let that number actually sink in) EVERY DAY, and doing land based training, and your comparing a dude who simply squats eight times a week and does some heavy lifting to the kind of calorie burn phelps is getting Its not even in the same stratosphere
  2. Rich Piana Rushed Into Hospital!

    Hope he makes it Rich Piana is actually legendary in the youtube fitness industry I enjoy watching his videos
  3. 13,500 Calories/Day: why?

    Ive ate at least 7.5k caloriers (tracked on day 1) likley more for the rest between 8 - 10k, for 6 days straight My face is now fat as f**k and i have lost a hell of a lot of definition in my abs That is in 6 days and almost half the calories you claim to have eaten for months Quite simply, you did not do what you say you did
  4. Your purpose in life?

    That sounds so dull and boring As i said you just have rose tinted glasses on and youre not looking at it from a non retarded point of view Oh look theres a smith machine BUTTTTTTTT its not in England its in Asia omg omg omg so amazing so enlightening And look, a bench press, BUT WE ARE IN ASIA !!!!!!!!!!! such a mug @TinTin10
  5. Your purpose in life?

    Youre going wondering around Asia thinking youre doing something You thinking youre enlightened and gaining purpose by walking on a different patch of earth in a different climate, its all the same s**t, you just want to believe its different Running away to Asia to try and find a purpose in your life, dear god You have no purpose, just get over your mid life crisis, youre not here for anything, youre already old, all that awaits you is even older age and then death Wandering around Asia thinking youre doing something wont change that Deal with it @TinTin10
  6. Your purpose in life?

    Its already been discovered mate unfortunately Been discovered for bloody ages In fact there are photos and videos of every bit of it What do you feel like you will get out of actually walking around in another country ? Im genuinely curious, it just seems such a false deluded sense of achievement, in reality youre doing f**k all, just walking in a new country that is mostly a s**t hole and worse than ours, you just have rose tinted glasses on and think youre doing something epic Do expand ...
  7. Mate died in his sleep

    Dont you mean thats what you tell her family and friends ?
  8. Mate died in his sleep

    Yeah really Im curious what has been put into perspective for you
  9. Mate died in his sleep

    Whats been put into perspective ?
  10. Your purpose in life?

    Travelling around Asia will make you happy why exactly ?
  11. Your purpose in life?

    No one has a purpose its just some made up s**t you apply to yourself to con yourself anything you do actually matters We are all just getting older, and then dying, and then will all be forgotten, like 99.9% of humanity
  12. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Hows the calorie cycling going ? Any fat loss?
  13. opinion on my pics

    How come you dont have a log
  14. Bitcoin split tomorrow?

    Ive read your posts and still dont get it, but i would like to Why has it been an awesome day, have you made money by this split thing occurring ?
  15. I need something to help me curb my appetite on this cut I can get this and ultraburn, but ive read how ultraburn messes a lot of people up Cant find too many reviews on the t5 extreme, especially recent ones Anyone tried it with in the last 6 months or so and can say how it effects their appetite ? Or any other suggestions on what to take to kill off appetite